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Facebook is “Sorry” for invading your privacy yet again


It’s nothing unimaginable as Facebook data privacy has already lost people’s trust. A new blunder has been made as an API bug allowed access to photos of 6.8 million users. These were photos that the user never intended to be shared.

“Our internal team discovered a photo API bug that may have affected people who used Facebook Login and granted permission to third-party apps to access their photos. We have fixed the issue but, because of this bug, some third-party apps may have had access to a broader set of photos than usual for 12 days, between 13th to 25th September, 2018″ the company said in a post on its developer blog.

Users who were affected were notified by an alert on Facebook, the company said Friday.

Protecting data seems to be impossible for Facebook

Earlier this year hackers got access to personal information of 29 million users. Getting your intimate photos shared is a troubling thought, but getting your contact details and financial information into wrong hands can hurt you financially as well. ‘Potential identity thieves’ have been on a rise and in today’s digitalization era your data is utmost important.

Third party app’s do get access to your photos. This is allowed by Facebook and is also approved by the user. But it is restricted to a certain level of photos. This Bug had made third party apps get access to more photos than they had approval of. Though it is confirmed that photos in your camera roll or gallery were not shared, it is not wrong to think they might get hacked as well.

Third Party app’s get access to your information

These days whenever you use an app like a zomato, uber, Ola and others they ask you to login via Facebook or gmail. By giving them permission you are making your personal data available to them. These can be exploited if it gets hacked. So be wise while granting permission to apps.