Top 9 UI/UX Design Tools for Designers

This is the creative for our blog post. It includes list of top UI UX design tools
This is the creative for our blog post. It includes list of top UI UX design tools

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This is the creative for our blog post. It includes list of top UI UX design toolsWe share the list of top UI & UX Tools available in the market.

UI/UX design is a requisite of every Information Technology (IT) and Software Development Corporation. Every product has to have a smooth user interface and experience to stand apart in the market. That makes the role of UI/UX designer vital in this industry. 

UI designers create smooth user interfaces of every single micro-interactions such as transitions, interface animations, screen layout, etcetera. While UI designers create smooth navigation strategies, UX designers strive to provide a satisfying user experience by determining how UI operates. 

With the current bombardment of so many designing tools in the market, it has become difficult to choose the perfect one. 

 Let’s get the insights of the 9 UI/UX design tools, compare their features, and choose the perfect fit for you!

1. Adobe XD

Installs: 1 Million plus.

Ratings: 4 on Google Playstore.

Reviews: More than 8000 Reviews.

Looking for an amazing UX designing tool? Adobe XD is the most recognized UX designing tool among designers. It is a vector-based designing tool developed by Adobe Inc.

Want to create a swift user experience for websites and mobile apps? Adobe XD is your one-stop destination! This designing tool offers website wireframing to create different website layouts. Vector-based designing uses a software program to help designers in developing decent art. 

Adobe XD is available for macOS and Windows. However, iOS and Android versions help in reviewing the result on mobiles. 

Let’s check some salient features of this UX design tool! 

Just “say” it! Adobe XD uses voice commands to design apps. Ain’t it amazing? 

Responsive design feature. Nowadays, websites must be quick to load and easy to navigate due to the rise in competition. Adobe XD allows designers to develop various versions of a website and cross-check their design among different devices.

Navigation and designing of Adobe XD is much easier than many designing tools. It’s easy to create a grid of items such as lists, galleries, etc. with this tool. Designers may swiftly develop prototypes of websites & apps and garner the confidence of the audience.

 Adobe XD is not only easy to use but also free to install.

2. Sketch

Installs: More than 1 million 

Ratings: 4.5

Reviews: 1000 plus reviews

One of the most popular designing tools of all time-Sketch never stops to amaze designers with its subtle features. Sketch has been ruling the market with its built-in prototyping system and strong vector editor.  

With Sketch for Teams, designers can easily share designs, prototypes with team members and build co-operation. 

Let’s check some of the toughest features of Sketch! 

Designers can easily build reusable documents in React and access them in Sketch thus saving time and energy.

Sketch has not only GIF exporters, HTML and CSS converters but also an in-built GIT client. 

Responsive Grids for web and mobile app UI/UX designs. Various layers, font styles, and symbols are also present in Sketch.

Since Sketch was developed primarily as a UX/UI design tool, it lacks vector drawing software. However, by installing appropriate plugins, designers can ensure the swift functioning of Sketch. 

There are certain perks of using Sketch for UI/UX designing. For instance, Sketch provides extensive exposure to the design community with its tutorials and documentation. It also has a substantial plugin system. 

3. Figma

nstalls: 100 K plus downloads

Ratings: 3.6 

Reviews: 1000 plus reviews

Figma proves to be a tough competition in the current marketplace with its amazing features. This designing tool supports UI/UX design allowing you to create smooth interfaces in less time. 

Though this platform may resemble the features of Sketch, it has its amazing features too.

Why don’t we check some impressive features of Figma? Here you go!

Coordinate with your team with the Enterprise Collaboration feature of Figma! Just the way Google Docs operates, Figma too provides a similar feature. With this feature, you can coordinate with fellow UX designers and review their designs swiftly. 

Get a notification when any member of your team edits your design with the Slack Channel feature of Figma.

Figma allows designers to create a better user experience (UX) and smooth UI design which will adapt to various screen sizes.

Figma is a cloud-based UI designing tool that can operate on any platform or a web browser. It has a free and a paid subscription. The paid subscription for an individual is $12/ month while $45/ month for an organization.

4. Balsamiq

Ratings: 4.5

Reviews: 500 plus reviews

If you’re looking for a good tool for building wireframes, then Balsamiq is for you! This UI designing tool is not only available as a desktop version but also as a plugin to use with Google Drive.

Most of the UI designers find Balsamiq extremely user-friendly compared to many other designing tools. With Balsamiq, you can create different user interface designs simply with its easy-to-navigate structure. 

The drag-drop feature of Balsamiq is a user delight. Designers can create quick wireframing and mockup designs with this tool and share them with clients/teammates.

This tool easily handles wireframes and prototype development. Moreover, designers can even run a prototype user test on their designs before sharing for customer analysis.

Now, let’s see some benefits of using Balsamiq for UI designing.

Designers can edit, modify or change designs conveniently on Balsamiq. It allows creating wireframes and mockup designs at a comparatively quick pace. The impressive functioning of this UI tool also arouses curiosity in users with non-tech backgrounds.

5. InVision Studio

Installs: 100,000 plus downloads on play store

Ratings: 3

Reviews: 1000 plus reviews

Due to its specific user-friendly features, InVision Studio is one of the most preferred UX designing tools among most designers. This tool is a one-stop destination for designing, prototyping, and collaboration.

Since its launch in 2018, InVision studio has been working extensively to ease building prototypes. Let’s check some features in InVision Studio! 

The vector drawing tool within InVision Studio helps to create websites at a quicker pace.

The scalable feature of this designing tool is one of the most beloved features by designers. This feature allows them to create responsive designs which can be accessed on various devices.

InVision Studio also offers facilities like instant playback settings and drag-drop sharing. These facilities help the customers to glance at different models and analyze them.

The cloud compatibility of this tool allows individuals from any corner of the world to coordinate with their teammates.

There are some unconventional benefits of using InVision Studio for UI/UX designing.

For instance, it’s easy to access previous files as InVision Studio and to keep a track of your work! The live share feature of this tool allows designers to have a real-time chat and discuss the project.

6. Marvel

Installs: More than 100,000 downloads on Google Playstore

Ratings: 3.8 

Reviews: 1000 plus reviews

Looking for a quick prototyping and wireframing tool? Marvel is a prominent designing tool in the market today and strives to stand high with its wondering features. Marvel allows designers to create quick wireframes and prototypes and get prompt feedback with its centralized facility.

Let’s check some features of this UX designing tool:

To provide the ultimate User Experience to its users, Marvel allows designers to present their prototypes to clients/teammates in real-time.

Create a web layout and app layout from any device! Designers can create designs from laptop/Computer/tablet/mobile device easily right through the browser.

This tool is simple to use and generates the ultimate user experience. It allows the testing of prototypes across devices. Marvel also facilitates the inclusion of plugins such as Sketch and Photoshop.

7. Treejack

Ratings: 4

Reviews: 500 plus

Looking for a perfect tool to access your website and find the loopholes creating turbulence? Well, none is better than Treejack to help in creating or optimizing your website. This tool gives you insights to design user interfaces and helps you in building an intuitive information architecture.

Let’s see some worth-checking features of this tool:

Treejack provides apt data of your website indicating the loopholes. It helps you design a clear and easy user experience and user interface. Also, get your existing tree tested on the tool and start mending the loopholes with guidance from Treejack.

Create, share and test your designs with Treejack and get an edge over your competitor websites.

Some benefits of using Treejack are: convenient to analyze and share your findings with your clients confidently with Treejack. Designers can also test a new design idea, create a checkout flow or build an e-commerce site swiftly with the help of this tool.

8. FlowMapp

Ratings: 4 

Reviews: 500 plus

Looking for a UX development tool? FlowMapp is one of the most reputed tools present in the market today. With its user-friendly features and pocket-friendly plans, FlowMapp is the first choice of designers. 

This tool guides designers while building the site structure and flows based on UX analysis. Collaborate with your team at any time and anywhere. Create, store, share, review, comment, and discuss your designs with clients/ teammates. 

There are some unconventional benefits of using FlowMapp for UX Development. Such as designers can communicate with their teammates/clients at every stage of the development and keep a record of their deadlines. The tool also aids in generating leads and sales for your client’s/company’s business.

9. Webflow

Ratings: 4.6 

Reviews: 500 plus

Webflow is an online tool primarily used for building websites without coding. It is a one-stop destination from wireframing to publishing websites. Also, the interface of this tool is relatively easy.

The qualities of flexibility and extensive documentation make Webflow superior to its competitor WordPress. Moreover, 100+ Webflow templates and In-app signals give an effortless site-building experience.

This tool not only allows us to make visual editing but also to build an in-house content managing system.

It also helps marketers and designers in creating rich interactive pages. Although the system may feel a little complex for users with no experience in handling WordPress or editing HTML.

Webflow is suitable for building e-commerce websites. The tool has advanced website building facilities. There are innumerous templates to help you design your website perfectly.

That was our list of Top 9 Best UI/UX Design tools for all the designers!

10. Webflow

Installs: 10,000+

Ratings: 3.9

It works as a prototyping and workflow management tool. Axure’s smooth interface facilitates documentation from start to finish.
Their goal is to make it easy for organizations and teams to create and share wireframes, prototypes, and specifications anywhere and anytime on any device.
The high fidelity of the prototypes generated from Axure ensures that all of these projects have an attention to detail second to none because designers love taking care of the details.
Axure seamlessly combines testing functionality as well as publishing for an easy handoff to developers, making it a solid choice for UI designers who need a way to manage their workflow for any project big or small alike.



With the help of the above UI design tools, you can create swift UI/UX designs. There are a plethora of designing tools present in the market. However, the above-mentioned design tools have premium features and are easy to use. You can compare the various designing tools mentioned in this blog and choose the perfect fit for you!

Our company specializes in building user-centric apps with a beautiful user experience and interface. You can get in touch with us to get quote for your project.

Published: April 8, 2021
Last updated: March 20, 2024


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