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Why Should You Invest in Local SEO?

The animosity between two businesses in our local is something we all have witnessed in our lives. Be it a simple vegetable vendor or a high-class jeweller, every business is in the race to be better than their competitors and bag more customers. 

Now, imagine this same rat race (if we may call it so) in the digital world. A simple Google search for “cake shops in Mumbai” will land you with hundreds (if not more) of businesses and getting on the top of this SERP is indeed a hard nut to crack. 

This is where our local SEO services can come in handy for your business. With a dedicated team of SEO experts, Eiosys can optimise your website for local audiences and help in enhancing your brand awareness and web traffic by leaps and bounds. Result? Increased sales and profit for your business! 

5 Benefits of Local SEO

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Enhances Visibility in Local Searches

Local SEO works for every business be it an MNC or a simple down the corner brick and mortar shop. In fact, as per Google, over the years searches without the qualifier “near me” have increased by 150%. That means, equipped with GPS, Google’s search results are getting smarter day by day. Thus, optimising your website for local audiences can not only enhance traffic to your online store but also to your physical store. That brings us to the next point, 

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More Footfalls to Your Store

Local SEO efforts more often than not are targeted towards increasing traffic to one’s physical store. Once the customer has checked your website, and read some good reviews of your business online, there’s nothing that can stop them from paying a visit to your store in person. 

Here’s an interesting fact for you: 

“76% of people who conduct a local search on their smartphone visit a physical place within 24 hours and 28% of those searches result in a purchase.” Google

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Improves Trust and Credibility

These days everyone relies on online reviews to make their decision for buying something or visiting a place. You would want to check out what our previous clients have to say about our services before you contact us for local SEO. Thus, the right set of local SEO efforts can help you build trust and credibility with your local audience. 

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Better Customer Engagement

With local SEO you can strike a chord with your customer by creating content that resonates with their persona and demographics. 

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Cost Effective Marketing

There’s no doubt that local SEO is cost-effective. Instead of shooting an arrow in the dark you customise your efforts and focus on the target demographic of a particular locale. Moreover, since mobile optimisation is a key part of local SEO, you’re bound to get a bang for your buck. 

What Does Our Local SEO Service Include?

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Keyword Research

Finding the right set of relevant keywords that can get you on top of the SERP for your niche is indeed a hard nut to crack. Keyword research is the first and the most important step in SEO. With an analytical mindset, our team can help you get this right.

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On-Page Optimisation

Here, our priority lies in optimising your site’s content for local SEO. This includes optimising title tags, headers and meta descriptions, infusing locally relevant keywords, building internal and external linking, optimising the content for featured snippets and much more.

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Google Business Profile

Getting your business listed on Google Business Profile is perhaps one of the most crucial aspects of local SEO. Once optimally listed, your business can shine in the local search results.

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Local Link Building and Listing

It’s a known fact that local SEO efforts are directed toward a highly specific and narrow audience base. Thus, instead of building ties with national or international agencies, a business’s first priority must be to get on the good books of locally relevant publications, sites, directories, influencers and more.

we emphasize on ratings and reviews

Ratings and Reviews

Positive Google reviews and ratings can skyrocket your business’s visibility, reach and sales but getting them is indeed difficult. Provided you’re offering a positive customer experience, if you’re still failing to generate adequate online reviews and ratings, a strategy needs to be put in place.

we provide our clients with detailed reporting

Detailed Reporting

Every effort taken in the direction of improving your local SEO is adequately monitored by our skilled teammates and reported back to you at regular intervals. This helps you in gauging your business’s progress and the efficiency of our services.

Why Choose Eiosys for Local SEO?

our local seo services have proven track records

Proven Track Record

We have a dedicated team of SEO experts with more than 8 years of industry experience. Our speciality lies in local, national and eCommerce SEO and our clients vouch for the quality of our services.

We make customized strategies for local SEO service

Customised Strategies

We do not offer a ‘one size fits all’ SEO strategy to our clients. Instead, we understand their business model and offer customised strategies to help them achieve their business goals.

eiosys has a team of Expert In-house SEO Professionals

Expert In-house SEO Professionals

Instead of outsourcing our work, we have an in-house team of professionals. They have the perfect qualifications as well as industry experience to take your business to the next level through the right local SEO strategies.

Local SEO Process at Eiosys

Step 1

Initial Consultation

Our first priority is to understand the client’s business and their goals. For this, we schedule an in-person or virtual meeting with them. Once the meeting is done, we start with our homework. That brings us to the next point,
Step 1
Step 2

Local SEO Audit

We conduct an audit of the client’s website to understand the pain points and come up with possible solutions to take their business to the next level in their locale.
Step 2
Step 3

Strategy Development

Once the auditing is done, it’s time for brainstorming. Our team develops plans to increase the visibility and footfall of your business and communicates them to the clients.
Step 3
Step 4


As and when the clients are satisfied with our approach and get on board, we begin with the implementation process. Remember, there’s no shortcut to acing the local SEO game. Based on the quality of your website, it may take a few days to a few weeks to start noticing the results.
Step 4
Step 4

Monitoring and Reporting

Nope, we don’t sit back and relax once we have implemented the strategies. Our team constantly tracks important metrics and evaluates how SEO impacts the buttom line of your business.
Step 4


The results depend on how competitive is your industry and it also depends on the location. However, you should be able to see good results in 3-6 months.