Vega Solutions is one of the leading Apple resellers in India. They wanted to enter a new business – hardware rentals. They reached out to us to help them plan and implement everything for this new initiative.


We first conducted multiple interview sessions with the client to understand their idea of the new business. The first challenge was to finalize the name. Our team brainstormed and made a list of 15 brand names. We shared this client and finalized the name, Rental Bunny.

Now it was time to define the brand identity. We shared a list of 50 adjectives with the client to understand what impression they wanted their brand to have. This gave us an idea for the choice of color palette and design that would go on the website.

We created file logo variations in three different colors. The client loved one of the variations that we had presented and immediately shortlisted it. So now we had the brand name, Logo, brand guidelines, and font preferences in place.

Finally, we commenced the designing of the website. We created mock-ups of the homepage and service page. The SEO team helped the web team to plan the site’s architecture. Once we had the approval on the web page design, we started its implementation.

We made a custom theme on WordPress using Elemetor page builder. After testing and review, the website was finally ready for launch. We did a final walk-through with the client and released the website.


The website was an instant hit. Within the first three months of launch, it was ranking in the top 10 for 4 out of the 10 key rental services they were targeting. In the next six months, it had achieved top 10 rankings for all the keywords relevant to its business. The website was generating leads from visitors across different states of India.

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