Tinder all set be your stalker

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Tinder all set be your stalker

Tinder the dating app is coming out with a new feature called Places. The new feature tracks your location via its app. It shows potential matches, the places where you’ve been. It’s not just the places you ‘check-in’ that gets tracked. Everywhere you go it follows. Tinder feels the new feature will allow people to more easily find their real-life missed connections, similar to how the dating app Happen to work today.

Tinder users might actually find better connections

“Places” matches people based on the locations they have visited. For example, if person A visits a certain cafe, Tinder will find potential matches who have visited the same cafe. Places will show a map of the area with pins on the locations a user has visited. The user can then tap on the location, and swipe on potential matches from that location.

The feature may also use the location data to help find people with similar interests. For example, if a certain user frequently goes to a gym or swimming, the user may get match suggestions who have listed fitness as an interest.

Experts feel that people should use the new feature with caution

Tinder says your recent places will expire after 28 days. Tinder users won’t be able to track you beyond that period. Doesn’t it seem to be way too long a period to track someone? In such duration one can easily learn daily places of visits, timings, route etc. This information can be used in a wrongful way also.

Any stalker can easily track a person’s route. Tinder explains that the information will be used in order to improve the apps efficiency. By learning which places lead to matches, which users are always deleting. It will use the data to improve its ability to show users better matches.

The new feature can actually help users find a like minded partner. But the feature can give a lot of information to potential stalkers also. Potential threats come along with the benefits.


Published: May 24, 2018
Last updated: March 1, 2024


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