Top 11 Learning Apps for Kids

This is the cover image of the blog - top learning apps for kids
This is the cover image of the blog - top learning apps for kids

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This blog lists down top free and paid learning apps for kids and toddlers.

Gone are the days when kids had to travel a distance to attend tutorials and extra coaching classes! With the advancement in technology, the education industry has undergone a paradigm shift. Within a few clicks, your kid can get access to top-notch learning facilities. What’s more? Games, quizzes, videos, reward points, learning is always entertainment for your kid. 

From complex videos of science and mathematics to learning vocabulary, edtech apps have revolutionized the learning experience. There are not only apps that teach syllabus to your kids, but there are also apps that teach them vital concepts of coding and calculations. Even the evaluation method is in the form of quizzes, puzzles, and games which your child will love!

Today, the Internet has a swath of resources that provide both entertainment and educational value. Moreover, they make learning fun and easy. Here are some of the best learning apps for kids. These apps are available both on Play Store and App Store.

1. Voot Kids

As a parent, getting your kid glued to learning is a daunting task. But, with Voot Kids, it is an impeccable combination of learning and fun. With cartoon shows, ebooks, educational games, audio stories, learning is brought to life. This app ensures holistic development for your kids. 

From language skills to mathematics and logic, Voot Kids helps your kids discover the world around them playfully. If you’re tired of singing bedtime lullabies to your kids, it has bedtime tales to your rescue! A soothing narration coupled with calming music ensures that your child sleeps faster. 

Trying to encourage your kid to develop a habit of reading? Voot Kids does that in style! All the books are designed to comfortably help your kids read on a mobile screen. While reading, they can also tap on a particular word to know its pronunciation and meaning. 

What’s more? Being a parent, you can keep a track of your child’s growth. It has a parent zone feature that helps you supervise your kid’s activities on the app. Its 30-day trial period allows you to get hands-on experience of using this app

Installs 5M+

Ratings 3.6

Reviews: More than 25k

2. Kutuki Kids Learning App

Featured in Mann Ki Baat, Kutuki Kids Learning App is the winner of the Atma Nirbhar Bharat App innovation challenge in the e-learning space. It is one of the best learning apps for kids and toddlers.

Kutuki Kids Learning App is an early learning app for preschool Indian kids. It encourages joyful learning and aims to transform learning for young kids. It focuses not only on the academic understanding of a child but also on ethical values. 

Since it is made for Indian kids, the app does not limit itself to English. It includes various other Indian languages such as Hindi, Tamil, Marathi, and Kannada. Through Kutukki’s creative curriculum, kids have fun counting numbers, recognizing shapes and colors, and reading and writing English. Kids can also learn about preschool themes such as animals and nature, health and hygiene, Indian festivals and culture, and much more. 

The lovable fictional characters like Kutu and Minku also teach ethical lessons to your kids like honesty, kindness, and more. With visually appealing videos and images, Kutuki Kids, just like its creative name ensures creativity-filled learning for your kids.  

Installs 500k+

Ratings 4.5

Reviews More than 1K

3. Byju’s Early Learning App

Byju’s Early Learning App will make your kid fall in love with learning! It is an all-new personalized learning app in collaboration with Disney. It is specially crafted for children between the age group of 6-8 years. 

The learning is set up according to your child’s needs and style. Through digital worksheets, also gives your kid hands-on practice in a particular subject. What’s more? A one-of-a-kind parental reporting system that enables you to access your child’s progress report. It also provides real-time feedback in all the other learning activities such as digital worksheets. 

To make learning playful, the app features Disney’s entertaining characters such as Disney Princess, Toy Story, Lion King, and many more. Through creative storytelling, this app helps children to grasp fundamental concepts with ease. With thousands of animated videos, games, stories, and quizzes, makes learning memorable for young children. To motivate kids, it rewards them in the form of trophies and badges after completion of each level. 

Installs 1M+

Ratings 3+


4. Khan Academy Kids

Looking for free and quality education for your kids? Khan Academy Kids is a perfect choice! It teaches maths, reading, language, and writing in a joyful way. To add more fun, it also encourages self-expression and creativity through tasks like coloring and drawing.

With a cast of five amiable characters, students can learn everything. These characters make their journey of learning more enthralling. The most cherished part about this educational app for kids is, it is entirely free! It requires no subscriptions. What makes this app one of its kind are its updates. It is frequently updated with books and songs that keep your kids entertained. They have recently added new interactive exercises and books that include English Language Arts (ELA) and math common core standards.

Khan Academy Kids is a unique app that provides holistic learning to kids. It has a robust curriculum that enables your child to develop a sound vocabulary, improve maths, and also develop rock-solid logical reasoning abilities. Apart from academic development, it also aids emotional development and teaches our kids some invaluable social values like empathy, teamwork, and relationship building.

The award-winning app is developed in collaboration with the expert panel at Stanford Graduate School of Business.  It is a must-try educational app for kids seeking quality learning.

Installs 1M+.

Ratings 4.6

Reviews More than 17K

5. Cuemath

Cuemath is one of the rare learning apps for kids that offers coding as a subject. Worldwide, it is used by 4,00,000 children. It provides training and mental activities for the brain. Via this app, students can improve their IQ. Through simple math games on arithmetic and calculation to advanced brain games on geometry and reasoning, Cuemath covers all the vital aspects of Mathematics in a fun way. 

It has 50+ games, riddles, and mathematics questions. These activities will strengthen the concentration, pace, measurement, and precision of your infant. It delivers 10 minutes of day-to-day brain preparation. It also provides in-depth analytics to track a child’s progress.  Cuemath is one of the best apps to enhance a child’s IQ, calculation speed, and cognitive skills. 

It is a free learning app for kids from kindergarten to class 10. Cuemath analyzes the limitations and strengths of the child and provides questions based on their ability. The courses in this app have been designed by math and coding experts from top universities across the world. The syllabus available here is based on boards including CBSE, ICSE, and IB. It also provides solutions to NCERT.

Cuemath was awarded India’s no. 1 Math learning app by Edtech Review. 

Installs 100k

Ratings 4.4

Reviews More than 11k

6. Math Kids

Math Kids is a fun learning app that teaches young children the basics of mathematics. You’ll love to see your child become adept in Math with Math kids—a perfect choice for young toddlers, kindergartners, and preschoolers. The app sets the perfect foundation for your kids to learn a lifetime of Math skills.

It is the perfect platform for your kid to learn basic mathematics most comfortably. Its engaging puzzles will teach them counting, adding, and subtraction with the least amount of boredom. Apart from entertainment, you can also put your child’s growth to the test through the quizzes. Your child can learn according to his/her capabilities. You can always customize their learning by increasing or decreasing the difficulty levels. 

Another feature that compels you to plunge into this app is, it is ad-free. It does not hamper your child’s learning.

Installs 10M+

Ratings 4.1

Reviews More than 15k

7. Lingokids

Looking for a fun learning adventure to teach your kids English? It is high-time to land on Lingokids! Certified by Oxford university press, it can be a go-to app to teach your kids English. Since it encourages adaptive learning, children require no previous knowledge of English. From ABC to complex sentences, your kids will learn to pronounce and write them all! 

Another interesting point? The internet is not needed all the time for this educational app! You can easily download the activities to your device and enjoy learning. What’s more? You can customize your learning with Lingokids according to your child’s English level. It is safe for your kids as it complies with COPPA( Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act).

Research has shown that in comparison with traditional methods, learning English with Lingokids is much more effective. Children have learned twice as much vocabulary as they do by following conventional methods. 

It has been awarded:-

  • Mom’s choice awards
  • National parenting publications award
  • The movie awards

Installs 10M+

Ratings 4.4

Reviews More than 94k

8. ABC Preschool Kids Tracing And Phonics Learning Game

If your child is a kindergartener or a preschooler, ABC Preschool Kids Tracing and Learning Guide is the best app to learn all the basics. Finding difficulty in teaching basic concepts to your kids? Refer to this app now! As the name suggests, this app teaches your kids tracing. From alphabets and numbers to cursive writing, learning everything is effortless by tracing the dashed lines.

It has recently been modified as well. To read and exercise, there are now over 750+ worksheets.

Audio is what sets this app-exclusive from the previous ones. For all the letters, there is audio available. This feature teaches your child to recognize each character’s voice.

It is an excellent coloring platform as well. With ABC Preschool Kids Tracing and Phonics Learning App, your child would enjoy coloring. A vast number of crayons and paints are available that make coloring more exciting.

Installs 10M+

Ratings 4.2

Reviews More than 10k

9. Extramarks the Learning App

Extramarks is another online educational app that makes your journey of learning interactive and fun-loving.  What makes it distinct is that it has got Alex. It is the first-ever AI-backed study bot that accompanies you throughout. It makes your learning journey unique in every way. You need to click on the picture of your doubts to solve a problem, and Alex will respond to you!

It is among the widely used online education apps. Its ability to explain every concept in a detailed manner makes it one of a kind. It is the only learning app that covers the complete syllabus up to class 12. The syllabus is inclusive of both- CBSE and ISCE. As a parent, you can get detailed insights into your child’s performance. These insights include the average time spent on each question, accuracy, and level of mastery, etc.

For a better explanation, this app also has animated visuals making your concept clearer. This app satisfies all your educational needs through various tests. You may monitor your child’s development by performing tests.

Installs 10M+

Ratings 4

Reviews More than 113k

10. Brainly- The Free Learning App

Brainly- The Free Learning App is labeled as the world’s largest social learning community app. As a student, you may be overloaded with homework, relax; Brainly lends a helping hand.  Used by over 35 countries, this app can help you with all your homework! You not only get the answers but also get to learn the concept behind them. Experts verify all the answers posted.

Available 24/7, you can find the answers to all the subjects. Not only NCERT, but this app also offers you solutions from books such as R.D. Sharma, T.S. Grewal, etc. Apart from schooling, it also covers answers for students who are preparing for entrance exams. Sample question papers of JEE, NEET, and CPT are all available in one place.

All you need to do is click a picture of your doubt, and you will get the answers from a fellow student within a few minutes! Another stunning feature of this app is that you can showcase your skills too. If you master a subject, you can also guide other students.

It is among the fastest-growing apps with over 250M users every month! It is one of the best user-friendly and free learning apps for kids. The app has over 95M questions answered. 

Installs 50M+

Ratings 4.2

Reviews More than 1M

11. White Hat Jr

White Hat Jr needs no introduction. It is one of the top learning apps for kids to learn to code. It gives your kid broad exposure to the technology world. Since most schools do not teach coding, this app offers your kid live-classes on coding. It understands the competition of the outer world and prepares your kid from a young age for the world of tomorrow. Your kid will learn all the foundations and advanced concepts of coding.

The app also provides 1-1 live coding classes. The app teaches the basics of coding and logic to kids in the age group of 6-14 years. This app enables kids to gain technical knowledge and produce creative outcomes like websites, animations, and apps. This app enhances your kid’s problem-solving abilities. You can also have a free trial before buying the premium version.

Installs 1M+

Ratings 4.3

Reviews More than 49k

Factors to consider while finalizing an app for e-learning.

With so many options available in the market, it can be challenging for you to choose the right platform. Below are some of the factors that might help you narrow down your selection.

1. Study Material and Faculty 

The subject becomes easy and interesting if the teacher and content are right. Make sure to check out the sample videos posted on the app, to see if the teaching style matches your wavelength. On some e-learning platforms like Unacademy, Udemy, etc. you can choose one from many teachers teaching the same topic. 

Most of these platforms also provide you with an option to attend the demo class before buying their full-fledged course or subscription. Don’t forget to make the most of it!

2. Puzzles / Games

A great way to keep refreshing your learnings timely can be done through quizzes. Try searching for this option in your e-learning app to keep you motivated and refresh what you have learned.

3. User Interface

Before finalizing the e-learning platform try your hands on the app’s user interface. Make sure, you find it easy to use and user-friendly. 

Also, check out the platform from its website and app both. So in case if you sometimes want to use it from your phone rather than a laptop, that interface remains the same and hassle-free. 

4. Short Tutorials / Reels

A really effective way for you to remember long topics is by going through their short videos. Watching 5 videos of 2 mins is easier than watching the whole 30 mins video. The technique of breaking bigger content into smaller parts is called Chunking. It is far effective for you to take down the key concepts and all your focus and earn easily. 

5. Gamification

Many platforms these days are using gamification for making learning fun. Including gamification makes learning interactive and proactive. 

For example, Memrise is a language learning app and it has a chatbot to chat with. The bot helps you correct your mistakes and engages in conversations. 

6. Progress Syncing

This helps you pick up the lecture from the same place you stopped last time. Irrespective of the device you are using make sure the app allows you this feature.

7. Doubt Solving Sessions

While attending an offline class you can get your doubts solved then and there. But in an online class, you can get a little stuck with some topic. 

So this is a factor you must consider while opting for a specific e-learning platform. Many of the apps have a chat section or community discussion sessions for you to clear your doubts.

8. Offline Accessibility

This is an important feature to look out for. Many times you might be traveling or are out someplace where the internet connection isn’t good. 

This should not restrict your learning journey. Check if the app has a feature to download the content. This will help you get your session done on the go. 


In this tech-savvy world, he who makes the optimum use of technology is wise. So, it’s time to harness the power of technology for your child’s education. When your child is glued to the mobile screen, why not download the above listed-apps and use that time for encouraging your child to learn and upscale himself? All these educational apps can be invaluable to your child’s academic and personal growth. 

Thinking to impart the gift of education and develop such an app? Eiosys is one of the best app development agencies in India. We’re adept at developing an online educational app that makes learning playful and effective.

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Published: February 21, 2021
Last updated: March 1, 2024


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