SGL Labs is a leading diamond and gemstone certification lab with more than 20 labs in 5 countries. The company wanted to enhance its online visibility and improve its search engine rankings. Their objectives were twofold: firstly, to increase the online presence for a broad range of industry-related keywords and content, and secondly, to elevate their rankings for keywords with commercial intent for their services.


Our journey with SGL Labs began with the creation of a new corporate website, addressing the UI and site architecture issues of their previous site. We selected WordPress for its development, considering its flexibility and SEO-friendly features.

Key to our strategy was thorough keyword research. This enabled us to identify a mix of commercial and informational intent keywords, forming the foundation of our content map. This map detailed a schedule of blog posts, each meticulously chosen to target specific search terms over time.

Simultaneously, we engaged in comprehensive on-page SEO activities. These included crafting meta titles and descriptions, optimizing images and header structures, modifying content, and optimizing URLs. We also ensured the submission of a sitemap to facilitate easier navigation for search engines.

Content was king in our strategy, with a new blog post published weekly to keep the website fresh and relevant. Our off-page SEO efforts complemented this, focusing on acquiring relevant backlinks to both the core service pages and blog articles. Continuous optimization of these pages helped in securing placements in featured snippets.

Furthermore, we took charge of managing Google Business listings for all client branches. Regular updates and optimizations were made to improve visibility in Google’s map pack.


The campaign yielded impressive results within a year. Website traffic increased by 164%, significantly broadening the client’s reach. Impressions on search engines saw a 476% increase, demonstrating the enhanced visibility of their offerings. Inquiries rose by 81%, indicating a heightened interest in their certification services.

Moreover, all client branches achieved visibility in the Google map pack for searches with commercial intent in their respective geographies. This visibility translated into a tangible increase in foot traffic to their labs.

Through strategic SEO efforts, we not only amplified SGL Labs’ online presence but also directly contributed to their business growth. Our case study illustrates our commitment to delivering measurable results, enhancing brand visibility, and driving customer engagement.

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