Best App Ideas for 2021

This graphic leads to a blog which includes best app ideas of 2021
This graphic leads to a blog which includes best app ideas of 2021

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This comprehensive guide lists the best app ideas and startup ideas for 2021.

With the emergence of smartphones and the Internet, it feels like there’s almost an app for everything under the sun. From morning workouts to traveling, from learning to making online payments, mobile apps have transformed our lifestyle. 

In a study conducted by eMarketer in 2020, it was discovered that on average, a person spends about 4 hours on apps each day.

In the last couple of years, the lifestyle of people has shifted paradigms. The Internet is a major influencer of that shift. From paying bills to ordering food or groceries, the need for convenience and comfort is ever-growing in today’s world. 

Mobile apps offer that convenience and delight factor to consumers. They are easy to use, fun, and effective. 

What’s more? They make people’s life a lot easier. Imagine stepping out for an errand in the lockdown and violating social distancing norms, thereby being vulnerable to the illness. Digitization will drive the businesses in the post-pandemic world. 

With a rise in digitization and increasing demand for easy solutions, the mobile app industry is set to witness a CAGR of 11.5% from 2020 to 2027. As we embark in 2021, which can be the most impactful apps? This blog will enlighten you with some of the best app ideas for 2021.

1) Grocery Delivery App

Grocery delivery apps witnessed phenomenal growth in their clientele. In most parts of the country, with lockdowns placed, shopping for groceries online was a safe option. Supreme quality groceries, hassle-free app usage, prompt delivery, and competitive rates have led to people increasingly preferring grocery apps over running errands. Within a few clicks, you get access to a range of groceries on an online grocery app.  

As we gear up for the post-pandemic world, the demand for online grocery apps will increase. Owing to the safety and comfort they offer, these apps are the go-to apps for working professionals, homemakers, and people living in nuclear families.  

According to a study done by Statista, 75% of Americans in March 2020, specified that they would prefer to purchase groceries from a grocery app if because of the transmission of the virus, they had to live back in their houses. Some of the best grocery delivery apps used worldwide are Grofers, BigBasket, Postmate, FreshDirect, Farmigo, etc.

The grocery delivery app is our top app ideas for 2021. We have published a separate blog that lists down the steps you can follow to start a grocery delivery business.

2) Home-cooked Food Delivery App

Who doesn’t love delicious Ghar ka Khana? Home-cooked food is hygienic, fresh, and nutritious. But, you know what? In the urban jungle, not everyone is fortunate enough to eat home-cooked food daily. Working professionals and students who’re pressed for time and do not stay with their families yearn for home-cooked food. 

Why not provide them with some incredibly nutritious and irresistibly delicious home-cooked food? Make a food delivery app and cater to the local audience. 

Rent a space to start your own operations or tie-up with some housewives locally and deliver a WOW experience to these people! In the years post-pandemic, people who stay away from families may increasingly prefer nutritious home-cooked food over that in canteens or hotels. This can, therefore, be an easy but productive business.

Check out our blog for list of top food delivery apps in India.

3) Medicine Delivery App

The pharmacy industry has also stepped its foot into the digital world by developing medicine delivery apps to reach out to more customers. To avoid the aggravation of standing in the queue, people would any day prefer to purchase medicines online.

The medicine delivery apps have come out to be a game-changer in the industry of medicines. 

When there was the Covid19 outbreak, medicine delivery apps were a great support system for people all around the world. People are getting inclined towards these apps because of their contactless orders. 

According to Statista, medicine delivery apps would see a growth of USD 332.7 billion by 2025. Some of the medicine delivery apps used worldwide are Medlife, Netmeds, Cvs pharmacy, rite aid pharmacy, Pharmeasy, 1mg, etc.

4) Flower Delivery App

A bouquet of pristine flowers can soothe your soul and calm your mind. A birthday gift or anniversary, sending flowers is a warm gesture. So why not create a business out of it? Prompt delivery, fresh-quality flowers, ease of ordering, affordable rates, and some goodies like a label or a greeting to top it up and you’re all set!

In an increasingly fast-paced world where people are pressed for time, flower delivery apps in 2021 can be a lucrative business idea. 

What’s more? Add some jazz! Create affordable subscription models and target the right audience who believes that gifting is the way to capture the heart of their loved one. Yes. You can target millennials and gain prominence among them. Some of the flower delivery apps used globally are Ferns N Petals, The Bouqs Co., ProFlowers, Teleflora, FTD, etc.

5) Skill Development Apps

The days when a person had to dig for good coaching centers or experienced professionals who are willing to provide real-life work knowledge and technical know-how are gone. Today, upskilling is as easy as ABC. Creating skill development apps can help you enter a vast market. 

From college students to working professionals, everyone wants to upskill himself/herself today in this competitive world. As per June 2020 statistics, the worldwide e-learning market is projected to be worth $325 Billion in 2025

Whether you create a niche-focused app or a learning platform offering a diversity of subjects, the potential for growth is enormous in this industry. You can charge the user per course or operate on a subscription model, whichever you prefer.

6) Meditation and Fitness App

If you’re a fitness enthusiast, what better than inspiring people to inculcate the habit of exercises and meditation in their daily life? Whether it’s a guided meditation or deep breathing exercises or intensive workouts, you can cater to a diversity of audiences. 

In the lockdown phase, these fitness apps witnessed phenomenal growth in their revenues and user base. Whether it’s a brief half-hour session or an extensive 2-hour session, people have realized that exercises can be done from home via apps.

7) Fantasy App

Fantasy apps are flourishing globally and have taken the world by storm. With fantasy apps, you do online betting for all the sports, domestic as well as international. You can create contests among your network or compete with people globally, whichever you prefer. 

If quick money is a skill, fantasy apps are the Picasso of it. If sports and betting are your forte, creating a fantasy app could be a great idea. This segment is relatively new. Hence, it’s global users are bound to increase. 

With sporting events happening around the year, online fantasy apps are an evergreen business. Some of the prominent fantasy apps used globally are Dream11, Myteam11, Fanduel, Drafting, and many more. According to the recent market report by Technavio, the fantasy app platforms are estimated to grow by $ 9.34 billion in 2020-2024.

8) Meat Delivery App

With everything becoming digitalized and convenient for the customers, easy delivery of meat through the online platform has also become the trend. This is because meat has become an essential food and is being highly consumed by people around the globe. 

Starting a local meat delivery business wouldn’t be a bad idea. You just need to tap the right market and create an easy-to-use tech-savvy app. 

Online meat delivery apps are developed to meet the needs of people who are fond of meat dishes that need to be freshly cooked and have a tender texture… The meat delivery apps used across the globe are, truLOCAL, Butcher Box, Papa Earth, Licious, MuscleFood, and many others.

If you are looking for android or iOS app development services to build such apps, you can get in touch with our sales team.

9) Job Search App

The current era of smartphones and applications has so much to offer everyone. Earlier one had to go through an array of newspapers to find out the jobs of their choice. However, times have changed now. You can make your profile on some of the prominent job search apps, find jobs relevant to your expertise, and apply directly. 

Even for employers, these apps have made it possible to find the best of candidates. These apps are being heavily used globally because of the 24/7 internet connection. You can target specific geography or a niche and grow your business from there.

If you’re a recruitment agency or a freelancer, you can create a job search app and just skyrocket your business! Some of the globally prominent job search apps are Monster, Linkedin, Indeed, and Glassdoor.

10) Laundry Delivery App

Laundry services are one of the most integral parts of the service industry. The laundry-delivery app can be a go-to service app for working professionals in metropolitan cities, who are usually pressed for time. With a few clicks, they can avail the laundry service. Further, you can provide them customization options such as selecting the detergent of their choice and tumble drying options. 

Apps such as Cleanly, Rinse, FlyCleaners allow people to order and pay for fresh clothes to be cleaned up and delivered again. In the urban areas, residents are pressed for space as their houses are not that palatial. So, why buy a washing machine which occupies enormous space? Use a laundry delivery that offers good quality cleaning and prompt service.

 It is also a stepping stone for people who own a laundry house to digitize their business which will help them in scaling up and expanding their services. You can start this business on a local level and later, expand it depending on your convenience.

11) eCommerce Apps

It wasn’t long ago when a customer would have to visit different stores to find his or her desired item. With the advent of eCommerce apps such as Amazon and Flipkart, the consumer can now access a wide range of goods at competitive prices at a single place.  Not to forget, the attractive deals and discounts always ensure that a consumer has ample alternatives to choose from.

If there’s one space that witnesses evergreen growth, it’s the eCommerce space. If you want to take your retail business to the next level, an eCommerce app is a way to go forward. From luxury items to daily essentials, you can sell a diversity of products on your eCommerce app and make handsome profits. You can either sell your own products or even create a platform-based app. 

Online shopping is on the rise. Even if you start an app within your city first, the growth potential is enormous.

Eiosys is a leading eCommerce development company in India. We have helped several businesses start their online stores in no-time. If you have any eCommerce app requirements, you can drop us an inquiry through our contact form or send us an email at

Also, checkout our blog on detailed comparision of top payment gateways in India.

12) Health and Nutrition Evaluating App

Health and nutrition tracking app is one of our favarite app ideas for 2021. Not only does it help you make money but it adds a way higher value addition in the user’s life.

To get someone to remind you about taking your vitamins or keep track of your diet surely sounds nice, and these apps do just that. Apps like HealthifyMe and MyFitness help the user keep track of various things like sleep, calorie intake, and steps walked, etc. 

If you’re a dietician or a nutritionist, you can surely leverage the technology to make the most of your expertise. Build an app and provide virtual consultations to users across the world. The consultations can be pertaining to diet, workouts or other health advice. You can build an app which can be like a one-stop destination for people to keep a track of their health and avail consultations if needed.

13) Deals App

What is happiness? Finding a perfect outing for you! Yes, but guess what? With a discount! Oh, that’s happiness personified! 

Regardless of a shopper’s budget, everyone loves extra discounts and coveted deals. So, why not collate all the deals on the Internet and offer them to consumers? Mobile apps like Honey, CashKaro, CouponDunia, Coupon Sherpa, Groupon, etc. have made it easier for users to find great deals on everyday items. 

What’s the key benefits of this app? The ease of business. Tie up with other brands, display great deals on your app, and offer unique coupon codes to customers. What’s more? A customer will keep coming to your app to avail attractive deals, everytime! Owing to the rising demand, your app will be a go-to marketing strategy for brands as well.

14) Dating Apps

Talk of dating apps and mention Tinder in the same breath. Finding a match seems to be among the hobbies of students and young working professionals. You can leverage this consumer behavior for your business. Why not develop a dating app locally? You need not be Tinder’s of the world. Start small, offer the best of services and make it big. 

You can make a premium dating app or operate on a subscription model. According to data from Apptopia, major dating apps have grown considerably during this pandemic where matches grew 21 per cent.  While the virtual meeting is on the rise, dating apps tend to be a solace for people. 2021 could be a great year to give a shot at it.

15) Live Score App

The dismal feeling of missing your favourite sporting event when you’re travelling. We all have experienced that, haven’t we? However, the scoring apps these days ensure on-the-go entertainment whenever you’re travelling. You can keep a track on live score and experience the adrenaline rush. 

You can create a live score app and get an array of traffic globally. What’s more? The ads which will help you build a profitable business model. FlashScore, Futbol24, Goal Live Scores, Froza Football, LiveScore, and Cricbuzz are some of the prominent live score apps.

16) Fish Delivery App

There’s a delight for all the fish lovers! Craving for a laidback experience with some succulent, freshly cut fishes? Well, the experience is a few clicks away! Now, you can get some freshly-cut fish at the comfort of your home. Why spend hours in a chaotic market when you can get the same fishes delivered at your doorstep, and that too at handsome discounts. That’s a real treat? Indeed! 

A fish delivery app can be a real treat not just for the fish lovers, but also for the businesses. Tie up with local vendors or stock up the inventory, onboard a few delivery representatives and you’re all set! Most of the fish delivery apps that deliver fresh fish right at your doorsteps are, Zappfresh, Alaska Seafood, Sea2Table, etc. Now, it’s your turn!

17) Tutor Searching App

Need for the development of apps for tutor searching is quite important in today’s era as it  makes the work easier for every parent out there by just clicking on their smartphones. These apps are convenient and of best choice where a parent could search for the best tutor with the utmost experience and skills for the child. The person has the choice to set their schedules which would work best for the child.

More such apps are required because the door-to-door learning days are gone. The technology has completely changed the education sector by making it digital and providing new methods of learning. 

The parents get to connect with the experienced and skilful tutors who will, on the other hand, help their children to get the best education possible. 

Some frequently used tutor searching apps around the globe are, Tutor Chest, Tutor Finder, Genext Tutors and others. According to research, it has been said that there might be a revenue of $7.37 billion in the private tutor industry by 2023.

The uniqueness of catering a wide geography from a remote location, % margin and scalability potential makes it as one of the most preferred app ideas for 2021.

18) Event Planning App

We live in a vibrant world. From concerts to sporting events to special occasions, events bring joy to our lives. These events are increasingly becoming commercial. From managing special events to booking tickets for public events, event planning apps smoothen the process.

If you’re an event management company or a freelance event planner, you can upscale your business with an app. From getting inquiries to displaying rates to planning the whole event, your app can be a one-stop solution for your clients. 

Event Planning Apps massively improve the customer service as well. With real-time feedback, it also makes an event planner’s life easy. Some popular event planning apps are Eventbrite, Social Tables Check-in, Certain Arrive, Zkipster, etc.

You can use these apps as reference to start your venture. Mordor Intelligence has forecasted a growth of 10.65% from 2019-2025 in online event management platforms.

19) Investment App

Ever dreamt of being a finance guru? By leveraging the technology, you can turn this dream into reality. You can build an educational investment app which can be a go-to app for investors. From target stocks to retirement planning through mutual funds, you can express your thoughts through that app. 

You can charge users a standard fee to access your services or operate on a subscription model.  You can take it a step further and also provide a personalised financial planning to app users. For all the finance enthusiasts who want to make it big in their career, an educational finance app can be a dream start.

20) Cake Delivery Apps

Any celebration is incomplete without cake. Isn’t it? If making cakes is your hobby, it’s time to monetize it. Deliver delicious cakes within your vicinity and get handsomely paid for it! Develop a cake delivery app, display the type of cakes or category of cakes you make along with prices, delivery period, and you’re set! 

Later, you can develop marketing strategies for the app. You can run paid ads and promote it on social media. A full-fledged cake delivery app can help you target a broad audience. It can lead to a surge in sales.

With an easy-to-use app, you can even outperform the local bakeries. Apps like Bakingo and Winni have risen to spotlight by maintaining that sweet balance of quantity and quality, which is a big plus for their customers.  Even for a customer, he/she can order the best quality cake sitting at the comfort of their home.

Cake delivery app is one of the simplest app ideas for 2021.

21) News Apps

Majority of the people today, especially the Generation-Z people, do not consider buying a newspaper to get hold of the recent news. Instead, they prefer going through the daily news over their smartphones with the help of these news apps. 

News apps have become an indispensable part of everyone’s smartphones, be it a teenager or an adult. There are some news apps which have a feature of aesthetic magazine style, which is a treat to eyes for the readers. These apps not only keep you updated with the current affairs but also improve your general knowledge.

Press reader, ground news, google news, Inshorts, Flipboard,, DailyHunt, etc. are some of the best apps which are used daily by the readers. According to data by an app marketing platform Adjust, it was observed that there was a growth in the News apps by 37% between January and April 2020.

While people were sceptical about buying a physical newspaper, these news apps were a go-to source for people to read news. Working professionals and students are some of the common users of these apps. You can make a news app which provides vital news in a few sentences or words. You can either operate on a subscription model or monetize the app by allowing paids ads.

22) Fruits and Vegetable Delivery Apps

With the changing habits of the people around the world as well as the fast-moving lifestyle,  a majority of the people have shifted from buying fruits and vegetables from the market to an online platform. 

The customers also have an option of getting promotional codes which helps them in getting discounts on their purchase which is otherwise not possible in case of shopping it from a fruit and vegetable market. The demand for these apps is growing at a breakneck pace. These apps provide the best quality of fruits and vegetables to their customers at the comfort of their homes.

 Some of the fruits and vegetable delivery apps used globally are Grofers, NatureSeal, Goteso, Skyrocket, fruzi, BigBasket, etc.

Clear demand forecasting, minimal inventory maintenance requirements and less cost makes it one of the best startup ideas for 2021.

23) Property Listing App

With the growing urbanization, the demand for these property listing apps is also increasing rapidly. It is because of the rise in the corporate industry and increasing demand for office and home spaces daily. 

Property Listing apps can be managed easily. They are beneficial to the brokers, sellers, buyers and even investors. Most of these apps have strong filters to search for and brilliant features with the help of which users could have a good overview of the existing properties.

According to the National Association of Realtors 2019, there has been a search of homes by 80% of millennials on their smartphones. Some of the best-used apps for property listing are, MagicBricks, 99Acres, Zillow, Realtor, Trulia, Sitegeist, Vert, etc.

24) Second-hand Car Deals

Everyone can’t afford a brand-new car. Maybe a person has an old car that he/she wants to exchange for something more recent. According to a recent report by the IndianBlueBook, it was found that the growth of new car sales has been the slowest in the past four years (i.e. 2.7%). More and more people are leaning towards pre-owned vehicles, and this is where all second-hand car apps come in for the rescue.

Apps like Cars24 or Used Car Search Pro or Autolist provide users with all the available second hand or pre-owned cars. Users can list their cars for sale on these platforms and auction them to users across the country.

25) Car and Bike Servicing

Car or Bike Maintenance is one of the major concerns for any car or bike owner. If not days, it may take hours to find the best garage for getting your car or bike repair. Using Car and Bike Service apps like Clickgarage and FixCraft allows the app users to decrease the tedious search time and let you find the best garages near you.

Along with locations for the best garages, these apps offer all the services to the users such as regular maintenance, denting, roadside assistance, diagnostics, post-sale services and many more. You can also find apps like Droom that instead of services mentioned above, provides help with other automobile services like warranty, insurance and auto loan, etc.

For people belonging to the automobile industry, starting a vehicle servicing app could be a good idea to expand your business in 2021. It can help you reach a wider category of audience locally. 

26) Apps for Baby Care

A new mother usually has to struggle with the baby queries and finds it challenging to manage time between her other chores. But thankfully, with the new technology in smartphones, many parenting apps have come out as a help for all the new mommies out there. 

These apps can be designed to help the mothers by making their lives easier by covering all the necessary topics like breastfeeding, how to make a child sleep, healthcare and many more. 

These baby care apps can also have a feature of showing video instructions for the subjects like how to teach the child to ride around, and finally how to get the child comfortable. 

You can also include a forum section where mothers can raise queries and others can address them to the best of their knowledge. It can serve as a good knowledge base over the course of time.

Some of the top baby care reference apps are, BabySparks, Cloud Baby Monitor, Baby Night Light, MyMedela, etc.

27) Recipe Apps

For all the chefs out there, your family loves your food. There’s magic in your hands, as they say. Now, it’s time to show that expertise to the world. The world can be a fan of your cooking skills. How? Develop a recipe app.

From routine daal-chawal to sizzlers, pizza, and the most authentic food, you can upload a repository of recipes on that app. These recipes can be seen by millions and billions of people across the world. 

Promote your recipe app on social media and spread a word in your network. Ask people to download and review your app. With continuous efforts, you’d be able to witness results. When it comes to teaching recipes, the sky’s the limit! 

ChefTap, Cookmate Recipe Manager, Cookpad, Pinterest and many others are the recipe apps used globally. According to a report by Absolute market insights, it is observed that the globally used recipe apps might see a growth rate of 16% over the coming eight years.

28) Fuel Delivery Apps

Imagine you are returning from the office and your car is out of fuel. You’re left stranded in the middle of the road with nowhere to go. We all have experienced this situation once in life, haven’t we? Modern businesses are about solving problems. So, why not help people overcome this situation by supplying them fuel at their hour of need. 

This is what these apps like Filld, Booster, and Yoshi have done well. They supply fuel to you on the spot. You can create an app in which users can put the quantity of fuel they need and the location where they need it.

These apps can do very well in urban areas where people commonly face this situation. While food delivery and medicine delivery apps are quite common, fuel delivery apps are a unique idea and a need of the hour!

Fuel delivery app is a contemporary app ideas for 2021.

29) Tour Booking Apps

Finding out your next touring destination? Whether it’s domestic or international, you can now explore the best places around the world and get access to genuine reviews and prices for the tour.

If you’re a travel enthusiast or aspire to be in the travel industry, building a tour package app would be a fantastic idea. These apps are in great demand as they make bookings easier and moreover, give you complete information of a particular destination.

Cleartrip, TripAdvisor, Goibibo, Trivago, Expedia, etc. are some of the frequently used tour package apps. From tickets and hotel booking to booking tour guides and recreational spaces, these apps offer a holistic support to users to plan the  tour.

30) Karaoke App

As dear as salt! Yes. Karaoke apps are as dear as salt to music lovers. Why buy an exorbitant karaoke setup when you can get the same features in a karaoke app? Karaoke app enables a person to sing, record, and share his favourite songs on social media. Some apps also give points and ratings after every song a singer sings.

These apps also have a feature of allowing a person to add themes, balance music, and other modifications. Some of the frequently used karaoke apps worldwide are, Smule, Backtrackit, MusiXMatch, iSing, and many others. 

Karaoke is a favourite hobby of music lovers. It not only helps them improve their voice but also refreshes them. Making a karaoke app in 2021 can be a great head start. You can charge people based on a subscription model or a standard fee per song. In the entertainment category, this app can perform well.

31) Career Counselling App

These apps can come out for help for every student and job seekers around the world who are in search of a career and could easily benefit from these apps. These apps have many resources related to a career which are free of cost for students. These apps also offer a virtual career counselling session from experts for the students around the world.

You can also have a psychometric assessment in this kind of app which helps the students and the job seekers in avoiding any confusion. Students and job seekers should recommend these apps for making informed career choices for their life. 

CounsellingX, CareerGuide, Mindler, Univariety, etc. are some of the Career counselling apps examples used globally.

To all the professors and corporate professionals out there, if you’re looking for a side hustle or a startup idea, making a career counselling app would perfectly suit your expertise. You can make a paid version of the app or charge the student on a per session basis. In this ever-growing competitive world, students often get confused about their career options and turn to career counsellors for direction.

32) Second-hand Product Apps

Believe it or not, Pre-owned products can offer the same value as the brand-new ones if you have the determination to look for the best substitutes. You know the best part? You can save 20-80% off the retail market price. 

Such kinds of apps help the buyers find sellers offering the same product at different prices. These prices depend upon the condition of the product, the wear and tear, longevity left in the product, etc. You can design this kind of an app for a specific industry or niche to create a solid base e.g. paintings, mobiles, game titles, etc.

To keep it simple, you can avoid collecting payments for the goods on your own and let users pay a subscription fee per month or per listing to sell the goods through the platform. You can also give sellers an option to feature their products in the app for an enhanced fee.

Olx, Quickr and eBay are some of the examples of second hand product apps in the market.

33) Budget Management App

Everything in a person’s life revolves around money, and it is an essential part of day-to-day life. Hence, budgeting this money is also very important for an individual. From paying bills to buying goods, if everything can be done online then why spend hours jotting down your expenses and savings in a diary? Even worse, finding that diary every month! Switch to budget management apps online. 

You can create an android app or iOS app that can help users prepare budgets and track them in the most hassle-free way. By making a budget management app, you can even educate people about the importance of budget in their daily life.

Budgeting is applicable to all classes of society. The target audience of this app is mammoth. From individuals to organizations, you can make a budget management app which suits them all!

Some examples are: GoodBudget, Monefy, etc.

34) Car and Bike Renting App

Imagine planning the most coveted road trip of the year and falling short of vehicles. To avoid any similar situations, there are car and bike renting apps which gives users the luxury of renting a car, bike or scooter at affordable prices with no security deposits on your rented vehicles and much more.

The user penetration for these apps is 2.8% in 2020, and according to a report from statista, it is expected to hit 7.5% by 2025. Such rental apps have become a convenient and easy way for all sorts of rental businesses to expand their reach and reduce the cost of operation.

It also helps such businesses to focus on the core business. For people belonging to the travel and hospitality industry, this could be a one-of-kind app idea to make the best of your resources and earn extra profits. 

ZoomCar and Drivezy are examples of this type of app.

Checkout our blog which details the steps you can follow to find investors for your app.

35) Book a Service App

The COVID-19 phase has made everyone hesitant to visit publicly crowded places such as the mall, salon and barber shops etc. In such situations being able to book a service through apps can be convenient and hassle-free.

The user does not have to go outside their houses. They don’t have to make appointments. All the user must do is find the service they want from the app, it can be a barber, a plumber, or an electrician. These apps not only help the users, but it also gives job and a good routine to small-scale workers who may not be employed.

Some great apps operating along these lines are UrbanClap and Taskrabbit.

36) Fuel Delivery App

Fuel delivery app development is the latest trend in the mobile app industry. It has been blowing up in a big way. Many top companies like Wal-Mart, Shell, and BP have started adopting it for their businesses. The fuel delivery app development is an excellent way to enhance customer experience while also improving your customer retention strategy.

The fuel delivery app has become a popular, convenient, and effective way for people to receive fuel from gas stations. It will be used by a large number of people using the phone in their pocket. If you are an individual who owns a gas station or someone who embraces technology and wants to promote your business, you can consider developing a fuel delivery app.

37) Lyrics Finder App

The main idea of the app would be to help users find the lyrics of their favorite or recently heard songs. Many times we listen to something and love it but couldn’t remember the lyrics, this is where this app comes into the picture. It will help the users to find lyrics and the singer of the song currently playing on their phone. This app would definitely be loved by all the Music lovers out there.


Pheww, tons of app ideas for 2021! Do you have any other innovative app ideas? Whether it’s a business app or an entertainment gaming app, at Eiosys, we can develop them all! As a leading mobile application development company in India, we have launched several apps on Android and iOS platforms. 

From idea generation and execution to maintenance and update, we provide holistic support to launch your dream app. We keep a track of all the latest technology advancements in the industry and incorporate them into your app wherever required.

Published: January 15, 2021
Last updated: March 1, 2024


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