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Website Maintenance Services

In this graphic we showcase the website maintenance services offered by Eiosys Private LimitedWebsite maintenance services are more important now than ever. Websites shouldn’t be kept static. It should evolve just as your business evolves every day.

Your website should clearly reflect the new initiatives you are taking in your company. This can be a new product launch or new service addition or the festival campaign you are planning to roll out.

Our website maintenance services ensure that your site is updated regularly. Our web maintenance package includes content updates, images or multimedia updates, and support via telephone or e-mail.

It also includes revising, editing, or otherwise changing existing web pages to keep your website in line with the latest tech trends and practices.

Our web maintenance packages are customized to match your requirements. All our maintenance packages are linked to man-days devoted by our team to perform maintenance activities.

We cover the maintenance of websites developed on WordPress, eCommerce websites developed on WooCommerce or Prestashop or Magento and custom developed websites.

Our Website Maintenance Process

We explain the process that we follow to implement our website maintenance servicesWe have a well-defined process to manage our website maintenance services. This process ensures a higher degree of transparency and gives the client complete control of the service.

  1. On signing of the web maintenance contract, we request the client for the back-end admin panel details
  2. Our team gets acquainted with the architecture used to create the website
  3. We share our Web Maintenance Tracking Sheet with the client on Google Drive
  4. Client logs in their change requests in the Tracking Sheet
  5. Our team reviews the change requests and start working on their implementation
  6. We connect on a call session with the client if a change request is difficult to understand
  7. Our testing and quality control team validates the changes done by the development team
  8. Once the change request is successfully addressed, its status is changed in the Tracking Sheet
  9. The client can view the real-time status of the change request by accessing the Tracking Sheet


Is website maintenance service necessary for our corporate website?

Yes. It will help your brand remain updated in the digital space. Furthermore, it also helps you avoid security breaches and other potential problems.

Are you providing regular maintenance for an online store or eCommerce website?

Yes. We offer e-commerce website maintenance services. We offer maintenance services for WooCommerce, Magento and Prestashop powered online stores. For e-commerce websites, we help in managing products, coupons, categories, shipping logics, payment gateway integrations, third-party tools integrations and so on.

How can I get started with your website maintenance services?

Just fill in our contact form and one of our representatives will get in touch with you to give you an overview of the service and also share the contract copy. Once signed, we are good to go. We will take your admin panel and server details to start servicing your requests.

What types of CMS are covered in your web maintenance services?

We support WordPress, WooCommerce, Magento, and Prestashop-based CMS platforms. In addition, we also assist custom CMS platforms (if their documentation is in place)

Would website maintenance help in improving search engine rankings?

Yes. If done in the right way, website maintenance can help boost your rankings. The changes that can be handled by the maintenance team that can help your SEO initiative are fixing 404 errors, doing 301 redirects, speeding up the website, managing core web vitals, enhancing page experience, adding tracking codes, etc.

What is covered with your website maintenance services?

It includes website and server-side activities. This includes adding new pages, modifying existing pages, updating plugins, fixing errors and bugs, optimizing database, managing server-side, changing page designs, etc.

Why does my website need regular maintenance or retainer service?

The digital space is evolving rapidly. New updates are released frequently on web browsers i.e. Google Chrome, Firefox, and on CMS platforms such as WordPress. At times, these updates result in plugins and theme incompatibility resulting in bugs and errors on the website. With the maintenance service in place, we take care of these bugs and error handling and ensure that the plugins and theme remain in sound health with the latest versions of browsers and CMS platforms.

How long it takes to complete a maintenance request?

A small request like a content modification or media change can be done in one business day whereas a bigger change like page addition or business logic modification can take a couple of business days. For more complex changes, our team shares the duration after evaluating the request.

What is the monthly cost of website maintenance?

It depends on the type of CMS platform you want us to manage and the number of man-days worth equivalent of changes you want us to perform every month

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