DG Training and Development Institute stands out in Dubai. They offer diverse skill development courses. These include English speaking, digital marketing, graphic designing, and video editing. The institute aimed to upgrade its website. This would better display its courses and attract new customers through digital marketing.


We conducted multiple call sessions with the client to understand their requirement in detail. Our team reviewed the websites of the client’s key competitors from the geography to better understand their business. 

We shortlisted WordPress as the CMS technology for implementing the website. Our team created the user interface for the website using Adobe XD. We followed the brand guidelines, font preferences, and color preferences that the client had shared with us. 

We adhered to the prominent laws of UI and UX while crafting the design. The project manager captured the client’s feedback and made relevant changes to the design. 

Once the design was locked, the development team started creating a custom theme on WordPress. We used Elementor page builder to build the website. 

After every week, we conducted a call session with a client to showcase the progress of development and capture their input. In four weeks, the website was developed. 

Now we started integrating the text and images on the newly designed website. The QA and testing team thoroughly tested the website on different browsers and their respective versions to ensure that the website had a consistent experience across all devices. 

Once we had the final approval from the client, we released the website. 


The new website showed an immediate impact. Its SEO-friendly design helped improve Google rankings. Lead generation on the site tripled within three months. Our team continues to maintain the site, ensuring its ongoing performance.

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