9 Top Classified Websites in UAE

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Are you looking for the top classified websites in UAE to advertise your services? These platforms offer a lot of convenience as you can list anything from real estate to electronics and everything in between. However, finding the right classified website can be daunting, given the many options available.

You might come across a website, but what about the credibility of listings? More importantly, how secure would the transaction process be? To help you overcome these doubts, we’ve compiled a list of the top 9 classified sites in the UAE in this comprehensive guide. So, get ready to overcome all the hurdles and make an informed choice when engaging in online transactions.

Top 9 classified sites in the UAE to consider

Here are the nine best classified ad posting sites you can consider for your needs.

1.     TotalDubai

TotalDubai is one of the premier classified sites in Dubai, offering a comprehensive solution to diverse needs. TotalDubai has you covered, whether you’re searching for a new apartment, a reliable used car, exciting job opportunities, or professional services. Serving as an excellent example of convenience, TotalDubai brings the bustling heart of Dubai directly to your fingertips.

From the iconic skyscrapers of Downtown Dubai to the bustling markets of Deira, TotalDubai serves as the ultimate connector. It unites buyers and sellers, job seekers and recruiters, and service seekers and providers, all within a single digital platform. With TotalDubai, navigating Dubai’s vibrant marketplace has never been easier or more efficient.


  • Apartments
  • Auto parts and accessories
  • Deals and promotions
  • Free stuff and promotions
  • Home cleaners and maids
  • IT services and solutions



2.     Ads4Me

Ads4Me provides a comprehensive platform for free user-to-user Dubai classified ads across major cities within the United Arab Emirates. Offering a seamless and cost-effective solution, individuals can effortlessly post advertisements without incurring charges while gaining access to an extensive array of free classifieds.

Whether you want to sell goods, advertise services, or explore diverse offerings, Ads4Me is a reliable hub for facilitating transactions and connections. You can even look for anything from a website development company in Dubai to reliable used cars. With a commitment to accessibility and user-friendly interface, Ads4Me enables efficient online commerce across the Emirates.


  • Automobiles
  • Services
  • Learning
  • Property for sale
  • Jobs
  • Community



3.     dubizzle

Dubizzle is revered as the favorite marketplace for buying, selling, and discovering a wide range of goods and services. With its user-friendly interface and vast listings, dubizzle caters to diverse needs and interests. Whether you are searching for rare collectibles like Dinosaur bones, extravagant items like a Boeing 747, or even whimsical finds like Batmobiles, dubizzle is the go-to destination.

Its versatility and accessibility make it an ideal platform for the dynamic marketplace of the UAE. You can effortlessly explore its offerings through the website or by downloading the mobile app.


  • Apartments for sale
  • Villa/house for sale
  • Apartments for rent
  • Villa/house for rent
  • Cars
  • Jobs



4.     Adsnity

Adsnity caters to UAE businesses, services, and products without associated costs. Offering numerous free online advertising options, Adsnity provides an invaluable platform to showcase offerings to a broad audience. With the freedom to post unlimited ads, provided they feature unique content, Adsnity empowers users to maximize their visibility and reach.

As one of the best free advertising sites in Dubai, Adsnity offers specialization in educational and training advertisements. It facilitates posts related to tuition, coaching classes, online training, schools, colleges, and institutes. As a go-to destination for education-related classifieds, Adsnity is a vital resource for students, educators, and institutions.


  • Education and teaching
  • Automobiles
  • Computers and laptops
  • E-commerce marketplace
  • Freelancing
  • Industrial products



5.     Wall Classifieds

Wall Classifieds offers a reliable platform for individuals seeking to find or post jobs, cars, services, pets. There are also various other services you can look for like an SEO company in Dubai. With its user-friendly interface and intuitive navigation features, Wall Classifieds provides a seamless experience for users to explore and access the required listings.

Whether you are searching for employment opportunities, vehicles, or professional services or aiming to advertise your offerings, Wall Classifieds is a reliable destination. With multiple methods to guide you to the correct pages, navigating the site is straightforward and hassle-free.


  • Items
  • Vehicles
  • Learning
  • Real estate
  • Services
  • Pets
  • Jobs



6.     Expatriates

Expatriates is a premier community website for expatriates, created by and for individuals living abroad. The website welcomes all expatriates to use the platform to place free classified ads and explore listings within their city or country of residence.

With a focus on promoting community and connectivity among expatriates, the platform is a vital hub for individuals managing life away from their home countries. Whether you’re seeking to sell items, find accommodations, or connect with fellow expatriates, the website provides a user-friendly interface and diverse classifieds to cater to your needs.


  • Jobs
  • Housing
  • Services
  • Commercial property
  • Childcare
  • Community



7.     Locanto

Locanto offers extensive user-to-user classified ads across all major cities in the region. Committed to providing free advertising options, Locanto helps individuals post ads at no cost. The platform facilitates seamless transactions and connections within the community.

Whether you’re looking to sell a product, advertise a service, or browse the free classifieds available, Locanto provides a user-friendly platform to meet your needs. Embracing a philosophy of accessibility and inclusivity, Locanto is a helpful website for individuals seeking to engage in online transactions and connections across the UAE.


  • Fashion and beauty
  • Baby and kids
  • Vehicles
  • Music, movies, and books
  • Events
  • Hobby and leisure



8.     Emirates Ads

Emirates Ads has established itself as a prominent classified listing marketplace. Since its inception in 2006, it has remained committed to serving the varied requirements of the UAE community across the seven Emirates. Offering a comprehensive platform, Emirates Ads equips users with all the necessary tools to find desired items or sell unwanted goods.

With a user-centric approach, the website ensures seamless navigation and accessibility across devices, whether a PC, tablet, or cell phone. No matter where you are located, you are only a few taps away from accessing a wealth of listings and engaging in transactions.


  • Business and Industry
  • Education
  • Electronics
  • Property
  • Services



9.     Dubai Bulletin Board

Dubai Bulletin Board offers various resources catering to the needs of expatriates and residents. As a comprehensive hub, Dubai Bulletin Board provides varied listings essential for individuals relocating to Dubai. The platform ensures a seamless transition for newcomers from accommodation options, including hotels, flats, and houses for rent, to a diverse selection of new and used cars for sale.

Moreover, Dubai Bulletin Board features extensive employment opportunities organized by profession. The website also facilitates the buying and selling household furniture, electronics, mobile phones, and computers.


  • Property
  • Jobs
  • Transportation
  • Computers
  • Audio, video, and photos
  • Items for sale



7 Tips to choose the best classified sites in the UAE

Selecting the best classified sites in the UAE requires understanding and carefully considering the following seven factors.

1. Consider platform reputation

Search for platforms with a strong reputation for reliability and user satisfaction. Reading reviews from past users can help you gain insights into a platform’s performance.

2. Assess the user interface

Choose classified websites with a user-friendly interface, easy navigation, and search functionalities. A well-designed website will make it convenient for you to browse listings and post ads.

3. Consider the audience reach

Opt for classified websites that attract a large and relevant audience. Platforms with a significant user base increase the visibility of your listings and enhance the likelihood of finding what you’re looking for or reaching potential buyers.

4. Evaluate posting options and costs

Review the posting options on classified websites, including free and paid listings. Consider your ad budget and the value you expect to receive from paid listings compared to free alternatives. Choose platforms that offer flexible posting options to suit your needs.

5. Verify security measures

Look for platforms that implement robust security measures to protect your personal information and financial transactions from unauthorized access or fraud.

6. Check customer support

Ensure the classified website offers reliable customer support to assist you with issues. Prompt customer service can enhance your experience.

7. Test the website’s responsiveness

A mobile-friendly website will ensure a seamless browsing experience. It will allow you to access listings and manage your account on the go.

Bottom line

The nine diverse classified websites discussed here offer numerous opportunities to navigate the UAE’s dynamic marketplace. From the convenience of finding accommodation and employment opportunities to the excitement of buying and selling various goods and services, these platforms offer invaluable resources for residents and expatriates.

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So, go ahead and look for specific items, promote your business, or even seek new opportunities on these top classified websites in the UAE. Remember to leverage these platforms’ best features and functionalities to connect with relevant audiences and enable seamless transactions.

We hope you found this blog helpful. If you are looking for website development services in Dubai, UAE – you can get in touch with us. 

Published: April 12, 2024
Last updated: May 4, 2024


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