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My name is Saurabh Mishra and I am the author of this blog on Reminder Apps for Android and iOS.

Using my decade-old expertise in the field of app and website development, I made sure to curate the perfect list for your use!

I have reviewed all these apps based on their design, functionality, ease of use, integration capabilities, user-friendliness and more. This list is a consolidated version of all the reminder apps you will find on iOS and Android. 

“Oh shoot, I completely forgot about it!” Is it you every time someone reminds you of a task you were supposed to do?

We’re living in a fast-paced world wherein every second we’re bombarded with millions of news, gossip and conspiracy theories. On top of this, multitasking has become the new norm for us. How often do you attend virtual meetings while doing personal stuff like making grocery lists? Almost every time, right?

As our concentration level is diminishing, remembering important things has become more difficult than ever.

This makes us wonder, what if there was a handy little assistant that would help us ‌stay alert and active? We’ve got you!

Reminder apps are easy-to-use tools that remind us of every task we need to do. These apps notify you when it’s time to go grocery shopping, or send emails to clients, attend parties, and meet the upcoming deadline at work. In short, reminder apps keep reminding you to actually “do” things on your “to-do list”. Isn’t it amazing?

Undoubtedly, there are a number of reminder apps present in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. But we’ve shortlisted 12 exceptional ones to help you attain your personal and professional goals. These apps have been tested and tried by our team of mobile app developers who are great when it comes to making sure that apps are user-friendly. We know how these apps can help you improve your productivity!

Read on to know more about them!

Microsoft To Do

Downloads: 1 crore plus downloads on the Play Store

Ratings: 4.5 stars

Reviews: 2 lakhs plus reviews

If you’re looking for a free yet exceptionally amazing reminder app, do not forget to check out Microsoft To Do.

To-Do is the ultimate task management app that allows us to stay organised and manage our daily activities. You can use this for office, home or study management.

Homemakers can create daily planners which include shopping lists, reminders to pay bills, task management, etc. On the other hand, employees can set reminders for meetings, take detailed notes, and prioritise tasks as per their importance. You can personalise your lists with different backgrounds, colours and texts.

What’s more? You can even keep a track of daily activities and assess your habits in the future.

The best part is you can access this app from a wide range of devices such as android, iOS, web or windows.


Downloads: 50,000 plus downloads on the Play Store

Ratings: 3.8 stars

Reviews: 414 reviews

If you hate organising your inbox, check out Twobird!

Twobird is an exceptional email management app that helps you to clear the clutter from your inbox and prioritise important tasks. It allows you to keep a track of your schedules at one stop (inbox) by integrating it with your calendar, notes and reminder.

With this tool, you can set aside low priority tasks, unsubscribe from unwanted emails, and pin important items to make them easily accessible.

What’s more? You can create checklists, jot down ideas, set reminders, assign or assess tasks, and do much more.

Interestingly, Twobird is a free tool available on both android and iOS devices.

Google Keep

Downloads: 100 crores plus downloads on the Play Store

Ratings: 4.1 stars

Reviews: 13 lakhs plus reviews

If you’re already a user of Google’s productivity tools such as Docs or Sheets, chances are you might love Keep.

Google Keep is a comprehensive productivity tool that allows you to create to-do lists, take notes, plan and organise your daily events, etc. You can even record a voice memo on Keep and it will automatically transcribe it.

The platform also allows you to create attractive lists by using different colour schemes and fonts to ease locating them in the future.

What’s more? You can also set location-based reminders. For instance, you can get your grocery list as soon as you reach the supermarket.

Apple Reminders

If you’re an iOS user, you don’t have to look for a separate reminder app as Apple offers an in-built solution.

Apple Reminders is an easy-to-use task management app that allows you to schedule, track and manage your day.

With this tool, you can flag tasks as per their importance and set location-specific reminders. You can even take the help of Siri to set these reminders. For instance, you can ask Siri to remind you to ‘check your inbox after reaching home’.

What’s more? You can edit reminders, add a tag or an attachment and create subtasks through this tool.

Apple Reminders is available for free to iOS users.


Downloads: 50 lakhs plus downloads on the Play Store

Ratings: 4.6 stars

Reviews: 96,000 reviews

TickTick is a comprehensive task management app. It allows you to schedule your personal and professional commitments, manage deadlines, and stay focused and active!

The tool offers the traditional features of creating to-do lists, real-time sharing with friends, calendars, reminders, and syncing across devices. However, its most distinguishing feature is the in-built Pomodoro timer. This allows you to set a 25 minutes timer for doing productive work by blocking all distractions.

What’s more? With the help of the habit tracker, you can gain insights into your daily habits and try to inculcate new habits such as meditation, exercise or reading.

TickTick has both free and paid versions. The premium version costs around $27.99 annually.

Remember the Milk

Downloads: 10 lakhs plus downloads on the Play Store

Ratings: 4.5 stars

Reviews: 49,000 plus reviews

Remember the Milk is an easy-to-use reminder app available for both android and iOS users. It comes with handy features that allow you to create to-do lists, receive reminders via email, text or mobile notification, and integrate with Gmail or Google Calendar. You can even share lists, assign tasks and create Smart Lists to get this done faster.

The app is free to download and use. However, it also offers a premium version which costs around $39.99 annually.

The premium version offers additional features such as creating personalised lists, unlimited sharing, advanced storage, and much more. You can even sync your account with Microsoft Outlook by upgrading to the paid version.


Downloads: 1 lakh plus downloads on the Play Store

Ratings: 4.4 stars

Reviews: 5,000 plus reviews

If you’re looking for a one-stop-shop to manage all your tasks, check out 2do.

2do is a comprehensive productivity and task management tool available for both android and iOS users. Its most distinguishing feature is that it works smoothly even offline. You can create to-do lists, smart lists, checklists, set up deadline reminders, plan events, etc for free on this app.

However, to unlock additional features you have to purchase the pro subscription which starts at around $9.99. The paid version offers multiple reminders, markdown support, password protection, and more. Further, it also supports batch editing, backups, location-specific reminders and syncing across devices.

BZ Reminder

Downloads: 10 lakhs plus downloads on the Play Store

Ratings: 4.0 stars

Reviews: 70,000 reviews

BZ reminder is a lightweight and easy-to-use reminder app. It allows you to create lists, jot down notes, integrate with the calendar, and set recurring reminders. The best part is you can even set simple reminders such as “drink water” every hour on this app.

What’s more? You can sync it with your smartwatch and create reminders with voice recognition.

Though the app is free to use, it offers some premium features costing from $2.49 to $4.99 per item. BZ Reminder functions smoothly on android, iOS and android wearables.

My Therapy

Downloads: 50 lakhs plus downloads on the Play Store

Ratings: 4.7 stars

Reviews: 1 lakh plus reviews

Do you often forget to take medicines? Not anymore! Check out My Therapy, the ultimate pill reminder app.

My Therapy is an easy-to-use app that keeps a track of your medical history and reminds you to take medicines at proper intervals. Further, you can maintain a health journal and share it with your doctor, friends or family.

What’s more? My Therapy has a strict privacy policy and does not share your data with third parties. Patients can also benefit from the mood, weight and blood pressure tracker available on the app.


Downloads: 1 crore plus downloads on the Play Store

Ratings: 4.5 stars

Reviews: 2 lakhs plus reviews

Todoist is a comprehensive task management app available for both android and iOS users. It allows you to jot down notes, create practical to-do lists, set reminders for project deadlines, and prioritise tasks as per their importance.

Interestingly, you can even set recurring reminders to help build new habits. For instance, “remind me every Monday at 10 pm to read”.

Thus, you can simply organise, track and manage your daily productivity with Todoist. For ease of use, you can even integrate it with Gmail, Calendars, Amazon Alexa, Slack, and more.

The platform offers both free and paid plans. The paid version costs around $35.99 per year.

Downloads: 1 crore plus downloads on the Play Store

Ratings: 4.3 stars

Reviews: 4 lakh plus reviews is a widely used task management app that is available for both Android and iOS users. It allows you to create planners, lists and mark dates for specific events. You can even share lists and assign tasks to your friends.

The best part is you can integrate this app with Whatsapp, Gmail, Google Assistant, Alexa and more. However, to avail of the reminder facility, you would have to purchase the premium subscription. The paid subscription costs around $35.88 annually.

With the paid subscription, you can set location specific, voice and recurring reminders.

Medisafe: Pill Reminder and Med Tracker

Downloads: 10 lakhs plus downloads on the Play Store

Ratings: 4.5 stars

Reviews: 2 lakhs plus reviews

Medisafe is yet another pill reminder app available for both android and iOS users.

It comes with an intuitive user interface to help you set medicine reminders, track your progress and manage your medical reports. The app also enables ease of sharing prescriptions with your doctor, family or friends. You can even sync it with your smartwatch.

The Med and Refill reminders also remind you about the prescriptions that are running low.

Bottom Line

While the internet has contributed enormously to reducing our attention span and concentration levels, it has provided solutions for the same too in the form of reminder apps. Today, reminder apps are gaining massive popularity. It allows users to stay organised, set and manage tasks and be productive. If you’re a productivity enthusiast, the above 12 apps are a must-try! Check them out and see the results yourself!

Published: July 16, 2022
Last updated: June 27, 2024


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