Openbook : a new born in the social Media

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Openbook : a new born in the social Media

Every now and then a dreamer is born. In the World of Social media, the dream is to survive against the all mighty. That of course is Facebook and Twitter. So now the new born Openbook wants to make a mark in the Facebook ruled era of Social Networking.

Ironically it has very less time to stay alive. Openbook’s crowd funding campaign has a small target of $115k. This funding is currently live on, with just over 1,100 backers chipping in till now. It needs to achieve the set target in the next three days.

What are the problems that Openbook wants to counter on

Privacy is one of the key concerning area. Creepy ads, being spammed with messages and notifications all the time, constantly seeing the same kind of content on newsfeed, are becoming irritating problems. People want to be their on the social platform sans these issues.

OpenBook’s vision is to protect privacy of its users by being honest. They planned a business model that’s based on honest fees and an on-platform digital currency. They want your funds now, they will want their fees later. In return you get a clean, fully honest and secure social media network.

What are Openbook’s chances of survival?

Facebook has been facing criticism for its Privacy issues. Accused of playing with people’s emotions and intimate data, Facebook has admitted its flaws and apologised. But Privacy alone cannot bring users to connect with openbook.

When you look at Openbook there is nothing extraordinary in them to attract users. It’s just the timing of their Privacy proof platform that seems to be perfect. Data portability is an important tool that Openbook would focus on. If you have a new platform having all your friends you might not have a problem with it. They also plan on making the user experience interactive by innovating constantly.

Lets see if the new born can meet the deadline.


Published: August 13, 2018
Last updated: March 1, 2024


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