Software Development Process

Step one customer interview, for software development process
This is our first interaction with the client. In this step, we comprehend the general information about the project. We asses the documentation created by the client, discuss different modules and understand the client’s goals & expectations. If the client doesn’t have the required documentation and is unclear with certain aspects of the project, we consult them and help them get clarity on it. We evaluate the information we receive and compute the estimates for quotation and turnaround time. These estimates are shared with the client. If the client agrees upon our estimates, we proceed to the next step
Scope analysis diagram for Software Development Process


This is the most critical step of our software delivery process and helps us distinguish ourselves. In this step we finalize and allocate the team that will be working on your project. The project manager and the team members are introduced to the client. We create a private chat group to stay in constant touch with the stakeholders of the project and get replies of our instant challenges.

The team is given the complete information that we’ve gleaned from the 1st step. We define the structure, create detailed documentation, analyze complicate functionalities and develop important test cases. The detailed documentation is shared with the client for the approval.

This exercise helps us avoid mistakes and misunderstandings and brings the entire team on same page with respect to the goals and expectations from the project

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Software development process UX and Wireframe screen


In this step we list the interaction scenarios and pages in your project and create a wireframe for each page in it. These scenarios and wireframes are shared with the project stakeholders for approvals. At the end of this step, we clearly define the user experience in the application

Visualisation step 4 of Software Development Process illustration


In this step, we convert your approved wireframes into a UI. We design different elements of your solution based on your preferred colors of choice and add some effects to make the deliverables more appealing

Step five-implementation for software development process

In this step, our team starts coding the solution based on the requirements approved in step 2. The project is broken down into several modules and divided amongst the team members. Since we work on Agile methodology, we initiate multiple sprints during the project implementation. Each sprint consists of 2-4 weeks. We showcase the completed work at the end of each sprint to gather feedback from the stakeholders. Each sprint has a definitive goal and the deliverables inside it are prioritized by the client

Polishing illustration for software development process page


In this step, we optimize the developed modules to ensure that it functions swiftly and review each screen to ensure that the screens are optimized for variety of web browsers and mobile platforms

testing illustration for software development process


Our testers run unit test at the completion of each module in the project. At system level testing, we prioritise the test cases listed down in step 2 i.e. Scope Analysis. The deliverables are tested using automation testing tools such as Selenium and using variety of remote mobile devices using AWS Farm. Once it meets the QA standards of our company, it is sent to client for validation and final approval for launch

Step eight is launching, this illustration is used to show the same on software development process


In this phase, we hand over the deliverables to the client. We assist in the deployment of the deliverables on client’s servers. We also provide training to client side team members on how to operate the system

Maintenance illustration used on software development process page as step number nine


After successful launch, the project is moved to maintenance and support phase. Based on client’s preference, we offer remote or onsite service. We ensure that the deliverables run smoothly on latest versions of web browsers and mobile platforms. As a part of the service, we also assist clients with small changes in the project and extend training to their new team members