Display your talent web page screenshot

Display Your Talent (DYT) is a platform for artists i.e. model, actor, singer, choreographer, director, etc. to register themselves and upload their work. They get an opportunity to be discovered by production houses/other individuals from the industry and get an opportunity to work. The platform has more than 6000 artists onboard. We delivered Display Your Talent team with Android and iOS mobile apps for the artists and the web app for the production house/recruiters.

The artist has an option to get a short link of his profile on DYT and share with the prospect recruiters outside the DYT ecosystem too. Also, they can get a record of the number of times their profile was viewed. On the other hand, the production houses/recruiters have the option to upload new jobs in the system and set a deadline for artists to apply for it. They can view the detailed profile of all the artists interested in the job and shortlist them for a meeting through the DYT system.

The system has helped several artists get discovered and it has organized the talent listing and discovery process.

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