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Beemet has been in the business of making electrical measuring instruments for over 50 years. They sell products like ammeters, voltmeters, shunts and current transformers worldwide. The company wanted to rank higher on search engines for important commercial intent keywords related to their products.


We started by checking Beemet’s website. We looked at what they sell and how their website works. Then, we did keyword research to identify the keywords people use to search for their products from different countries.

We followed this activity with on-page SEO optimisation. This included improving titles and descriptions, image optimization, and changing headers. We planned the content we would add to the site. This content would help show Beemet as a leader in their field and increase its domain authority.

We also worked on getting more people to link to Beemet’s site. Our team answered questions on Quora, submitted articles, and built genuine backlinks. All these efforts aimed to make Beemet more visible online.


Our work led to big changes in a year. Website traffic went up by 412%. The number of times Beemet showed up in search results increased by 1980%. This made the brand much more visible.

Our focused content and website improvements drew more people. Inquiries from potential customers increased by 172%.

Some of our articles ranked higher than Wikipedia and Britannica. This showed we did a great job in making Beemet known as an expert in their industry.

Through our SEO strategy, we helped Beemet reach more customers online. This case study shows our commitment to making brands more visible and engaging more customers.

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