Milk Delivery App Development

Milk Delivery As Easy As A Morning Pie!

The era of the Internet has fuelled growth in every sector. The age-old milk delivery sector is no exception. In this urban jungle, on-demand milk delivery apps are on-the-rise.

Our milk delivery solution is easy, convenient, and most importantly, scalable. Finding ways to restructure your traditional dairy business? You know the next step!

Wishlist screen of Milk Delivery App by Eiosys

What's included in our Milk Delivery App Development?

The customer app is an app that your customer uses to place an order in your system. This app needs to be simple and intuitive so that users of all age groups can easily use it.

Our mobile app is beautifully and thoughtfully crafted. In addition, its light and can work perfectly on low-speed internet connection.

Our team of award-winning iOS and android app developers has thoughtfully crafted the user experience. It fits in gracefully to accommodate the processes of a single vendor or multi-vendor model of the milk delivery business.

Customer App Features:

  • One-click social media login
  • Simple user interface
  • Intuitive user experience
  • GPS location-based search
  • Bookmark a dish or restaurant
  • Order tracking
  • Ratings and reviews
  • Alerts and notifications
  • Multiple payment gateways

The driver app is an app that will be used by your delivery boy to deliver food to customers. It is one of the key users of food delivery app development.

This phenomenal app helps drivers get required information in minimal clicks. Our team has taken special care to ensure that it’s not technologically overwhelming to a user.

Driver App Features:

  • Multi-lingual
  • Easy to operate
  • Push notification on a new order
  • Order summary
  • Delivery route generation
  • Analytics

Our admin panel is super-powerful. It gives the owners complete control of the food delivery business.

You can easily experiment and implement business logic in a matter of a few clicks.

Admin Panel Features:

  • View customer database
  • Restaurant addition
  • Analytics 
  • Smart Reports
  • Send push notifications
  • Order summary
  • Coupon code generation
  • Defining geo-fence

Restaurant panel is the interface that will be used by restaurant owners to manage their menu and orders generated in the system. It comes in the web and mobile app format.

We provide restaurant owners with relevant KPIs to help them get deeper insights into their business. The user experience is simple and can be easily operated by a person with limited technical knowledge as well.

Restaurant Panel App Features:

  • Dashboard
  • Push notification on a new order
  • Import menu items in bulk
  • View order summary
  • Define offers in the system
  • Analytics
  • Smart reports

Modernize Your Dairy Business with Eiosys!

Do you have a dairy and are willing to further expand the horizons of your business by going digital? Or do you have an astounding startup idea to set up a virtual dairy business? If yes, you’re on the right spot!

Launching a dairy business is no more a hassle! With Eiosys, you can sit back and relax while we create a highly-customized milk delivery app! Our expert team is equipped with the latest technology and tools required to offer unmatchable app delivery solutions!

Contact us today and make your dream business a reality!

A Range of Milk Delivery Solutions!

Milk Delivery Solution for Retailers (B2C)

Willing to sell milk online effectively to your end customers? Our Retailers’-friendly milk delivery solution is the way forward!

Coupled with the latest technology and astounding features, this milk delivery app can boost your business’s online performance and offer an astounding customer experience!

Empower your customers to subscribe to a milk delivery plan or purchase dairy products in a a matter of few clicks. The solution is customizable to map your custom processes in the system.

Milk Delivery Solution for Dairy Traders (B2B)

With our milk delivery app for dairy traders, you can magnify your business operations and sell your products to a wide range of customers ranging from sweet shops, hotels, restaurants, local supermarts, and more.

Furthermore, you can define custom payment terms and create attractive offers to meet your requirements.

Features of Our Milk Delivery App Solution

hassle free instant registration illustration used on milk delivery app admin app

Hassle-Free Instant Registration

Allow your customers to storm into your milk delivery platform by instantly registering through their phone numbers, email IDs, or even social media credentials.

setting up the user profile illustration used on milk delivery app admin app

Setting Up the User Profile

Users can set up their profile on your milk delivery app by adding their name, residential address, preferred payment options, etc.

advance search bar with filters illustration used on milk delivery app admin app

Advanced Search Bar with Filters

Finding one's desired products amongst a plethora of options can be a tricky task, isn’t it? To help customers locate their favorite products instantly on your milk delivery app, an advanced search bar with filters and other sorting elements is available.

on the go-live tracking illustration used on milk delivery app admin app

On-the-go/Live Tracking

With the Live tracking feature, customers can keep an eye on their orders and be alert about their delivery.

order history icon used on milk delivery app admin app

Order History

With the exhaustive list of previous orders available within a single click, reordering products on your milk delivery app becomes a hassle-free task!

multiple payment options illustration used on milk delivery app admin app

Multiple Payment Options

A humongous set of payment options ranging from credit/debit cards, net banking, COD, or even E-wallet is available to allure customers to your milk delivery app.

Easy invoice generation illustration used on milk delivery app admin app

Easy Invoice Generation

Customers’ can get e-bills instantly on the milk delivery app.

Review and ratings illustration used on milk delivery app admin app

Review and Ratings

Empower your customers to share their genuine reviews, ratings, and concerns on your milk delivery app to build trust.

master dashboard for superior management illustration used on milk delivery app admin app

Master Dashboard for Superior Management

With comprehensive details of the entire business proceedings occurring on your app, nothing can be out of your scrutiny!

customer management illustration used on milk delivery app admin app

Customer Management

The admins can assess the database of customers on the platform and utilize it for quality purposes.

delivery executive management illustration used on milk delivery app admin app

Delivery Executives Management

Admins can hire, manage, assign duties and keep a check on the delivery executives through this panel.

subscription management illustration used on milk delivery app admin app

Subscription Management

The admins can create, alter, launch, and manage subscription plans through this panel without any hassles.

push notification illustration used on milk delivery app admin app

Push notifications

Have festive offers or discounts on your milk delivery app? Engage with your customers and inform them about the latest deals through instant push notifications.

order management icon used for Milk delivery app admin app

Order Management

Admins are duly updated about the various orders and their details. They can further keep a track of the picking, packaging, and delivery process of the milk and dairy products.

Products Management illustration used on milk delivery app admin app

Products Management

Sometimes, the products are out of stock or the prices of the products change. In such cases, Admins have the authority to add, delete, or tweak the products available on the app.

Coupon Code management illustration used on milk delivery app admin app

Coupon Code Management

Admin can generate custom coupon codes in the system to offer attractive discounts to the customers. These codes can be customized considering different data points such as order size, category, products, etc.

analytics reports illustration used on milk delivery app admin app

Analytics Reports

To help in making key business decisions, admins are bestowed with major metrics such as weekly/monthly financial data, the total number of orders, most popular order, key traffic generating social media platforms, and many more.

illustration used for easy onboarding

Easy Onboarding

Delivery Executives can simply start their delivery duties by registering through their phone number, email ID, or even through social media accounts.

illustration used for assigned orders

Assigned Orders

A complete list of available orders along with location details is available on the app. Delivery executives can peek a glance at the list, select their desired delivery order, and get started.

icon used for route optimization

Route Optimization

Sometimes the location of the restaurant or that of the customer’s residence can be hard to find. With the in-built map, the executives can find the best routes without traffic to avoid unnecessary delivery delays.

customer details illustration

Customers’ Details

A comprehensive list of essential customer details such as name, phone number, residential address, nearby landmark, and more is available to the delivery executive for hassle-free delivery.

Revenue Model of Milk Delivery App Solution

Subscription plans illustration

Subscription Plans

Subscription Plans are arguably the most reliable revenue models for milk and dairy farm businesses! Through this model, customers can choose amongst several pre-created subscription plans to avail of certain benefits or discounts, and purchase them without any hassles. Moreover, tailored subscription plans to suit individuals’ needs can also be put into place.

Normal orders, illustration for Mil delivery, app development page for eiosys

Normal Orders

To complement the subscription model, businesses can leverage the commission model too. Through this model, businesses can inflict a marginal commission on every transaction occurring on the milk delivery platform.

Promotional fees, illustration used on milk, delivery, app development page

Promotional Fees

Businesses can even earn from lending the promotional spaces on their milk delivery app for promotional activities such as banners of third parties

How Does Our Milk Delivery App Solution Work?

Hasslefree. Use a registration on Eiosys milk, delivery app development

Hassle-Free User Registration

Users can log in to your milk-delivery app simply through email/ phone numbers. Moreover, they can add certain personal details such as names and residential addresses to set up their profile on your platform.

Exceptional product browsing experience at Milk delivery app development by Eiosys

Exceptional Product Browsing Experience

A plethora of products is instantly available to choose from! Moreover, customers can apply filters such as price range, availability, discount/offers, to shortlist and locate their desired products.

One step at to cart feature for milk, delivery app development by Eiosys

One-Step Add-To-Cart Feature

Customers can add their desired products to their carts with just a movement of their fingertips. Yes, it’s as simple as that!

Illustration for milk delivery app development

Cart Checkout

It’s time to order our goodies! Here, customers can add, change or edit the delivery address, phone number at their convenience. Moreover, they can even mention certain delivery instructions such as “leave the parcel in front of the door and stand 2 feet away” or “leave the parcel at my neighbor’s home (eg. Room no. 101) if we are not at home”, etc.

payment gateway for Milk Delivery App Development

Payment Gateway

Through the payment gateway, customers can choose from a wide range of payment options and complete the ordering process.

illustration used for Milk Delivery App Development

Hurray! It’s Time For Delivery!

Customers can track their products while it is out for delivery, coordinate with delivery agents, and further rate or review their buying experience on the app.

Why Work With Eiosys For Milk Delivery App Development?

Stay Fret-Free as we Assure 100% Secure Milk Delivery Apps

Unlike other app development companies, we strive to offer complete security of our apps. This magnifies our dignity and commitment to offer quality services to our clients.

Ripe with 12 Years of Experience

At Eiosys, we maintain a highly-proficient team, experienced with new-age tools and software to create unmatchable apps for our clients!

No Compromise on NDA Terms!

We are truthful and undaunted thus, we religiously follow the NDA terms to assure privacy and commitment to our clients.

Delivery as Promised!

Our supportive team members keep professional contact with the clients at every stage of app development to understand their requirements and deliver quality services.

Hidden Costs are Not Our Way!

At Eiosys, we maintain an open and reliable pricing policy that doesn’t change during or after the course of app development.

Fulfilling All Your Requirements is Our End Goal!

Understanding our clients’ requirements, advising on the best way forward, and coordinating with them at every stage of app development are our core values.

New-Age Tech Stack

We at Eiosys, use new-age tools and software to offer unique, agile, and compatible apps to our clients. In a continually evolving tech space, we follow the principles of “learning, unlearning, and re-learning” to keep ourselves relevant and updated.

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