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Grocery Delivery App Development

Start your Online Grocery Delivery Business in no time!

We bring you a fully-loaded grocery delivery app that can help you run your operations smoothly. It can be further customised to suit your requirements.

Our grocery app solution is:

  • Powered by next-gen technologies
  • Loaded with features to make your life easy
  • Packed with a stunning user interface that your customers would love

Now leave the hassle of Grocery Delivery App Development on us and focus more on your business expansion.

Solution for All Grocery Delivery Businesses

We have the right grocery app solution to cover all types of business model. This includes the mom-and-pop Kiran store or a contemporary startup or an established multi-chain grocery stores.

For simplicity, we have divided our solution into two types:

1. Single Store

This solution is suitable for a single business looking to serve a single city (with multiple pin-codes) through a single store or warehouse. It is a perfect match for a Kirana store or a young startup.

This grocery delivery app development solution will include :

1. Web-based admin panel – To manage grocery products and other business logics

2. Customer mobile apps – To view and place an order in the system

2. Multiple Stores

This solution is favorable for businesses having a chain of grocery stores or warehouses and are looking to service a wider area (multi-cities).

This solution comes with separate access for each store/warehouse. Inventory management & delivery will be done at the store level. Admin will have the option to define the pin codes serviceable by each store.

This type of grocery delivery app includes:

1. Web-based admin panel – To manage stores and business logics of the system

2. Web-based store panel – To manage products and delivery

3. Customer mobile apps – To view and place an order in the system

Features in our Grocery Delivery App Development

We look to offer mobile applications that make the grocery shopping experience effortless.

Here are the key features offered in our on-demand grocery mobile app

Easy-To-Use Apps

Our grocery mobile app is quite intuitive and adaptive. It can be easily used by a non-techy user

One-Click Social Media Login

A hassle-free start for a seamless grocery shopping experience

GPS location-based*

Shoppers find right grocery stores based on their geographical location

Order History

Shoppers save time by browsing their order history and re-ordering desired products

Push notifications

Get customer's attention to share offers or important order related updates

Swift Search

Filters and intuitive search assist customers in finding the desired grocery items in mere seconds


Customers can rate their grocery shopping experience on your platform

Multiple Payment Options

Customers can pay via a variety of popular payment options

* Applicable for multiple stores grocery businesses

Customer Management

You can view details related to your customers and view their order history

Product Management

You can define the grocery items you wish to sell on your platform along with its pricing, images, sizes etc.

Inventory Management**

You can define the inventory of the grocery items available in the store. Once the inventory has depleted, the item will be shown as out of stock in the customer app

Send Push Notifications

Get customer's attention and share offers or important order related updates

Store Management*

You can create and manage stores/warehouses in your system

Shipping Management

You can define the logics to apply shipping charges to an order. In multi-store grocery solution, you can use this module to map pin codes to respective stores


Get key insights related to your business by viewing the KPIs of your system

Order Management**

Manage the orders placed by your customers

Coupons Management

Create and manage coupon codes on your system to facilitate offers and discounts to your customers


Enhance the shopping experience for customers based on their feedback and reviews.

* Applicable for multistore grocery businesses

** Applicable for single store businesses. In multi-store businesses, this feature will be managed through their respective store panel


A single-window dashboard to help the store manager overlook all aspects of the store

Inventory Management

Create, add, update and delete store inventory of grocery items

Order Management

View and manage orders allocated to the store


Store manager can view KPIs related to his store/warehouse

How do we develop the perfect grocery delivery app for you?

Demo and Agreement

We showcase a demo of the grocery delivery application to you and understand the features you require for your app. Once you choose the model that fits you, we enter into an agreement and begin the process of developing the perfect grocery delivery app for you.


We ensure that the application consists of all the elements necessary to suit your brand. We customise it following your brand's guidelines including color codes and font-family. Our team modifies the intro to match your company's logo.

Launch and Walkthrough

Once we are finished with the app development process, we send it to you for approval. As soon as the approval is received, we release the app on the app stores. During this period, we conduct training sessions for your team to help them understand the system.

Support and Maintenance

Once the app is delivered to you, we provide you with our most appreciated support and maintenance service. We ensure that your app is up to date and is compatible with the latest Android and iOS versions. We also extend a helping hand in case you face any technical difficulties in day-to-day operations.

Why Choose Eiosys for Grocery App Development?

1. Experience

We have an experience of more than 10 years in app development. Our team has delivered  50+ on-demand apps to date.

2. Best-in-class UI

Eiosys is one of the few companies to have a dedicated UI/UX team. This team crafts a stunning user interface based on the client’s requirements and brand guidelines.

3. Awesome Support

Our post-delivery support has been widely appreciated by our clients. Our team is easily reachable through call, chat, or mail. We attempt to offer an immediate fix to your problems.


What will be the cost of developing the on-demand grocery delivery app?

For starters, the app development cost depends on the number of features it consists of. The online grocery delivery app is no different.

If you decide to go ahead with more features, you will definitely have to cash in more money and vice versa. Moreover, if you decide to opt for third-party integration, the cost of your project is bound to increase.

Will there be any hidden charges for the grocery delivery app?

We are reckoned in the market to conduct business in a complete transparent way. So we want to clearly specify that we do not cover these charges in our grocery delivery app development:

  • Domain registration charges (Applicable to point to your backend admin and store panel)
  • Web hosting charges (We recommend Amazon Web Services)
  • Google Play Store registration charges (One-time fee of $25)
  • Apple App Store registration charges (Yearly fee of $99)
  • SMS gateway charges
  • Payment gateway charges (We recommend PayU or RazorPay)

While we do not cover these charges, our team will guide you throughout the process to help you register or make a viable choice.

How much time will it take for Grocery App Development?

The kind of solution you choose will decide how long the development of your application might take.

If you opt for a single store solution, then we can go live within a month. However, if you choose multiple store solution, it will take upto 8 weeks to deliver.

Can you add custom features to the Grocery Delivery Solution or link it to third-party apps?

Certainly! We can customise the grocery delivery app in any way possible to meet your specific requirements.

Likewise, it can be seamlessly integrated with third-party apps to ensure automated data sharing.

If the custom feature or third party integration can be implemented easily, we will do it without any charges. However, if it’s complex, it will attract additional charges and will take additional time for delivery.

Can we make delivery apps similar to Grofers, BigBasket or InstaCart?

Yes! Our Our multiple-store grocery delivery solution can be used to get apps similar to Grofers, BigBasket or InstaCart.

However, these unicorns have host of proprietary features that they have developed over the course of years. Our solution would be with a rich UI and will come with core grocery order feature.

Is Grocery Business a great opportunity?

Yes! Over the last 5 years, the market share of the current online grocery delivery apps have increased consistently at nearly 20% CAGR.

Due to the COVID-19, more and more people are switching to online apps to purchase their grocery items. You can seize this opportunity and start you grocery delivery business to target new pockets.

The cheery on ice-cake is the fact that the grocery items have high margins (12% – 28%)

Are you ready to develop your Grocery Delivery App?

Take the first step by filling in our contact form. Our team will simplify grocery delivery app development for you.

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    Are you ready to develop your Grocery Delivery App?

    Take the first step by filling in our contact form. Our team will handhold you from the ideation stage to the launch.

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