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In this graphic we showcase the website maintenance services offered by Eiosys Private LimitedWebsite maintenance services are more important now than ever. Websites shouldn’t be kept static. It should evolve just as your business evolves every day.

Your website should clearly reflect the new initiatives you are taking in your company. This can be a new product launch or new service addition or the festival campaign you are planning to roll out.

Our website maintenance services ensure that your site is updated regularly. Our web maintenance package includes content updates, images or multimedia updates, and support via telephone or e-mail.

It also includes revising, editing, or otherwise changing existing web pages to keep your website in line with the latest tech trends and practices.

Our web maintenance packages are customized to match your requirements. All our maintenance packages are linked to man-days devoted by our team to perform maintenance activities.

We cover the maintenance of websites developed on WordPress, eCommerce websites developed on WooCommerce or Prestashop or Magento and custom developed websites.

What is included in website maintenance services?

Website maintenance services are valuable for keeping your website in good running order. This includes securing your site so that it’s trustworthy and stable as well as ensuring its interface is clean, easy to navigate, and attractive.

We cover the following items as a part of our website maintenance packages:

1. Content Update

Changing your website’s appearance and content from time to time is important to keep it fresh, open up new possibilities and give your business a chance to be discovered by new people.

Whether you need to resize an image, swap a page’s headline, or adjust a few broken links, we can make all of these improvements for you at once. Websites that remain static result in repressed creativity and stunted innovation, so updating them regularly will keep your site more relevant than ever before!

Here’s a list of content update examples:

Through web maintenance service, we help companies add new text content on their website


Additions or deletions of text in posts and pages

Icon showing Blog posts addition on websites

Blog Posts

Addition or modification of blog posts

Icon showing illustration of images


Addition, modification, or alt tag update

Image shows illustration of pages addition feature offered through our website support services


Additions or deletions of new informative pages

Icon showing product added in ecommerce website

Product Management

Addition, deletion, or modification of products (in case of e-commerce websites)

Icon showing the ability to do structural changes on the website using website maintenance services offered by Eiosys


Basic structural changes (adding new elements or modifying the layout of a page)

Icon resembling file downloads from website.

File downloads

Additions or deletions of PDFs

Icon showing a video player embedded on a website


Embedding videos on the page through YouTube or Vimeo

The icon shows that through website maintenance services we can add links on different pages and blogs on the website


Additions or deletions of links on different pages and posts

Icon shows a cursor and form fields on the website


Addition and modification of forms (inquiry, feedback, newsletter, etc.)

2. Technical Support

Our website maintenance support is a one-stop solution for all your website technical problems. Our experts in their respective fields are always around to lend a helping hand, so rest assured they’ll take care of any tech-related issues of your website in no time!

Here’s a list of technical support examples:

Wordpress icon. We help companies keep their wordpress website and it's plugins updated

Plugin & WordPress Update

Keeping the plugins and themes updated and ensuring that the update doesn't lead to any bugs and errors

Icon resembling website speed and performance optimisation. It shows an accelerometer kind of design

Performance Optimisation

Assistance in boosting the website's speed and other core web vitals

Icon resembling backup service offered by us. It shows the content getting copied in safe drives


Taking regular backup of your site and restoring in case of mishap

Icon the tags addition on web pages

Tags Addition

Addition of relevant tags for Google Analytics or Facebook Pixel

Icon resembling third party integration feature. We help clients integrate their website with CRMs, Analytics, etc.

Third-party tools integration

Assistance in integrating with CRMs and other third-party tools

Shows a browser with setting wheels. It is to showcase how we ensure that the website is compatible on different browsers

Cross-Browser Compatibility

Ensure that the website works well on different versions of browsers and in different geographical regions

Icon to showcase how we monitor the website regularly for any bugs and errors

Server Monitoring

Keeping check on the activity of the servers and performing relevant updates

Icons showing a lock structure to emphasis how we ensure the security of the website under maintenance

Security Scans

Fixing vulnerabilities to avoid exploitation of the website by bots and spammers and ensure that the data is protected

Team members involved in website maintenance

1. UI/UX and Graphic Designer

They work closely with the clients to learn about their design preferences and needs. Our UI/UX designer ensures that all new pages or elements have easy navigational features and are user-friendly for the target audience.

2. Jr. WordPress Developer

The Jr. WordPress Developer does the first round of edits on the website. Most of the content-related activities are performed primarily by him.

3. Sr. WordPress Developer

The Sr. WordPress Developer is a maestro of the technology and is able to perform complex content and technical update tasks.

She supervises the complicated change requests proposed by the client and plans their implementation.

4. Software Tester

A software tester makes sure that all features on your website are working evenly for each browser so that people will be able to use them seamlessly.

He tests the site under different conditions (different web browsers and their versions) to ensure that consumers have a smooth ride when they visit the site. He also checks to make sure that all the business logic that the developers have implemented is working as it should.

5. Customer Success Manager

A customer success manager will keep you company, and make sure everything is running smoothly. He’ll catch up with you regularly to address any concerns or questions that you may have about your website maintenance.

Furthermore, he will offer some helpful advice for areas we might not have covered. He will also check in with our colleagues to ensure that our client’s wishes are being met.

Our Website Maintenance Process

We explain the process that we follow to implement our website maintenance servicesWe have a well-defined process to manage our website maintenance services. This process ensures a higher degree of transparency and gives the client complete control of the service.

  1. On signing of the web maintenance contract, we request the client for the back-end admin panel details
  2. Our team gets acquainted with the architecture used to create the website
  3. We share our Web Maintenance Tracking Sheet with the client on Google Drive
  4. Client logs in their change requests in the Tracking Sheet
  5. Our team reviews the change requests and start working on their implementation
  6. We connect on a call session with the client if a change request is difficult to understand
  7. Our testing and quality control team validates the changes done by the development team
  8. Once the change request is successfully addressed, its status is changed in the Tracking Sheet
  9. The client can view the real-time status of the change request by accessing the Tracking Sheet


Yes. We offer e-commerce website maintenance services. We offer maintenance services for WooCommerce, Magento and Prestashop powered online stores. For e-commerce websites, we help in managing products, coupons, categories, shipping logics, payment gateway integrations, third-party tools integrations and so on.

Just fill in our contact form and one of our representatives will get in touch with you to give you an overview of the service and also share the contract copy. Once signed, we are good to go. We will take your admin panel and server details to start servicing your requests.

We support WordPress, WooCommerce, Magento, and Prestashop-based CMS platforms. In addition, we also assist custom CMS platforms (if their documentation is in place)

Yes. If done in the right way, website maintenance can help boost your rankings. The changes that can be handled by the maintenance team that can help your SEO initiative are fixing 404 errors, doing 301 redirects, speeding up the website, managing core web vitals, enhancing page experience, adding tracking codes, etc.

It includes website and server-side activities. This includes adding new pages, modifying existing pages, updating plugins, fixing errors and bugs, optimizing database, managing server-side, changing page designs, etc.

The digital space is evolving rapidly. New updates are released frequently on web browsers i.e. Google Chrome, Firefox, and on CMS platforms such as WordPress. At times, these updates result in plugins and theme incompatibility resulting in bugs and errors on the website. With the maintenance service in place, we take care of these bugs and error handling and ensure that the plugins and theme remain in sound health with the latest versions of browsers and CMS platforms.

A small request like a content modification or media change can be done in one business day whereas a bigger change like page addition or business logic modification can take a couple of business days. For more complex changes, our team shares the duration after evaluating the request.

It depends on the type of CMS platform you want us to manage and the number of man-days worth equivalent of changes you want us to perform every month

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    Are you ready to pamper your website?

    Take the first step by filling in our contact form. Our team will simplify website maintenance for you.

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