Rajbhog home screen screenshot


Rajbhog Foods is a top brand for Indian sweets in the USA. It was started in New York in 1981. Over the last several decades, it has launched several successful brands and introduced new exciting lines of products.

The company wanted to expand its digital presence and create a fresh eCommerce website to expand its sales and reach out to the new-age customers. The website had to be simple, mobile-optimized, and seamlessly integrated into their back-end order management system.


We started the website development process by conducting discussions with different stakeholders involved in the project. This helped us to understand their vision of the new website. At this stage, we finalized the sitemap of the website.

Our UI/UX team planned each page of the website and shortlisted sections that will be part of the respective pages. Once it was approved, we created the final designs of each page on the UI tool. Our team took into consideration the company’s logo, brand guidelines, and client’s font preferences.

After analyzing the client’s expectations, we finalized the WordPress technology for website development. We converted the approved designs into webpages. Each of the webpages was tested for its performance and mobile optimization.

Our team imported the client’s products on the website and integrated the payment gateway. The site was thoroughly tested by our testing team and handed over to the client for final review. In parallel, we provided comprehensive training to the client’s backend team to manage the orders in the system.On final approval, we made the website live for the public.


The new website was released just in time before the onset of the Diwali shopping season. The website attracted huge traffic and received a record number of orders. These orders were managed and processed smoothly by the dispatch team.

The eCommerce website received a phenomenal response and created a new avenue for the company to cater to its customers.

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