Entod Pharmaceuticals Ltd. has been in business for nearly 4 decades. They specialize in making ophthalmic, ENT and pediatric medicines. The company has its offices in 18 states in India and employs more than 650 Medical Representatives (MR) to market their brand. The MRs and the regional offices regularly reported several KPIs such as expenses, incentives, reimbursements, doctor feedback, etc. to the Head Office. The data was communicated to HO in excel sheets or physical documents making it difficult for the management to get a real-time view. Also, since the data was scattered, it was a challenge to interpret it and make logical decisions.

The other challenge for the management was the difficulty to communicate the latest marketing content, compliances, upcoming medicine launches, and new initiatives to the MRs. They used WhatsApp groups, emails and SMS to proliferate the information. However, it was difficult to understand what information has been delivered and read by individual MR.


We worked closely with Entod marketing team to understand their daily activities and processes. We followed our software development process and conducted several rounds of meeting with the top management to comprehend their expected outcome from the data and the actions they take based on it. Based on our understanding, we delivered a mobile app for their MRs and web app for the admin and regional offices. Using the mobile app, MRs can instantaneously add the data on completion of their respective activity. The system automatically geo-tags the data based on MR’s current location. The regional office can geo-fence the activities of the MR to respective geography and add tasks for him directly through their panel.

The system raises a red flag to the management team when it detects anomaly in the data. It also interprets the data and suggests logical actions. The management team can communicate important information to the MR directly through their panel. They can track the open rate of the notification and generate a report of the MRs who didn’t open it. They can also mark a notification as mandatory which the MRs can’t skip on their mobile app.


The top management is able to receive real-time smart-view of the system. They can communicate new developments in the organization to the scattered workforce at the click of a button. MR can easily access the information and add data to the system using the mobile app.

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