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In this wonderful era of technology, mobile apps are becoming more and more a part of our daily life. Man can pay bills, the book shows, order food, watch films, read books, order things, connect with friends virtually, and a thousand other things all through the easy medium of a mobile app. Revenue developed through mobile apps reached nearly $365 billion in 2018 and is expected to reach $935 billion by 2023! They truly are the past, present, and future.

Businesses are now expanding by growing their virtual presence. Mobile apps not only demonstrate time and value but also convenience and ease for the users. Creating a successful mobile app is far from easy, especially when you need the right team but do not know where and how to find the right app developers.

To bring an idea to life as a fully functional application, it is necessary to hire qualified developers who understand your needs and deliver accordingly. However, finding an app developer is not easy when you are unclear about what to look for.

With the help of this article, we aim to guide you through a few things to keep in mind when hiring mobile app developers and how you may find one that explicitly fits your criteria. Hiring a mobile app developer can be challenging. But it tends to get easier once you have figured out the following factors. These factors determine the type of mobile app developer based on your criteria and requirements.


When looking for mobile app developers in Mumbai or anyone around the globe, one of the primary concerns businesses have is regarding the budget. A budget may often pose a challenge, thus, try to understand the requirements of the mobile app you need to create. The budget you decide determines the quality of work, the number of unique features, and the level of experience shown by the mobile app developer.

If your app requires several authentic features that are rather uncommon, you can achieve that with the services of an experienced developer. Experienced app developers usually range on the higher end. If your app only requires some minor changes, you can opt for freelancers. You can move things faster with a less experienced developer at a pocket-friendly range. Before looking for a developer, understand what services you require and determine the budget.

Type of Partnership:

One can opt for any of the three given partnerships:

  • In-house app developers: Hiring in-house developers calls for huge expenses. It is unnecessary to hire them full-time since their services will be required for a short amount of time only. Covering the price for hiring new employees and training them and offering other perks can be quite expensive.
  • Freelancer: If the app development project is not too complex, you can always hire app developers on a freelancing basis. The best deal to look for is a competent freelancer who can create a quality app in a short period while staying within the budget. Since the hourly rates can vary, the cost of the project must be fixed beforehand to avoid any issues in the future. However, in this case, two or multiple heads are better than one. Design, coding, quality assurance, and team management can also be outsourced to freelancers. While this is a low-cost choice, it often leads to a lack of communication, ‌reducing accountability and transparency, which hinders the development process.
  • Outsourcing: One of the best ways to leverage expertise while staying within the budget. Time zones and communication can be potential obstacles, but it gets easier when you outsource it to a reliable and reputable offshore software development company. For a complex project requiring richer features and adaptability, this should be the go-to option. Outsourcing can guarantee quality and timely delivery as well.

Once you have checked to describe the purpose of hiring and the type of partnership you wish to acquire off your list, the next step is to begin the search for a mobile app developer that fits your requirements. You can start by handling some research by yourself and follow the steps mentioned below:

Do Research From Your End

Before handling your project to an Android or iOS developer, it is necessary for you to study and understand the industry from A to Z. If you are still new to the industry of mobile app development, approach a few experts to understand the basics of the industry and the expense it can cost to hire a mobile app developer.

Programming languages, the average cost behind creating an app and the best countries or sources to find app developers would be a good start. Learning these things will guide you in selecting the right technology partner to undertake your project skillfully while staying well within the boundaries of your budget.

Thoroughly Review the Prior Experience of the Candidate/Freelancer/Agency

Once you have narrowed it down to your top candidates, you can begin by further screening them based on their experience first. Look at their knowledge of designing apps.

You can ask if they have worked on a project specifically like yours and work out the details. Do they have experience in working with different mobile app platforms and complex integration such as web and mobile app integration, payment gateway incorporation, adding a protecting SSL layer, etc.? Understanding their experience helps you leverage your expectations accordingly.

Study their Portfolio

To ensure that the job is in safe and well, qualified hands, candidates must be screened based on their portfolios. By asking questions like – is it a mobile app or web-based app, what is the purpose of using a particular programming language, is an exquisite user interface required for the app or can a simple one work? Upon hearing their answers to such questions, you can employ an app developer who is not only skilled but experienced with the technology required in working on your project.

Check their Communication and Management Skills

Communication may not be the first thing to look at, but it is essential when hiring an app developer. To understand your requirements and produce something similar to your needs, the app developer must first be able to communicate and comprehend your vision. Based on the alignment of their communication skills with yours, you will understand how well you can express and they can perceive. Only with proper communication with the developer will your vision turn into reality.

Interview Them

The next phase of recruitment is the interview process. Interview and evaluate them meticulously. If required, you can also take help of a professional in finding an app developer and set up an interview soon after. Initially, paying attention to some critical areas provides clarification and whether the developer will suit your project or not. The critical areas are references and prior assessments, particular niche expertise in any development domain, exposure to the industry, programming software, growth method, program supervision, and communication.

Know the Type of Technology They will Use

There is a lot more to an app than just code. Decide if your app requires an intricate user interface or a simple one and whether the developer is skilled in the required UI/UX department. Check if they build mobile apps on native technology or hybrid tech such as Flutter. Read our blog on native v/s hybrid technology to know more.

Ask about the type of technology they are familiar with, design talents, user experience, and so on to make an informed decision.

Know their Turnaround Time

The time taken to build the app can determine its success in the market if you want to leverage the first-mover benefit. A standard Android app without any internet or backend support may take anywhere around 2-3 months, whereas one with internet or server backend around 3-4 months.

A bigger project with more customizations and graphics for iOS or Android may take nearly 6-12 months. Different stages of developing an app require a different amount of time, thus, try to get an estimated bandwidth from your app developer. Once the app’s concept is ready, it is time to look for an app developer. By now, you should be able to convey the app’s concept, vision, target market and the solution it entails. Having a rough idea is one step closer to getting a clearer picture of the final product. To find dedicated mobile app developers, you can look at the following places:

Freelance Websites

On such websites, freelancers post their resumes and recruiters post their requirements. Hiring via these sites takes background checks off of your list since the candidates are already assessed.

Tech Blogs

A tech website dedicated to creating blogs and services on app development is your best bet. These tech blogs also provide a great deal of information on mobile apps and who developed them. You can also find app development companies who have worked on a project similar to yours or on a similar platform.

B2B Inventories

You can look at B2B inventories that provide a list of exclusive information, ratings, and reviews of freelance app developers.

Search Engine

With the right keywords that land you to the best mobile app developers or development companies, search engines can be of huge advantage.


With word-of-mouth recommendations directly from your network, you can see an app developer’s work firsthand and get reviews from a trusted source as well.

Outsourcing v/s In-House Team – Which One’s Better When Hiring a Mobile App Developer?

Your project can either be outsourced to a freelancer or a dedicated mobile app development company. If the app is simple without many complicated features, hiring a freelancer is good enough as it does not require much development work. However, it is suggested to opt for a mobile app development company entailing multiple mobile app developers specializing in several domains, a team of designers, and the license to develop on various platforms using different technologies.

Outsource it to a proficient mobile app development company in Navi Mumbai like Eiosys with a decade of rich experience and an accomplished team of talented developers and designers that can turn your vision into reality with the right tools and technologies. App development companies such as this one can be of huge advantage to your project.

Outsourcing In-house Team
Communication based on the schedule Direct and instantaneous communication
Large pool of talent Committed team working exclusively for company’s projects
Hiring time is shorter Hiring time is longer
Payment as per project Expenses are long-term (salary, HRA benefits, etc.)
Knowledge is limited only to the information shared with them Deeper understanding of the company’s culture, products and services
Developer is paid solely for the project, they invest in tools and technologies themselves Investment is made on tools, technologies, workplace and supplies, etc.
Choice of hiring a mobile app developer specialising in a particular domain from any part of the world and make the most of their expertise Choice of hiring regional talent specialising in one or more domains.

And the choice of hiring a complete team for end-to-end management of the app development process

To estimate the average cost of app developers, it is important to know where they are from. The country your developers are located in and the expertise and skills they possess are elements that affect the cost of app development. Remember that a high price does not necessarily imply a high-quality product as it usually depends on the economy of the country. The hourly rates, thus, differ based on their region. Starting with $30 in India, it can range from $70 in Eastern Europe, $100 to $120 in the UK and $150 in the US.

Moreover, the hourly rates can also differ based on the programming language required in creating the app, the level of difficulty and the number of professionals involved in the project and the credentials and experience. These key elements will guide you in developing a design that suits your requirements. The right mobile app is essential in the business’ success and a lot of it depends on how your target audience receives it. While the hiring process may demand a ton of your time and effort, the end result will be worth it. It will help in patiently completing your project with great care and a hint of perfection with regards to design, functionality and security.

As a professional app development company, Eiosys promises to offer this and so much more. We assist businesses across the globe and help them achieve their app requirements with our brilliant team of developers equipped with the latest programming tools and techniques. Flexibility and communication are held at high regard in our company. We understand your vision and culture and aim to produce a solution closest to your imagination. Rest assured, your project will certainly be in good hands!

Published: April 8, 2023
Last updated: March 1, 2024


Mubasshir Pawle
Mubasshir Pawle serves as the COO of Eiosys, where his role is pivotal in leading the custom software development team. A developer at heart, Mubasshir thrives on creating bespoke software solutions, leveraging his mastery in Node.js, Flutter, and React.js technologies. His significant contributions to Stack Overflow underline his commitment to the tech community. With a track record of delivering hundreds of mobile apps and websites globally, Mubasshir's technical acumen and dedication have been instrumental in Eiosys's success.

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