Flutter App Development

Uniting Android and iOS platforms with a single codebase.

Eiosys is an award-winning Flutter app development company in India. We have mastered Flutter’s flexible codebase and continue to leverage it for client benefit.

Our Flutter app developers use the cross-platform benefit offered by Flutter to create innovative applications that compliment your business needs. Through unique, user-friendly app experiences, we facilitate smooth transactions with your customers.

Cost-effectivity due to a single codebase for both iOS and Android platforms is just one of Flutter’s many benefits. As a renowned Flutter app development companyEiosys uses the platform’s flexible UI designs and fluid widget creation to craft trustworthy applications. Customization with us is unbelievably fast, and testing, oh so easy!

What makes us the best app building company?

Low Development Cost

The single source code used by Flutter for both iOS and Android significantly reduces the cost of development.

It is about 30%-40% cheaper compared to native app development costs.

Quick and Easy Outputs

App development using Flutter reflects the changes in your output instantly. It makes the process of developing and maintaining the app simpler and faster.

It also enables you to see what’s working for your company and make changes accordingly.

Uniform Customer Experience

Cross-platform development provided by Flutter ensures that your app experience remains the same, irrespective of the platform your customers use.

Versatile App Design

Flutter mobile app development gives you a wide variety of features to choose from. The app environment can easily be modified as per your industry, business model, creation objective, and more.

Flutter App Development Process

Customer Debriefing

Our start is simple, understanding you! We spend quality time trying to absorb everything that you need. This significant step helps us know the app – objective, your expectations, and output that you aspire to achieve from their application. Our consultants work with you proactively to help you pick the desired route that shall bring your vision to life.

Team Curation

After finalizing the idea for your app, we select a team of Flutter developers that is a perfect fit for your project. If your project also requires backend software development work, we’ve got it covered too. We have in-house expertise in Node.js and PHP. Along with the team members, the documentation determining the timeline and deliverables due to your project is also established.

UX Designing

This is where the magic begins! The design foundation and the wireframes for each of your app screens are created. The flow of your app is determined while prioritizing a rich user experience at every stage. Needless to say, your inputs and feedback are our stepping stones.

UI Translation

Once the layout is set, our team of engineers puts together a prototype of your app the way it will be for your consumer. We use the official brand guidelines and color codes while crafting the user interface of your app.

The Development Phase

It is during this step that your vision becomes a reality. Your ideas and expectations start to live within an application. We start coding your app using Flutter, send you updates at every milestone, and celebrate each victory with a sincere round of good coffee!

The Finishing Touch

This is where we sculpt joy into your application. We spend time in smoothing the rough edges to give your app its final shine. We polish each nook and garnish each tab with a touch of accuracy. The first look of your app is ready. Following that, enhancements are done, which make sure that the app runs smoothly on all versions of operating systems.


Our quality control team helps maintain the high standard of our deliverables. Your app is tested multiple times for loopholes or bugs, which are immediately fixed. Our deliverables are only rolled out to you after the quality standards are met. And just so you know, our benchmarks are pretty high!


After the quality and preferences of your app are met, we launch the app on the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. As masters of Flutter mobile app development, we make it easier for our customers to ensure their presence in both the platforms without losing their unique essence. Along with the assurance of quality, a strict eye is kept on compliance with the protocols of the app stores.

Hyper care

Our service does not end with your app being live on consumer mobiles. Our teams ensure that your application complies with the latest versions of all the operating systems. We provide smooth user experience by fixing bugs and making changes in the app according to the evolving trends

Why choose Eiosys for Flutter App Development

At Eiosys, we breathe life into the otherwise robotic world of technology. We use the still interface of Flutter and get it to dance as per your imagination. We make sure that your interactions with your customers have an error-free app interface.

Our specialties include:


Many agencies might use Flutter as a platform to create apps for businesses. At Eiosys, we use our expertise as Flutter App Development Company to build an app that reflects the individuality and USP’s of your brand.

The Right Background

Our dedicated FLutter developers come with an experience of over a decade and the expertise of 50+ deliveries. They use this to create applications that will provide your business with a much-needed edge. The aim of the course is to drastically transform the relationship you hold with your customers

Reliable post-implementation support

We are not the ones to desert you once the app is ready. Our support is always available for you to gauge the app-performance and rectify errors if any. We believe in evolving with you on your business journey.


Depending on your design and requirement of features, the time for the development of your app is determined. However, using Flutter will make app development relatively faster as it can be used for app development for both Android and iOS platforms, parallelly.


No. Our team of experts ensures that you are guided throughout the process of app development. They help you understand all features that you can use and suggest changes that are up to your liking.


We can help you develop an app irrespective of your industry, ranging from manufacturing to healthcare.


Flutter is a revolutionary technology that was built to develop apps with a brilliant performance. A natively compiled code ensures that the app is fast and does not need any interpreters.


Flutter app developments give you an option to tailor-make an app. Its varied feature, including a range of animations and widgets, easily enables you to imbibe your band values into the app.


Given that flutter app development uses a single source code for both Android and iOS platforms, it is cost and time effective. To give you perspective, it is 25%-40% cheaper than building apps separately for Android & iOS


Have a project in mind?
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Have a project in mind?
Let’s chat!