Report by App Annie on app downloaded in Q1 globally.

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App Annie’s report on app downloaded in Q1 globally.

App downloaded in this year’s Quarter 1 has risen to a new record. As per the report of App Annie, iOS and Google Play downloads increased more than 10 % y-o-y to reach 27.5 billion. In addition, consumer spending on iOS and Google Play grew 22 percent y-o-y to reach $18.4 billion.

These figures do not include re-installed apps or updates, as App Annie has only counted new downloads. Consumer spending is also valued considering only paid apps, in-app purchases and subscriptions.

Apps that were highly in demand in Q1 2018

The report noted that Music & Audio apps along with Entertainment apps had a big impact on Google Play spending. There has been a significant rise in music and video subscription services delivered via apps. In india also you can find Hotstar, Tata sky mobile app, Airtel T.V app etc. gaining popularity recently.

Usually Gaming Apps were the most downloaded ones, but now things are changing. Netflix became last years top non-game app by revenue. Jointly, Google Play and the iOS App Store offered 6.2 million apps by the end of Q1 2018, with games driving downloads across both stores during the quarter, App Annie noted.

Shopping apps also saw large y-o-y growth in market share, the report found.

Countries that made an impact to the sector

This time, App Annie pointed to India, Indonesia and Brazil’s impact on the y-o-y growth in Google Play downloads, and the U.S., Russia and Turkey’s impact on the growth of iOS downloads.

There has been a constant growth in the app market of China, India, and other Southeast Asian nations. This could be because of the fast growing infrastructural developments that have been taking place here. There has been tremendous growth in the sales of Smart-phones in southern Asia. This could be another reason for increase in app downloads also.

The new report is yet another example of how big a role emerging markets are having on app downloads and the app economy.


Published: April 10, 2018
Last updated: March 1, 2024


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