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Reality Tours & Travel was found in August 2005 but didn’t offer a Dharavi Slum Tour until January 2006. Reality Tours & Travel has been working towards a singular goal of breaking the negative stereotypes and working to help the inhabitants of Dharavi. In 2014, they expanded their base to Delhi and began working with the slum Sanjay Colony there. The biggest challenge for the company was to develop a robust website as 90% of their customers were foreigners, and they had to deliver an excellent online experience for the same. The website needed to be user-friendly, with fast loading time, proper navigation and convenient payment gateways integrated into it.


We followed our software development process and delivered an eCommerce solution to Reality Tours & Travels. This eCommerce solution has various features such as a content management system, promotional and discount code tools, an easy to use check out and an integrated blog section. The website is also mobile optimised with analytics enabled in it, to allow the company to keep a track of the traffic on the website and provide a good experience to the users. The content is also structured in an efficient manner, so that the viewers can easily get all the data. Eiosys Pvt Ltd. has been managing the maintenance work for Reality Tours & Travel for over 3 years now.


Reality Tours and Travel has annual revenue of over 2 million dollars and the eCommerce solution is easily able to handle such heavy transactions on a regular basis. They have a record for holding the certificate of excellence consecutively for 5 years now and have also received 5-star rating from TripAdvisor. 80% of the profits are used to give back to society through their sister NGO Reality Gives.

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