Account linking feature of Instagram is beneficial for users

Instagram’s “Account linking” beneficial for users
Instagram’s “Account linking” beneficial for users

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Instagram has initiated Account Linking which lets users having multiple accounts to use one single account to Login. Instagram has prototyped the “Main Account” feature. This would let users set one of their profiles as a primary account and then link their other accounts to it. Logging into the main account would instantly log them in to the rest, as well (known as Account linking).

Facebook had been the main login platform

The Facebook Login platform keeps people tied to the social network. In order to easily access other apps without a separate username and password. Recent times have proved that the teenage segment of users has been avoiding Facebook. They prefer Instagram but are forced to juggle multiple sets of login credentials to manage their personal, Finsta and business accounts.

Facebook has dominated the app world using its login platform. It provides an alternative to having to create a new account for every service. This helps Facebook in retaining its user base. Many users who have stopped posting to or reading Facebook still maintain a connection with the social network because they rely on it to log in to Spotify, Netflix, PUBG and other services.

Along with  Account linking, Instagram’s other attractive features

Instagram has been coming up with many attractive features to stay updated with the current generation’s demands. It launched Close Friends for sharing Stories just with your besties and was somewhat similar to ‘whatsApp status’. It also brought the two-factor authentication option and is adding a way to syndicate your feed posts to multiple accounts you control.

Considering the preference shifting to Instagram one can say that it is the new heir to the throne of Social Media Platform. Recent profile redesigns have already tried to make your Instagram profile the center of your online personality. So it is obvious that Facebook has been expecting its send off from being the King of the social Platform.


Published: February 6, 2019
Last updated: March 1, 2024


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