Instagram soon to have Music stickers

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Instagram soon to have Music stickers

Photo sharing, socializing and now going towards music, Instagram is adding some cool new features. Instagram Stories will now have an “Search Music” feature built in. These “music stickers” can be searched using tabs for “Genres”, “Moods”, and “Trending”.

Music stickers would make Instagram Stories much more interesting to watch. There has not been an official announcement of this by Instagram. So its still not clear as to how will the new feature work. It seems that once you’ve picked a song and added it as a music sticker to your Story, a clip of that song will play while people watch.

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Facebook’s licensing deal has paid off well for Instagram

“Music stickers” might allow you to search for and add a song to your posts. Copyright issues have been taken care of, thanks to the licensing deals with the major record labels recently struck by Facebook. Facebook  and Instagram’s video editing features have been in a sad state for a long time. This feature will give Instagram an edge over its rival SnapChat.

Facebook has secured licensing deals with Sony, Warner, Universal, and European labels. So now you can make a video of your photos with your favourite songs being played in the background. No need to worry about copyright while uploading, as Facebook has taken care of that.

Many have thought about this feature earlier

Several apps like Sounds and Soundtracking have tried to add music and photos together but none succeeded.  Even Snap CEO Evan Spiegel was once intent on launching a music video streaming feature. But Snapchat still has no sound board or soundtrack feature.

This has given Instagram the first mover advantage. Also Instagram Stories’ new platform for sharing posts directly from third-party apps including Spotify and SoundCloud, has worked well. These stickers could make Instagram a powerful driver of music discovery.

Instagram has always made your photos look a visual treat. Adding audio could be the next step to make your experience be more memorable.

Published: May 10, 2018
Last updated: March 1, 2024


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