Facebook launches its all avatars using AI

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Facebook launches its all avatars using AI

In its efforts to attract the eyeballs continuously, facebook now creates avatars. A paper presentation was held at the International Conference on Computer Vision. Where Lior Wolf et al. shows how they have created a machine learning system. Which can create the best possible match of your real face to one in a custom emoji generator.

Although Google has attempted this earlier this year but there’s a critical difference. Google’s version uses humans to rate and describes the common features found among various faces: curly hair, nose types, eye shapes.


Essentially, in Google’s version the computer looks initially for a basic signs. Like freckles and then it takes the corresponding piece of art from its database. It works good, but there’s a reliability on human input for defining the features.

On the other hand Facebook’s approach is very different from this. The main catch here is that the system really makes the best possible representation. Of a represented face, using whatever tools it has at hand. Here the human inputs are being replaced by the AI.So be it emoji, Bitmoji (shudder), Mii, a VR face generator or anything else, it could still accomplish its task.

The system is able to do it by judging both the face and then generating representation based on the analysis.

The great thing about this technique is that since it isn’t tied to any particular avatar type, it works for almost any input. Based on the good representations and bad ones, the system will match with the faces and figure out which is which.

This can be useful to Facebook in many ways. Like when a user updates his profile picture it can automatically be shown with a new haircut or trimmed beard. The uses of which can be many which can indeed help the users to be engaged and entertained.

Published: November 2, 2017
Last updated: March 1, 2024


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