How to increase conversions for a lead generation website

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banner image for our blog - how to increase conversions for a lead generation website

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In this blog, we will explore various strategies to increase lead generation on websites.

Lead conversion is like oxygen for any business. Undoubtedly, 74% of companies consider lead generation optimization as their top priority.

The current digital landscape is evolving fast. You need to keep up with the changing world. It starts with building and optimizing your website to capture the fence-sitters and convert them into potential clients.

But this is not enough! You want your customers to stick to you and become a loyal customer. For this to happen, you need to understand the basic needs of your visitors, nurture them, convert them into paying customers, and provide an experience that compels them to return.

Let’s talk about lead generation on your websites in detail, but first, we start with the lead-generative website.

What is a lead generative website?

Websites are like windows showcasing your products and services. Any website designed to gather data from its visitors using tools and techniques like lead capture web forms and live chats is a lead-generative website. 

Using lead-generative websites, you can turn visitors into potential and paying customers. There is one single but many ways to do so. We will talk about the importance of such websites.

Why are lead-generative websites so important?

Websites are a must to make a robust digital presence. With the popularity of mobile phones and the increase in ease of access to the internet, selling online has become imperative for any business nowadays. If you optimize your website for lead generation, it is bound to bring you the sweet fruits of lead generation. 

A lead-generative website showcases your products and services with unique selling points to the target audience. Visitors can easily get an idea about products by visiting your website. 

You increase the traffic effectively and establish brand authority via a lead-generative website. By using live chats, communicating with potential leads becomes easier. Hence, your selling opportunities increase. Now that you know the importance of a lead-generative website, let’s see how to achieve this feat and increase conversions for lead generation.

Ways to increase conversions for a lead generation website

1. Develop a live chat for your website

Live chats can help you to connect with the customers directly. Visitors can easily clear doubts before buying and hence increase conversion. These live chats can provide great insights into your customers and their needs. Hence, live chat services are gaining sophistication in capturing leads.

2. Add forms to pages with the most traffic 

After you have finished building the website, you need to find the page with the most traffic. Sometimes, you may not realize which page will gather the most attention. 

The second step is to put the forms in a readily noticeable way. Ask for the crucial details only. Don’t make the forms too long to fill.

3. Nurture your leads

Boosting lead generation on your website is only good if you can convert leads into customers. Nurture your leads and feed them relevant info to make them your customers. 

The relevant info can be in the form of a content (text or video). E.g. for a customer looking for a company to build a website, you can create content – 30 must common types of websites with examples.

 Stay in contact with them, and always send a follow-up email. 

4. Using testimonials of happy clients 

Building trust matters a lot to make your visitors interested in buying your products or services. 72% of the customers agree that they trust a brand after seeing the positive reviews. 

So, when you have a happy customer, ask them for their reviews and ratings and add it to your website.

5. Measure the performance of every lead generator 

After implementing lead generators on your website, test each one to find out how well they are performing. You can deploy tools like Website Grader or use Google Analytics to do this. 

Such tools can provide valuable insight into the performance of your CTAs and landing pages and give feedback for improving your existing content.

6. Create compelling CTAs

The website plays a crucial role in welcoming the attention of the visitors. But it’s the CTA ( call to action) that keeps it. However, don’t confuse the visitor by giving too many CTAs. 

For instance, try using CTAs like “subscribe for more,” ” free trial,” or “free subscription,” which are compelling and relevant to the visitors. CTAs engage the visitors and make them invest more in your website.

7. A/B testing

A/B testing is critical for the success of your lead generation website. It can tell you what type of layout works best and what isn’t for your website. If properly implemented, testing can support an increased conversion for lead generation. 

8. Leverage the social media

Social media is a powerful tool for making your presence known and building rapport.

You can use social media and Google Ads remarketing campaigns to redraw the attention of people who have already visited your website. This helps you to solidify your position in their consideration set and increase chances of conversion.

9. Strategic email marketing

Email marketing is a good old strategy that works even today. Design email templates and send them to your potential leads on special occasions. 

This strategy helps to build trust, increase conversions for lead generation, and keep in touch with your customers.

If you’re looking for good email marketing tools, check out our blog on it. We have listed and compared top email marketing tools available in the market.

10. Website design and content quality

The first impressions indeed stay in our minds. Website design and aesthetics create the very first impression on the visitors. Color palette, font size, ease of navigation, and content quality help to increase engagement and trust building. 

So, ensure that your website is SEO optimized and high-quality and customer-oriented content is used.

11. Optimize for the small screen

People often use mobile phones to open websites. So, make your website responsive for all screen sizes, especially mobile phones. Your website should look good and easy to navigate on the mobiles. 


Leads are vital to making sales and growing your business. After going through this blog, implement the ideas above to boost your conversions from your website

Remember, you must nurture your leads to convert them into loyal and repeat customers. Additionally, there are no hard and fast rules for lead generation, especially in this fast-evolving world. You need to stay updated and creative to capture positive results and happy customers.

If you want to increase your lead generation but don’t know how to get started, get an edge with our experts! Check out our website design service page to know more.

Published: April 6, 2024
Last updated: June 26, 2024


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