Dess Dental Smart Solutions is a prosthetic dental solutions provider. It is a part of Terrats Medical S.L., which is more than 70-year-old Spanish company. Dess has its presence in more than 50 countries. It sells its products through collaboration with distributors from respective countries.

The company wanted to create a solution to digitize the sale between distributors and end customers. This solution would give them access to insights about sales performance in different geographies and predict the inventory levels required to fulfill the orders. The challenge was to manage the differential pricing, taxation, shipping, and language.


We spent time with Dess’s digital team to comprehend their product hierarchy. Based on our understanding, we created an architecture to accommodate the data entry of Dess’s wide range of products. Our UX and UI team designed a bespoke process and screens to simplify the shopping experience for a customer.

We worked closely with Dess’s accounts team to understand the pricing, taxation and shipping policies for different countries where it intended to launch. Our team studied the architecture of other multinational eCommerce companies and came up with a robust structure to accommodate relevant changes to the Dess’s custom system. We facilitated the Dess team with data entry for each field and element in the app in different languages.

The order generated in the system is automatically forwarded to the distributor for the respective country for fulfillment. We created smart reports in the backend to enable Dess’s management team to gain deeper insights into customer buying patterns.


Dess Dental Smart Solutions has digitized the order generation process for multiple countries through its custom mobile app. It has a deeper understanding of the customer’s buying patterns and accurate prediction of the required inventory levels.

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