SnapChat launches the stylish new Spectacles V2

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SnapChat launches the stylish new Spectacles V2

SnapChat’s new camera glasses are a delight to watch. It has Style, it has looks and a whole lot of new capabilities that the earlier V1 didn’t. Camera Glasses are yet to be popular but this new V2 is surely going to buzz in this new age.

What’s new in SnapChat’s Spectacles V2

V2 not just shoot videos but can also click photos. The camera is not too alerting, so it doesn’t make you stand out. Now you can go in the rain or swim around wearing your water resistant V2 glasses. The looks are so classy, amazing range of colours, very light weight. Other than this faster Syncing and better charging case are the welcomed changes from V1.

The best thing of the V2 is its pricing. Snapchat’s Spectacles camera sunglasses V2 is available for$150 only. Yes it’s that affordable. The company was able to sell around 220,000 pairs of V1 only. This was due to their limited features, difficulty in exports and looks. But V2 is stylish, convenient and useful for everyday life. Making these available at an affordable price will boost its sale.

What brought this transformation in V2

VP of hardware Mark Randall says that the V1 was launched to make people comfortable with camera glasses. He admits that V1 wasn’t a consumer success. The feedbacks of the V1 made the team realise what people want. Removing the yellow ring around the camera, option of taking photos, making it stylish and light weight are changes in V2.

Currently the V2 glasses are on sale in the U.S., Canada, U.K. and France only. Further it will go on sale in 13 more European countries on May 3. The $150 V2s are $20 more than the old version and only available on Snap’s app and site.

The existing V1 owners will get a firmware update that lets them take photos. The Spectacle V2 is likely to be a successful. One can say that V2 will keep SnapChat Spectacular.

Published: May 2, 2018
Last updated: March 1, 2024


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