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Top 10 New Apps of 2019

In the world of technology, millions of mobile applications are flooding the Google PlayStore and the Apple App store every single day. There are applications for almost everything imaginable from ordering products through e-commerce websites to knowing the weather, but this makes it extremely difficult for all the people to keep a track of best new launched apps regularly. Even after looking at the reviews on the respective app stores, the apps might not turn out to be as good. So, here we are to help you!

Applications like Google drive, Google Duo, Google Maps etc. are quite well known but here is a list of top 10 new applications of 2019, which we have hunted down for you and they are definitely worth giving a try.

1. Adobe Premiere Rush

This application has been recently launched, works as a very handy video editing tool. Starting as an IOS app, by May 2019, it made its way to android as well. Adding scripts, transitions or editing the audio, it is an all in one software which helps you create trend worthy and classy videos just using your phone. Few of the most attractive features are – Multi track timeline, customized title and automatic sync with the cloud. The videos can be easily saved and posted on the social media, giving a magical feel to the viewers. Premium version will cost around $9.99 for a month.


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2. CalorieCap

Friends and family are going out to grab a bite, but you are on diet and the diet plan must not be disturbed, hence you avoid going. But have you ever thought a way out? What if your diet is not disturbed and yet you can eat out with them? Well, CalorieCap helps you do that! Rather than browsing through a million options from various restaurant websites, set your calories on the app and also select the preferred restaurants and Viola! You get those details, all in one place. Could browsing be anymore easier?


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3. Curator

Mobile camera tends to capture all the memories very precisely, and with increase in storage, number of takes also increases especially for the girls. And then it really becomes a task to find that one picture for the throwback Thursday or BAE’s birthday. Curator is an app which acts as a blessing in disguise for this issue! Yes, it helps you segregate the pictures in your photo library or picture gallery. It allows you to tag pictures and also, based on your tag, automatically organizes the new pictures after analyzing the features. It provides options like all albums, all photos, quick search.


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4. Appy Weather

One of the few apps which made the people with windows system feel privileged, this app finally made it to the android app store. As the name suggests, this application is a weather forecasting application which allows three requests per day. Current forecasts, future forecast, severe weather alerts are some of the features of the app. The premium version of this app costs around $3.99 per year.

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5. Dinggo

It is tiring to surf through all the online entertainment websites and application to find the-One movie or episode you would want to watch according to your mood. That is exactly where Dinggo comes into picture. Netflix, Hulu and Prime Video options are viewable altogether on this app. You select the genres and all the options of that genres from the mentioned websites are listed in Dinggo. It can be accessed by the whole group at a time to select the right movie for the perfect night out.


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6. Pixtica

Shutterbugs and Fashionistas have adored and appreciated this application. This is a new camera with more than satisfying features, which helps you capture the best moments of your life in the way you want! Live filters, manual and exposure control, GIF recorder, hyperlapse, slow-motion, Panorama shoot, and many more such interesting options are available. This app also has a premium version which gives access to unlimited recordings and allow you to use all filters.


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7. Pocket Mode

A precise application, is what you would feel once you start using this app. Whenever you hover over the proximity sensor, this android application locks your phone. As we all know, the risk of changed settings or random buttons being pressed increases and might end up creating some major issue, but this app has got your back!


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8. Firefox ScreenshotGo Beta

Screenshots are the best things that have happened to the mobile phone users. Any information or any e commerce product which needs approval from friends or family before buying can be captured and sent immediately, screenshots in-fact occupy the second largest space in most people’s phone’s photo gallery. But it becomes a very tedious job to find that one particular screenshot when you need. This app helps you search screenshot with text (English language only) and also helps you extract the text from the screenshot! It does not duplicate the screenshots and hence will not require any extra space in your phone! Cool, isn’t it?


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9. Spotify Stations

Any music enthusiast will definitely fall in love with this app. It is a free application which gives access to the music and tunes from any corner of the world. Based on your choices, it tunes to a list of suggestions, all at the tip of your fingers! 


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10. Zedge

This application is the one that gives a large number of options for alarm tones, notification tones and ringtones and also gives numerous customizable options for wallpapers. Especially during the holiday season, it comes up with really creative wall papers and Zedge premium provides exclusive range of tones and graphics at a very reasonable rate. Occasional bugs and a few irritating in-app ads have rarely been a problem, but if you are looking for classy wallpapers and ringtones, well this application might just be perfect for you!


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These are a few of the many trending applications right now, which will definitely come handy sooner or later, give them all a try soon. Happy downloading to you people!

We hope you found our list of 10 new apps useful. If you are looking for a mobile app development company to implement your project, you can reach out to our team for free consultation.