Technology Stack

Our tech stack includes avant-garde technologies that enable lean and agile development alongside swift and continuous delivery.

One of the core values of Eiosys is adaptability. Since our inception in 2010, we have always upgraded ourselves with new technologies emerging in the market.

One such example to reflect this quality is the technology we use to make mobile apps. Back in 2014, when Ionic disrupted the market with its hybrid app development capability, we were quick to embrace it. 85% of the apps developed by Eiosys between 2014 and 2017 were on Ionic technology.

Fast forward to mid-2017, when Google officially released Flutter for hybrid app development, we immediately upgraded ourselves to Flutter. In fact, we were the earliest adopters of Flutter in India. Since 2017, 90% of the apps shipped by Eiosys are built on Flutter.

We simply follow the principles of ‘Learn, Unlearn, and Relearn’ to keep ourselves recent and relevant in the continuously evolving tech space.

UI designing
Front End
Back End
Cloud Services
AI and ML
Block Chain
Project Management

Support and Maintenance

Despite continuous up-gradation in our tech stack, we ensure that our previous deliverables function as smoothly as ever.

Our support and maintenance team ensures that the delivered web or mobile apps are constantly updated and compatible with the latest versions of web browsers or mobile operating systems.

The mobile app delivered by us for a client in 2014 on Ionic technology still functions smoothly on the latest versions of Android and iOS. Even though we have moved to Flutter, we still maintain dedicated individuals on Ionic to assist with support and app update.

We are accountable for every software we deliver to our clients irrespective of the technology it was built upon or the year it was delivered.