IoT : The Key for a new age revolution

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IoT : The Key for a new age revolution.

Have you ever imagined how does a fitness tracker or a smart watch works?? How can it count your steps.How does a refrigerator shuts off after detecting that an ice cream is set. Or how can a toaster reject to toast a bread because it isn’t healthy for you. A term that gives “smartness” to these machines is known as Internet Of Things ( IoT ).

Businesses have been focusing on the Internet of Things as an enabler of growth and increased operational efficiency.As well as the means to provide a better experience to customers. Industries have already started to implement IoT in their equipment to enhance their work efficiency .

Successful implementation of IoT

“GM OnStar” is a system that is embedded in GM cars that can detect if a crash has occurred and it automatically calls the emergency contact.  It can also track the movement of the car. Healthcare can prosper.Like say a chip could be implemented into each individual, allowing for hospitals to monitor the vital signs of the patient.  By tracking their vital signs, it could help indicate whether or not serious assessment is necessary.

A cloud of concern still hovers over IoT

There are some major concerns that accompany the Internet of Things. Breach of “privacy” is a threat that exists as data of an individual can always be hacked. Even after taking serious measures to protect it. Also over-reliance on technology is one concern. As the trend with the new generation is to get addicted to things easily. Some feel it will take out the human factor from life. One more fact is that automation will undoubtedly result in loss of jobs. Still one has to accept the fact that everything today runs because of internet. And IoT will definitely have its benefits to the generations to come.

It’s the best time for IoT to prosper

Falling technology prices, more secure platforms, and better connectivity options are factors that are favorable for it to be a success.There will be more development in the era of the 5G networks, which are expected to be up to 100 times faster than existing networks. It is most likely that IoT will revolutionize mankind to a whole new Age.

From “Flinstones” to “Jetsons” that’s what IoT will Make Possible.


Published: December 6, 2017
Last updated: March 1, 2024


Mubasshir Pawle
Mubasshir Pawle serves as the COO of Eiosys, where his role is pivotal in leading the custom software development team. A developer at heart, Mubasshir thrives on creating bespoke software solutions, leveraging his mastery in Node.js, Flutter, and React.js technologies. His significant contributions to Stack Overflow underline his commitment to the tech community. With a track record of delivering hundreds of mobile apps and websites globally, Mubasshir's technical acumen and dedication have been instrumental in Eiosys's success.

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