Big Imports & Gifts is among the Top 10 corporate gifting companies in India. They specialize in providing gifting solutions to various industries such as the pharmaceuticals, banking, supply chain, manufacturing and a lot more.

Their sales team meets purchase managers of different companies on a daily basis to pitch them the new gifting ideas and products. Big Imports and Gifts has the product inventory of over 10,000 products which made it difficult for the sales staff to recommend the right products to the purchase managers.

Additionally, the operations team had a difficult time managing the orders as each order included more than 1000 products. Each of this product was to be customized as per client specifications which included logo embossing, personalized engraving, different packaging, etc. This process was getting too complex to manage as the company grew. This resulted in operational losses which cost the company millions of rupees each year.


For the sales process, Eiosys Pvt. Ltd. offered the solution in the form of a mobile and web application. The sales team added their clients in a private app which enabled the purchase managers to access the company products directly. Various features were provided for the purchase managers to discover the product suiting their need. They had the option to express interest on a particular product and have the sales team call them to discuss more about the respective product.

For the operations process, we identified various micro processes required to fulfill an order. A detailed order entry form was defined which breaks the new order automatically into the microprocesses required for its execution. Each microprocess is then converted into several tasks. Admin has the feature to define tasks to different personnel and assign a deadline for its implementation. Admin gets a red flag if one of the tasks from a microprocess hasn’t been completed in a stipulated time frame. Admin can then take necessary action to ensure timely delivery. Also, the end client is informed automatically of the stages of order processing and delivery


The entire inventory of 10,000 + products has been mapped out properly making the sales staff more efficient in pitching the correct products. The operations process has become smooth and the losses due to improper order management has been reduced by 85%. The promoters of the company are able to get real-time view of sales and operations processes in their company.

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