Krazy Kids Karnival is an event that takes place in Mumbai every year around Diwali. It is organized by Meltwater Events. The event attracts a footfall of 40000-50000 visitors during the 3 day period of the event. The carnival is specially crafted to entertain kids. It includes games, live shows, workshops and a lot of activities. Furthermore, it has plenty of food and shopping outlets.

To enter the event, one has to register beforehand and purchase a pass. The organizers found it difficult during their previous years to manage the bookings offline. Moreover, to buy food or participate in any activity in the carnival, one had to buy a coupon from booths located in the carnival. This resulted in long queues and unpleasant experience for users in the carnival. Also, it used to lead to accounting chaos during reconciliation after the event.


We presented a mobile app to address the challenges faced by the client’s users. Through the mobile app, a user can easily register for an event and purchase the pass for himself and the family. Once inside the event, a user can simply load his wallet in the mobile app with money and use it for making payments for different activities and food items.

We provided a web-based admin panel for the organizers. Using the admin panel, organizers were able to manage the users visiting the carnival. Financial management of the carnival was handled easily and post-event reconciliation was a breeze. The organizers were able to generate QR codes for different activities within an event. A user simply had to scan the QR code using their app to make payment for the activity.


The latest Krazy Kids Karnival event was a major success. The mobile app simplified the event management processes for the client. The software is being used by the company to execute Krazy Kids Karnivals across India.

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