Illusion Dental Laboratory is the leading dental lab in India. They have a team of more than 1500 strong professionals and have several offices spread across the country. Their service includes processing the samples and impressions collected by the dentists. They process more than 2000 cases per day. The challenge was to streamline the process to give complete clarity to all the personnel involved in a case.


We presented them with Android and iOS mobile apps for the dentist. A dentist can create a new case and request impression pickup request directly from the mobile app. Immediately the nearest available runner (pickup person) is allocated to the case. He goes to the dentist clinic and picks up the impression and delivers it to the lab. The technicians in the lab process the impression and raise their queries to the dentist. The dentist can address these queries through his mobile app and also check the case’s progress in it. When the case is closed, the case amount is automatically sent to the lab’s billing department to include in the new monthly invoice to the dentist.


The application has simplified the process and reduced the manual communication required to execute an order. The app has simple UI for dentists to easily access the required information. Illusion team gets a deeper insight into various demographics related to business development.

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