30 Most Common Types of Websites With Real-Life Examples

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In this blog, we’ll list the 30 Most Common Types of Websites With Real-Life Examples.

Let’s get started!

The clock is ticking and the blank laptop screen is staring at you but your mind is muddled with so many ideas on website designs that getting started is becoming more difficult than ever. 

Sounds like You? 

Well now, you have two options; procrastinate all you can till the deadline looms over your head and makes you sleepless or take a baby step to understand the different types of websites out there. The first option requires exactly nothing for you to do whereas for the second you might want to read this blog. 

Why? Understanding the common types of websites may come in handy while finalising the design and execution style of your website. 

So let’s get straight into the blog without any further ado! 

1. Personal Website 

As the name suggests, a personal website is your own little space on the internet where you can truly be yourself, and share your thoughts and ideas, art, work, accomplishments or simply random musings. 

If you have a specific career goal for creating a website, you might want to add your resume, qualifications, previous projects that you have worked on, community service that you have done etc.  However, even if your goal is not career advancement but to share your knowledge, expertise or ideas with the world, this type of website may still work the best for you. 

Take this example of Indian Comedian cum Author Kanan Gill’s website. It has a home page, a page for his writings, shows and contact details. Similarly, The Golden Balance offers recipes, quick links to YouTube videos and social media as well as a page with all the affiliates for the kitchen appliances he uses in his videos. 

2. Portfolio Website

If you’re an artist; writer, videographer, photographer or even a content creator, having a portfolio website can take you a long way. It could be a good investment in your personal branding. It may give insights into your previous work, personality and values to your prospects, clients or employers. 

A portfolio website may consist of anything that showcases your work from blogs and infographics to images, videos, clips, statistics, testimonials and more. 

Moreover, a lot of professionals including doctors, tutors, lawyers, accountants, etc are creating portfolio websites to connect with their prospective clients and customers and to better serve the existing ones. 

So, if you’re a doctor, lawyer, accountant, insurance agent, or anyone willing to create a portfolio website, check out our web development services NOW

3. Blog Website 

Why should you host your own blog website when there are platforms like Medium and Blogger on the internet? 

Well, there are a couple of reasons and the most important being hosting your own website gives you immense creative liberty. You can creatively design your website, publish original content, including photos, videos and infographics, and monetise your blog through ad revenue and affiliate articles. 

On the other hand, platforms like Medium are quite strict in their author’s policy refraining any divergent thoughts or opinions from being published. For instance, people like Jeffery Marsh can get a space on Medium to share their views on gender, but the moment somebody writes on gender binary the same platform takes it down in an instant for being discriminatory towards the “other”. 

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4. eCommerce Website

If you have a product or service to offer, having an eCommerce website may be the best choice for you! 

An eCommerce website allows you to sell anything from clothes and apparel to electronics, books, games, merchandise and so much more. Most of these eCommerce websites are meant for retail businesses, but you can also offer services such as consultancy, travel and tourism and more through your website. 

With a well-built eCommerce website you can create product categories, customise according to price or review, put a sound checkout channel in place and enhance the customer journey. 

5. Business Website 

Suppose you don’t want to sell anything online. Still having an online presence is worth the effort. Let us explain, think of a business website as a long-term investment in building your credibility in the industry, cultivating relationships with existing customers, enticing new customers and advancing your business goals. For instance, TCS could be the best example of a B2B business website. 

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6. Informational Website 

Informational websites, as the name suggests, focus on sharing knowledge on a wide variety of topics ranging from history, geography, science and technology, environment, sociology, economics and business, politics, and much more. Such websites offer in-depth or bite-sized information, trivia, quizzes, videos, infographics and more to enhance the reader’s understanding of a particular topic or subject matter. 

A popular yet notorious example of an informational website is Wikipedia however, in academic circles, it’s not considered as a reliable source. On the other hand, websites like Investopedia, Economic Discussions, and History are some of the reliable examples of informational websites. 

7. Online Forum 

Online forums are a platform for people with shared worldviews to come together and discuss topics ranging from science and tech to the latest celebrity gossip. Platforms like Quora and Reddit offer a virtual space for users to share their queries and get them answered by a community of inquisitive people. 

8. Nonprofit Website 

Nonprofit websites are usually hosted by NGOs but anyone or a body advocating a good cause can host a nonprofit website. It offers information to the users about the vision, mission and work done by them in specific areas of intervention and may call the reader to join them in their efforts. 

For instance, Majlis offers legal support to women and children who have been victims of physical or sexual harassment with their motto of “transforming victims into survivors”. 

9. Membership Website 

Unlike general websites accessible to everyone, membership websites are for a specified group of people who have either enrolled for a course, workshop, or meeting or have purchased some exclusive or value-added content from a website. They may use a password or other login credentials to access the content on this website. 

10. News and Magazine Website 

This one is the most obvious on the list. We all read news articles from national and international news websites. In fact, magazines like Forbes, Business Standard Economics and Political Weekly have their own websites too. 

Although usually print newspapers or magazines expand online, it could be the other way around too. There are many platforms like Newslaundry, The Quint, Mint, etc in India which serve as the best example of online news websites. 

11. Petition Website 

Recently, in India Sonam Wangchuk- the inspiration behind the famous movie 3 Idiots went on a 21-day fast to get Ladakh under the protection of the sixth schedule of the Constitution. Although the mainstream media ignored the plight of the people of Ladakh, independent news agencies fervently wrote and talked about the event on their platforms. 

A campaign called ‘Friends of Ladakh’ was launched online by Jhatkaa to gather support from civilians across the country on the issue. This example clearly illustrates what a petition website does. It gathers support from people on a pressing issue concerning humanity and ecology at large. 

12. Community Website 

Community websites are built for people unified by a common ideology, identity, or even a cause. For instance, Kristen Hawkins founded the Students for Life of America a pro-life organisation to advance the pro-life movement in the country by conducting debates and discussions in educational institutes and by doing activist work. 

Similarly, you can develop a community website for women, people of colour, disabled, people facing mental health issues and so on. 

13. Startup Website 

It doesn’t matter whether you’re selling online or not, having a startup website can put you ahead in the game. Through a website, you can promote the vision, mission, the projects that you do, the innovative ideas or products that you offer, the culture that you have cultivated and more. Moreover, by offering contact details on your site you can also attract potential clients or customers. 

So if you have a startup, go ahead and put it on the internet by creating a website. Why? Well, there’s nothing to lose but so much to gain! 

14. Entertainment Website 

Entertainment websites are meant to amuse the reader and offer them insights into what’s going on in the fashion world, Bollywood or Hollywood. If you’re a passionate film lover or a hardcore binge-watcher, you can create a website where you critically review and recommend the best movies, series, documentaries, podcasts, videos, and more to your readers. 

For instance, Roger Ebert’s website offers insights into the movies and TV shows he has reviewed. 

15. Wedding Website 

A wedding website can be used to share information about your big day to the guests such as the venue, location, how to get there, the pre-wedding functions or reception details, and more. Similarly, it could be a depository of the memories that you made on your most precious day. You can share pictures, videos, blogs on the lessons you learnt, etc on this website. 

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16. Travel Website 

If you love to travel, try out new cuisines, get insights into different cultures and their ways of life, and gather new experiences, having a travel website is a must for you. 

You can maintain this website as your personal online journal where you pin down your memories and share your thoughts about various tourist spots. Similarly, if you’re a tours and travel business, you can allow users to book your services or buy your products through this web portal. Apart from that, you can also commit your website to offering reviews and recommendations for the best places to visit, the best cuisine and adventurous sports to try, any hidden gems of the place and so on. 

For Instance, Curly Tales offers blogs and videos exploring tourist spots, restaurants and street foods to help their readers or viewers plan their next trip most efficiently. 

17. School Website 

Nowadays, not only private schools but many government schools have online websites. Through the school website, the education institute shares its vision, mission, details of the principal, teachers, facilities available on campus for the holistic development of children, previous achievements of students, extracurricular activities of students, alumni and their achievements, and much more. 

For instance, the Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan have their own website offering insights into the academics, administration, finance and working of KVs across India. 

18. Educational Institution’s Website 

This again needs no explanation. We all have come across websites of higher educational institutions. Through these websites we get information about programmes offered by the institute, the admission process, scholarships, distance learning programmes, faculty and their achievements, research and publications and so much more. Through educational institution’s websites, a person from any part of the world can access the most recent and relevant data, studies and research to keep them intellectually well-equipped.

For instance, the Tata Institute of Social Sciences has everything the institute offers right from academics to campus tours, fee structure, faculty and research projects, and much more listed on their website. 

19. Kid Friendly Website 

If you’re selling products for children, you must have a kid-friendly website. For example, Kinder Joy’s website requires you to be either above 18 or have parental discretion to access their website. The kid-friendly websites must have age-appropriate content, visuals, photos and videos. 

20. Event Website

We might remember that recently Ed Sheeran came to India as a part of his Mathematics tour. On his official website, you can find the dates of his upcoming concerts as well as a gallery of photos and videos of his past events. 

An event website is a part of the marketing mix. It is meant to generate buzz around an event be it online or offline and offer details of the same to the readers. 

21. Memorial Website 

If you lost a loved one who held great regard in your life, you can create a memorial website sharing their life, teachings, work and more on the platform. For instance, the Nobel laureate and one of the greatest humanitarian to have ever lived, Mother Teresa’s memorial website is overseen by the trust she founded in her lifetime, Missionaries of Charity. It is the best example of a memorial website. 

22. Knowledge Base Website

Also known as Question and Answer Websites, these websites are meant to help customers find answers to their questions related to a product or service of a business. Usually, to save time and resources, businesses analyse the queries that they get and make a separate page or a website to advance information related to the uses, disclaimer, handling care, etc of a product. 

For instance, Peachybbies, a US-based small business selling slimes offers a Slime Care page on their website answering the most frequently asked questions. 

23. Landing Page Website 

These websites are a key element of a marketing campaign. Landing page websites are single-page websites that a user lands on after clicking on the link through either social media or a search engine. It revolves around a specific product or service and its copy is meant to stimulate some action on the part of the reader. 

Broadly, there are two types of landing page websites, that is, gated and non-gated. While the first one is accessible to everyone with the link, the second one requires some details such as name, email, or password in order to access the website. 

24. Political Websites 

The multi-party system adopted in India along with Article 19 gives every citizen the right to form a political party. If you have a political party or an association, create a website for the same and share the vision, mission and community work done by your group. 

Similarly, the same Article of the Constitution protects our right to freedom of speech and expression.  You can create a website where you cover the election story, share thoughts on country politics, ideologies, and policy-making, or through RTI activism unleash the corrupt practices of bureaucrats and politicians. 

25. Government Websites

With the adoption of eGovernment, the focus has shifted from system-centric lethargic governance to more citizen-oriented governance. If you’re working in the smallest of the small departments of government, you can take it online and reach the masses. On most of the government websites, you can find a citizen’s charter, details of the officeholders, the procedure to file the RTI, PIOs information, and the services they offer among various other things. 

26. Crowdfunding Website 

In recent years, these websites have gained a lot of traction. It allows people to come together to fund a social cause or to save the lives of patients or victims of violence. If you have the zeal to help people and develop a community that looks out for each other, creating a crowdfunding website can take you a long way. 

For instance, Milaap is one of the most prominent fundraisers in India helping families who cannot afford the staggering healthcare costs in the country to crowdsource funds and save their loved ones. Ketto is also working on similar lines however its focus is more on helping patients with rare and life-threatening diseases. 

27. Review Websites 

Review websites are solely focused on offering reviews of a particular category of products and services. For instance, reviews of smartphones, home appliances, kitchen appliances, reviews of restaurants, books, films, etc. 

If you’re passionate about something, say makeup, you can create a review website where you put videos and honest reviews of makeup products and build a community of makeup lovers through your website. 

28. Online Job Boards 

We all have come across online job boards like Naukri, Indeed, Glassdoor, etc on the internet. They provide a space for employers to offer job postings and for people looking for jobs to connect and land their dream job. 

However, there’s no doubt that these platforms have become saturated. If you have a novel idea to create a niche-specific job board to make these online job boards even more dynamic, get started to create an online job posting website right away. 

29. Affiliate Websites 

Affiliate marketing is a huge industry. You might have come across blogs or review articles that promote certain brands or products and if you purchase through their links, the web owners may earn a small commission. 

Today, most content creators (be it video content creators or writers) have their affiliate links. However, it is important to note that review and affiliate websites work hand in hand. 

30. Consulting Website

If you have a special skill that others can benefit from, you might want to create a consulting website. A consulting website enlists the services that you have to offer to people. It may be as simple as personal tutoring or something complicated like financial advising. On this website, you can put up your qualifications, the clients that you have worked with, any achievement that sets you apart, and contact details. 

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That brings us to the end of the blog if you’re inspired to create any of the above websites but don’t know how let us help you out! All you have to do is explain your vision to our team and sit back and relax while we get the work done. Check out Web Development Service TODAY to make your dream website a reality! 

Published: May 17, 2024
Last updated: June 3, 2024


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