Apple App store’s Revenues are 94% more than Google Play in Q3

Apple App store’s Revenues are 94% more than Google Play in Q3
Apple App store’s Revenues are 94% more than Google Play in Q3

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Sensor Tower’s Store Intelligence data has some much anticipated results. It claims that Apple’s App Store generated nearly 94 % more revenue than Google Play in Q3. Even though android is being so extensively used world over, Apple has proved that it is far more trusted than Play store.

More that 65% of the total mobile app revenue reported in the third quarter was generated by the App Store. The total spending on Apple App Store and Google Play has reached $18.2 billion in the third quarter. This is far more than previous year’s records.

Google Play still leads in terms of app installs.

Google Play still has the top position in terms of number of app installed. Q3 growth reported a jump from 17.1 billion to 19.5 billion y-o-y. App installs on iOS, merely grew to 7.6 billion from the 7.3 billion compared to last year. That is very less as compared to that of Google Play.

The total app installs (App Store and Google Play combined) grew 10.9% to 27.1 billion.

Apps that topped the charts on both Apple Store & Google Play

Netflix followed by Tinder and Tencent Video emerged as the “world’s top three non-game mobile app”. This sequence has continued from Q1 to Q3. Netflix has added up to $243.7 million as revenues to both platforms from in-app subscriptions.

Mobile games always play an important role in revenue generation. Tencent’s MOBA Honor of Kings, while Niantic’s Pokemon Go emerged as the top-ranked Western made game by revenue. PUBG Mobile reached the top five list of most downloaded games. Sensor Tower reveals that mobile games spending increased almost 15% during Q3 compared to last Q3. $13.8 billion is the estimated revenue generated worldwide across Android and iOS platforms this quarter.

In terms of download’s, Facebook topped the global app download chart with four of the top five apps for Q3. Short video app “TikTok” emerged as the fourth highest downloaded app worldwide with an unthinkable growth of 440%.

Published: October 15, 2018
Last updated: March 1, 2024


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