Datacurate homepage screens


Datacurate is an information management and analytics consulting company with a presence in India, US, and UK. The company was looking to build a website that would serve as a guide to all of its services and other relevant information.

The proposed website had to have a clean look, be SEO-friendly, and be easily managed through a Content Management System (CMS).


During our initial rounds of engagement, we tried to understand the client’s from the project. We took in their logo and brand guidelines and started crafting UI screens for them. In order to assess our consensus and refine the UI, we worked continuously with the client during each iteration of design development.

We shortlisted the WordPress platform for our client’s development needs. As soon as the designs were completed and approved by our client, we proceeded with developing a custom theme on WordPress for their project. We were sure to replicate the design exactly as it was designed in order to ensure that no details were overlooked during the transition.

Our QA team tested the completed website on mobile and web versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Mobile Safari. We also used IPs from different geolocations to perform testing. Once we were satisfied with how the site looked and functioned, we shared it with the client for final evaluation and approval to launch.

The client reviewed the newly developed website and they are pleased. They gave us relevant content to update the website with specific details. We edited the content to match what we had devised with them previously, and when it was approved, we published it online for everyone to see!

Currently, the website is covered by our maintenance services. Our staff ensures that the website is bug-free and compatible with the latest updates of web and mobile browsers.

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