Top eCommerce Shipping Companies in India

This is the header image of our blog post - top courier service providers in India. These are some of the top e-commerce shipping companies
This is the header image of our blog post - top courier service providers in India. These are some of the top e-commerce shipping companies

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This is the header image of our blog post - top courier service providers in India. These are some of the top e-commerce shipping companies

In this blog, we have listed down the top courier service providers in India. These are the best e-commerce shipping providers in the country.

With the advent of technology and the internet, the logistics sector has seen a major shift. Traditionally, only bulky items and rare goods were transported from one place to another. However, with the eCommerce boom, from groceries to luxury goods, everything is shipped and delivered freely at any given hour. 

What is the role of eCommerce shipping companies in India? When the purchase is confirmed on an eCommerce store, that’s when the courier company comes into the picture. It provides all the eCommerce shipping solutions. Fetching the product from the warehouse, transporting it to the nearby warehouse, and delivering it safely at the customer’s doorsteps, all these steps together constitute the eCommerce logistic service in India. 

The growing market size of India’s e-commerce sector is a clear indication of the growing demand for efficient logistics solutions in the country. The logistics sector contributes almost $200 billion to the nation’s economy and absorbs more than 40 million workforces of the country. 

If you’re an eCommerce business willing to expand your reach, a robust eCommerce shipping solution forms a pivotal part of your business. To help you make the best decision, we’ve shortlisted the 11 best e-commerce shipping companies in India. [/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space][mkd_section_title enable_separator=”no”]



Ratings: 4.1 stars

Reviews: 22,000 plus reviews 

Downloads: 10 lakhs plus downloads on Google Play Store. 

First up on our list is Shiprocket, one of India’s most renowned e-commerce logistic and courier service providers trusted by over 1 lakh entrepreneurs. 

Shiprocket is a unique logistics service provider bringing more than 17 courier partners together on its platform for a hassle-free experience. You can choose from courier companies like Shadowfax, Ekart, Gati, DHL, and more on Shiprocket. 

With Shiprocket, you can deliver to more than 29000 PIN codes across India. 

What’s more? Through a strong network of 220 countries, it can help you transport internationally at the cheapest rate without compromising on quality.

Shiprocket offers features like COD, Reverse Pickup, Express Delivery, Easy Return Management, and more to scale up your e-commerce business! Moreover, you can also get NDR management and hyperlocal services at Shiprocket. 

With Shiprocket, eCommerce businesses can easily send order tracking details via SMS or emails to their customers. In case of returns, Shiprocket instantly responds to the request by picking up the products within a short time. 

Through a strong managing system, Shiprocket strives to give a high-quality experience to every customer.



2) Delhivery


App: Delhivery is available on the Play Store

Ratings: 1.9 stars

Reviews: 90 reviews 

Downloads: 5,000 plus downloads on Play Store. 

Looking for a flexible and efficient logistics company? Look no further! With Delhivery, you can expand your business’s reach to every corner of India without spending fortunes. 

Delhivery is a logistics and warehousing company redefining the operating system of eCommerce in India through its services. 

Through its prompt pick-up and delivery services, the company has gained a name in the industry. Currently, it offers logistics solutions for eCommerce businesses such as warehousing, reverse logistics, parcel transportation, cross-border delivery, and more. 

With the extensive network of 2500+ cities in India, Delhivery is striving to ship in every nook and corner of the country. 



3) Gati


Ratings: 2.2 stars 

Reviews: 5,000 reviews 

Downloads: 5 lakhs plus downloads on Play Store

Gati is India’s premier Express Distribution and Supply Chain Management company.  It also offers end-to-end logistics solutions to every business. 

With a strong presence in Asia, Gati makes it easier to ship across borders. In India, it operates in more than 19,800 PIN codes. It offers premium logistics services like one-day/next day delivery, COD, cargo movements, warehousing, e-fulfilment facilities and more. 

Since 2020, Gati has been acquired by Allcargo Logistics and is striving to provide customized supply chain solutions to several businesses. 

Gati also offers amazing tools such as Rate and Transit time calculator, ESS Matrix, Convert weight/volume and more to help your eCommerce business expand.  

As a part of CSR, Gati exhibited its philanthropy by helping different sections of society. During the pandemic, it provided free hygiene and protective kits to all the employees.



4) FedEx


Ratings: 4.7 stars

Reviews: 84,000 plus reviews

Downloads: 50 lakhs plus downloads

If you’re looking for a comprehensive logistics company to handle your regional and international supply, don’t miss out on FedEx. 

FedEx is a global name in the world of logistics connecting the world through its services. As per Statista, FedEx was the second leading logistics company in the world generating net revenue of 58.4 billion Euros in 2018. 

From small scale businesses to large scale eCommerce companies, FedEx covers all! 

Currently, it delivers all across India along with 220 countries in the world. 

Some of the interesting features of FedEx includes; COD, priority overnight shipping, heavyweight shipping, reverse pickup, etc. It expertises in handling crucial items like batteries, dry ice, etc and delivers them safely. 

During the pandemic, FedEx is donating oxygen concentrators and other essential medical supplies to India to help us combat COVID-19.



5) Ecom Express


Ratings: 2.3 stars 

Reviews: 68 reviews 

Downloads: 10 thousand plus downloads. 

Ecom Express is your one-stop destination for warehousing, supply chain management and logistics. 

The company operates in more than 2650 cities and 27000 plus PIN codes across India. Its extensive network and workforce allow them to offer prompt delivery services. 

The Express Service of Ecom Express is the safest and the most reliable pickup and delivery service trusted by many businesses. Apart from this, the company also offers warehousing, order management and digital services for eCommerce businesses.



6) Blue Dart


Ratings: 2.3 stars

Reviews: 398 reviews

Downloads: 1 lakh plus downloads

Blue Dart is a leading logistics and Fortune 500 company in India serving as a part of the DPDHL group. 

With a huge network of 220 countries and 27000 plus PIN codes in India, Blue dart is connecting every corner of the world. It offers a wide range of services like air express, supply chain solutions, custom clearances, freight forwarding, etc. Blue Dart also offers customized logistics solutions to eCommerce, B2B, and B2C businesses. 

With Blue Dart, you can track parcels, integrate dashboards for businesses, offer COD to customers, access return pickups, send SMS and expand your eCommerce business.



7) DHL


Ratings: 3.3 stars

Reviews: 6,000 reviews

Downloads: 10 lakh plus downloads on Play Store. 

 DHL is a global logistics chain offering customised transportation services to help businesses expand their reach. With more than 400,000 employees working globally, DHL delivers 1,614,000,000 every year in 220 countries. It also ships to countries like Afghanistan, Iraq, Myanmar, Cuba and North Korea. 

Intending to connect lives, DHL delivers a wide range of commodities across India as well as internationally. For eCommerce businesses, it offers customised logistics solutions at a minimal cost. 

Currently, DHL works with several industries to fulfil their transportation needs including the chemical, energy, and automobile industry. With its extensive reach in Asia, Europe and North America, DHL allows eCommerce businesses to grow at a faster pace. 

As per one report, DHL was the 3rd leading logistics company in the USA with net revenue of $5,290 million in 2020. The company prioritises reducing waste due to logistics as its long-term goal.  



8) Porter


Ratings: 4.2 stars

Reviews: 24,000 plus reviews

Downloads: 10 lakhs plus downloads

If you’re a small scale e-commerce business, don’t forget to check out Porter, one of the best courier shipping companies in the market. 

Porter is a technology-driven intra-city logistics company connecting small businesses to every corner of the country. It offers customised logistics solutions to businesses. 

Have you ever faced delays in the arrival of trucks to ship your products? Because of the late arrival of trucks, your delivery can get delayed which would give an unsatisfactory experience to your customers. 

Intending to rectify the flaws in intra-city logistics, Porter collaborates with a wide array of truck owners. 

With Porter, you can book a mini-truck within a few clicks and complete your deliveries in the scheduled time! It also offers two-wheeler pickup and drop services within the city. 

What’s more? Porter for Enterprise allows businesses to expand their reach without spending a hefty amount on intra-city logistics.



9) Zipping Express


Ratings: 4.2 stars

Reviews: 259 reviews 

Downloads: 5,000 plus downloads 

Looking for an advanced courier service solution for your e-commerce business? Look no further! Zipping Express is one of the leading courier delivery platforms for eCommerce businesses in India. Through its efficient services, the platform makes e-commerce courier delivery swift and instant. 

Zipping Express is your one-stop destination to fulfil all your e-commerce courier delivery needs. It is backed by top-notch technology, a huge group of managing teams and serves more than 50 locations worldwide. The platform is revolutionizing the logistics industry by creating a unique blend of professional services, logistics and IT.



10) India Post


Ratings: 3.2 stars

Reviews: 6,000 reviews 

Downloads: 10 lakh plus downloads on Play Store. 

If you’re looking for a reliable and experienced logistics company to handle your eCommerce business operations, don’t forget to check out India Post! 

India Post is an age-old courier delivery platform in India connecting many lives through its services. Handled by the government of India, India Post has been playing a major part in the country’s socio-economic development. 

Through India Post, you can ship posts and parcels throughout India as well as globally. With Business Parcel delivery of India Post, you can access various astounding features to expand your eCommerce business. For instance, you can track orders online, get discounted rates for deliveries, access reverse pickup facilities, COD, and more.



11) DTDC


Ratings: 3.1 stars

Reviews: 4,000 plus reviews 

Downloads: 5 lakh plus downloads on Play Store. 

DTDC or Desk to Desk Courier and Cargo is one of the early players in India’s logistics industry. The company provides complete supply chain solutions to eCommerce businesses for domestic and international deliveries. Currently, it operates in more than 10,500 PIN codes in India along with serving 220 locations globally. 

For e-commerce businesses, DTDC offers COD, return pick up facility, corporate tracking, e-notifications and more. It is your one-stop destination to get complete logistics solutions for your eCommerce business. 

With a strong group of 35,000 employees working worldwide, DTDC delivers more than 12 million shipments every month. 

 DTDC uses world-class technology to provide a best-in-class experience to its customers.


Bottom Line

All these companies have a great reputation for providing top-notch courier services across the country. From MNC’s to emerging startups, brands across industries are relying on these cheapest courier services providers in India. It’s your time now! 

By the year 2027, the e-commerce market size in India is expected to reach $200 billion. The increase in the usage of e-commerce demands a strong logistics and supply chain system. Hence, eCommerce logistic services in India are bound to continue their fast growth trajectory.

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Published: October 12, 2021
Last updated: March 1, 2024


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