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Eiosys is a top-notch mobile app development company in Mumbai. We design and build Android and iOS apps.

Our team helps companies create mobile applications to sell products or services, streamline business processes, or build loyalty among customers. Our apps can help you get more data visibility to make informed business decisions.

Why Eiosys?

# Free design of 5 App Screens
# 1 Hour of Free Consulting
# Use of the latest app development technologies
# Experience of 14 years
# Complete in-house team 

Mobile App Development Services

IOS app development at Eiosys

iOS App Development

We design apps for all products of Apple's ecosystem i.e. iPhone, iPad, MacBook and Apple Watch. Our iOS app developers are well versed with the compliance and quality standards required for releasing an app on App Store.

Android app development at Eiosys

Android App Development

We develop intuitive android apps that work smoothly across all versions of Android OS. These apps adhere highest quality coding standards and are sure to leave a long-lasting impression on your users.

What Makes us the best app developer in Mumbai?

Eiosys provide free consultation
1. Free Consultation

We believe in bulding relations rather than pushing for a sales. We offer free consultation to our prospects and give them right technical advice.

team of experiences app developers at eiosys
2. Team of Experienced App Developers

Our team of mobile application developers has an average experience of 4.2 years. Not only are they domain experts, but they are champs in understanding your app expectations. They help the clients achieve their goals by building cross platform mobile applications.

complete transparency icon
3. Complete Transparency

The client is updated about the progress of their app development at regular intervals. We conduct frequent call sessions and personal meetings to ensure that the app development is in right track. After project completion, the source code is handed over to the client.

Eiosys provides best technical support
4. Technical Support

The team assigned to your project, will always be there to help you out with any queries that you have or any issues that you are facing with the app. We create a Whatsapp group to address your concerns on a high priority. Our team is practically just a text or call away.

Mobile Tech Innovators

We have mastered the skill of using the mobile phone’s hardware and software attributes. Our team uses it to craft next-gen features in your android or iOS app.

These attributes include GPS location, motion sensor, fingerprint, camera, microphone, notifications, in-app billing, etc. Since we usually design the backend and the APIs required for these apps, our team knows exactly how to utilize the mobile’s capabilities to the fullest to craft a unique experience.

Our apps have been featured multiple times in the App Store. They have received appreciation from industry leaders too. We are recognized as the top mobile app developers in Mumbai by multiple review agencies.

Technologies We Use for App Development

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flutter logo

Type of Projects We Have Worked On

  • Ecommerce app development
  • Startup product development
  • Customer relationship management
  • Enterprise resource planning
  • Edtech app development
  • Customer support app
  • Process optimization
  • B2B sales app
  • Loyalty program app
  • Healthcare app
  • Custom support app
  • On-demand app
  • Grocery delivery app
  • Milk delivery app
  • Food delivery app
  • Social media app
  • Fintech app
  • Geo-location based app

Regions We Serve

Why You Need a Great Mobile App?

24/7 Connectivity

A great mobile app allows you to connect with users through push notifications from any location. It helps maintain continuous connection with your customers around the clock. It acts as a direct channel to engage with them whether they’re at home, at work, or on the go.

Personalized Experience

Personalization in mobile apps means showing customers things they’re interested in. You can customise the app experience based on their browsing pattern and preference. This makes them happy and more likely to buy from you.

Grow Brand Visibility

A well-designed and feature-rich mobile app can significantly increase your brand’s visibility. It serves as a constant reminder of your business on users’ devices, forging better brand recognition

Increased Sales and Revenue

A mobile app can serve as a powerful sales and marketing tool. It allows you to showcase your products or services, offer exclusive deals and promotions, and enable easy purchasing options. This direct sales channel can significantly contribute to your revenue.

Competitive Advantage

In today’s digital age, having a mobile app is no longer just a trend but a necessity. You stay ahead of the competition by investing in a great mobile app. It can differentiate your business from others in your industry and attract & retain new customers.

App Developers involved in a Project

Business analyst creative used on Mobile app Development page

Business Analyst

A business analyst is someone who understands your project from the very beginning. They’ll sit down with you, ask you many questions, and try to get to the root of what you want to achieve. From there, they’ll help define the KPIs of the project, create the architecture of your app, and lay out a plan for how to make your project happen. They’re always looking for ways to make things better and more efficient. And in the end, they’ll help make sure that you reach the goals that you set out to achieve in the beginning.

During the course of implementation, whenever a team member is stuck in building a particular logic or needs more clarity on a specific process, they reach out to the business analyst for clarity.

UI-UX & Graphic designer creative used on Mobile app Development page

UI/UX Designer

A UI/UX Designer plays a crucial role in mobile app development. He focuses on 3 key things: to make the app attractive, intuitive, and easy to use. He ensures that the client’s brand logo, font, and color preferences are reflected in the app’s design. By doing this, he creates a cohesive and consistent look that helps the app stand out.

In addition to the screen design, the UI/UX designer will also help in creating the other designing collaterals of the app including app store images, icons, splash screens, and much more. He adds the wow factor to the whole app experience.

Jr.-WordPress-Developer creative used on Mobile app Development page

App Developers

Up next are the mobile app developers! These are the people who take all of the UI/UX designs and turn them into functioning applications.

They work closely with backend developers to ensure that the relevant APIs are integrated so that the app can fetch and display the correct values.

App developers work closely with business analysts to add the correct business logic to the mobile app. This helps the app to align with the client’s vision and goals.

Project manager creative used on Website Development page

Project Manager

A Project Manager is responsible for managing the project from start to final launch. His 3 key responsibilities are ensuring: the project stays on track, client servicing, and team coordination.

A project manager manages the relationship between the client and the development team. This includes communicating with the client, capturing feedback, managing tasks, and reporting progress.

Software Tester creative used on Website Development page


Testers play an important role in making sure that apps work well on different versions of Android and iOS. They test each of the app’s functions in detail to identify any bugs or errors.

Tester coordinates with the app developers to get these issues fixed. In other words, they help make sure that your app is flawless, performs well, and is secure and easy to use.

App Development Process

It is the most basic yet crucial step of our process. This step helps us understand the vision of the client and the goal that they are trying to achieve from their application.

And if there is a situation wherein the client isn’t clear about their idea then we consult the client and help them gain clarity on their project.

In this step, we work on the documentation that will help us while developing your app. We call this document as ‘Action-event sheet’

The documentation ensures that everyone is on the same page with regard to the progress of the project. It includes database schema, special cases, notifications types, etc.

We also define the milestones and timeline for the project in it.

The designs and wireframes for each app screen are created along with the flow of the app. This is shared with the client for approval and feedback. This step also helps to define the entire user experience. The designing is done on AdobeXD.

Based on your inputs and your preferences, or your brand guidelines (if you have one), we start developing the various elements for the user interface. We prepare the deliverables which would be appealing for your clients.

We’re considered as the top mobile app development company in Mumbai when it comes to UI & UX designing. Our UI designs are intuitive and simple to use. We empathize with the target customer while designing the UI.

In this step, the team starts to code the app. We use an agile methodology for the implementation of the project. The project is implemented in multiple sprints, each having a well-defined goal. At the end of each sprint, the progress is shown to the client.

We also create a WhatsApp group with the client. Our team shares development update on this group too regularly.

All the developed units are optimized and polished to ensure consistency. Additionally, the mobile software is also optimized so that it can work properly on different versions of the mobile operating systems. 

We also connect analytics to the mobile app to track user engagement in the app.

The modules are individually tested for loopholes and bug fixes. We have defined in-house quality assurance standards for mobile app development.

Only once those standards are met satisfactorily, the app is shared with the client for final approval and validation.

After the mobile application is approved by the client, we proceed with its deployment on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

We ensure that the app is compliant with the protocols put forward by the respective app stores. Finally, the app is launched.

Once the mobile app is launched successfully, we enter the maintenance & support phase. In this phase, we ensure that the mobile app runs smoothly in the latest versions of the operating systems on different devices.

Our team shares the MobileAssure report which includes snapshot of the app from our testing tool. Our testers simulate different conditions (geography, OS version, network connectivity, etc.) and test the app’s performance.

We also undertake the task of fixing bugs in the application and making small changes in it based on the client’s preferences.

We engage with clients regularly through our WhatsApp support group or Google Meet session.


Our developers prioritize security by implementing encryption, secure authentication methods, and secure data storage. We also carry out regular security audits and updates that are crucial to protect user data. Additionally, we sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) that ensures confidentiality is maintained.

The cost of developing a mobile app depends on several factors such as platform, complexity, business model, and so on. Our team will conduct requirement analysis sessions with you to understand your vision and estimate a quote for your project.

Our solution is cost effective because we use hybrid app development technology – i.e. Flutter. Flutter is a latest cutting edge techonology from Google specially used to build custom mobile apps.

Here are rough estimates for developing certain types of apps:

App typeCost
Basic Ecommerce app₹ 140000
Informative app₹ 80000
Basic Productivity app₹ 120000
Complex Ecommerce app₹ 250000 – ₹ 400000
Social media app (Tiktok clone)₹ 500000
Healthcare app₹ 350000
Basic CRM₹ 200000
Complex Business app₹ 250000 – ₹ 400000
E-learning app₹ 300000

Yes, we do offer maintenance & support services for the mobile app. Through our maintenance services, you can be assured that your mobile app will remain compatible with the latest versions of Android & iOS. Furthermore, we also provide you with updates related to functional enhancements and design improvements

The timeline depends on factors such as the complexity and features that need to be integrated into the app. We provide customized estimates after understanding your app requirements. On average, it takes around 2-3 months to develop an app.


Younus KhanEdTech Founder
Read More
Our experience with Eiosys’s mobile app development service was exceptional. They brought our app vision to life by creating a user-friendly and feature-rich mobile app. The process was smooth, and the final product exceeded our expectations.
Sujith KondoorCEO, JustAsk
Read More
Their expertise in Android and iOS app development is simply remarkable. They follow a stringent QC process. The support group created on WhatsApp offers a direct hotline with the Eiosys team to sort out any query or technical issue.
Dileep ChoudharyOperations Head for an FMCG Ecommerce Company
Read More
Their mobile app developers delivered beyond our hopes. Our app was delivered on time as communicated during the requirement analysis phase. The algorithms used in the solution are well documented. The Directors are always approachable. Great work!
Hardik PatelIT Head for Pharma Company
Read More
Thanks to Eiosys mobile app development service for providing a superb mobile app for iOS and Android platforms. It has enabled us to expand our user base and we’re already getting a lot of positive feedback from our users.

Bring Your App Idea to Life!

Your dream app is just a form away. Share your vision with us, and our team will be in touch to make your app a reality. Let’s create something extraordinary together!

Bring Your App Idea to Life!

Your dream app is just a form away. Share your vision with us, and our team will be in touch to make your app a reality. Let’s create something extraordinary together!

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