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Your long distance software partner

Eiosys is a leading offshore software development company based in India. We develop high-quality web and mobile applications at a fraction of the cost. Our team can offer services to businesses throughout the globe and can assist you no matter your location.

We have a well-defined process and our team of programmers is some of the best in the business. They are able to utilize the latest programming techniques to meet your requirements.

We understand that when you come to us, you are not only looking for a service, but also a partner who will help you uphold your brand name. We have numerous quality checks in place to make sure that we meet (and exceed!) the standards that you set for your brand. Our goal is simple: to make your software the best it can possibly be, and to keep it that way.

Why choose Eiosys as an Offshore Development Company?

Eiosys enables you to focus more on your core business, by enabling you to have a cost effective, dedicated and round the clock offshore development team.

Cost Savings

We are able to deploy high-quality talent from India at a price as low as 1/3rd the price of similar resources in developed countries such as the US, UK, Western Europe and Australia. The cost savings are not just limited to the procurement of talent but also in other areas such as hardware procurement, project management, and designing.

Dedicated Team

We have a pool of dedicated and highly experienced software developers and designers, who help build your website and mobile apps. This distant offshore team works exclusively on your project and can be scaled up or trimmed down in alignment to your business goals. This team understands your priorities, challenges and works hard to reduce time to market of the product.

No Time Zone Differences

Our distance from you, geographically speaking, is irrelevant because our offshore team adapts to your time zone perfectly. We optimize our schedule and plan so that whatever time of the day or night it is for you, you can count on us being readily available to discuss your needs and requirements.

Outsourcing benefits

Cost Effectiveness

While cost-effective services are the standard reason for outsourcing worldwide, at Eiosys, we design our offerings to custom fit your budget without compromising on quality.


Choosing to outsource software development allows you to select the skill level of developers and designers. Additionally, it gives you the flexibility to add or remove a programmer or designer for valid reasons at any stage of development. Required skill sets and expertise are achieved without having to recruit or train any new employees.

An easy grasp on action

We believe that communication is key. Our offshore software development services include notifying you of progress at each stage of development so that you can see your goals being achieved. Eiosys ensures that our actions are constantly in your purview to you irrespective of the difference in time zones.

Focus on Core Business Activities

Work outsourced to a quality software developer means that your company can focus on your core business activities. Ease of business is achieved and you do not need to focus on the complex and time-consuming process of development.

And if yours is a development company that needs a cost-effective hand at deliveries, Eiosys can help your core much more fit than before.

Offshore Software Development Services at Eiosys

We carry a  rich experience of over a decade in customer software development. We ensure that your software is implemented efficiently and with no hidden costs.

Our best-in-class tech stack enables a multitude of new features for your software. We constantly upgrade and adapt ourselves to the current market, thereby providing you with the best of the latest technology. 

Additionally, our consultants are also always available to advise you on aspects of the software that best suit your needs. 

Our software development service is accompanied by effective training for your team to be able to optimize its use. Our approachable developers are there for you should you face any trouble with your software anytime in the future. We provide maintenance and support functions even well after the software has been implemented.

Eiosys develops versatile apps for Android and iOS platforms. We have efficient systems of client communications, progress reports, roll-outs, and testing in place to make your app development easy. Our job doesn’t finish with roll-outs, we also know that a machine works well when oiled regularly. Therefore, we provide all bug fixing and maintenance services for your app.

Our relationships are important to us, and therefore, our consultants are available to help you throughout your app development journey. We also ensure that a team of experts is available for you, even if you have a query long after the launch of the app.

We develop versatile apps for Android and iOS platforms.

We help you create websites and web apps that showcase your products and your story. Eiosys offers services like website development, custom web development, WordPress website development, eCommerce website development, and more for you to make your customer experience rich.

We have multiple quality and bug checks throughout the web development process, thereby ironing out any creases in your final product. Our team also ensures flexibility by involving you in every stage of the project, leaving room for any changes in the features of your product.

The road map to achieving any goal depends on the people working to achieve it. We pride ourselves on a team of highly skilled specialized software developers. Development units are hand-picked to suit your needs. 

The biggest advantage that web development companies and other businesses have with Eiosys is the dedicated developers that are hired and hosted solely for their project. This is especially beneficial in long-term projects since it hands you the direct control over both cost and deliverables. 

Eiosys provides the base in terms of dedicated office space, systems to operate on, and a managerial eye to overlook the process of development as these specialized app developers work for you.

We provide you with various options of available resources with different skill sets and skill levels, letting you fulfill your software needs without burning a hole in your pocket.

This system lets you develop a comfort with the developer and lets the developer in-turn have his focussed attention on your project. It also gives you the flexibility to easily extend tenures with a developer in case of additional requirements.

This way, you can have your cake, and eat it too!


Eiosys prioritizes your data security. We ensure that your data is only with the experts working with you. We also sign non-disclosure agreements with you for complete protection of your data.


A freelancer is usually an expert only in one array of development. Therefore, for something as diverse as software, you usually have to hire more than one freelancer. Coordinating, training and explaining your requirements to multiple freelancers is tedious. It is also very rare for freelancers to provide after sales services. Eiosys, alternatively, prides itself with prompt hyper-care and hand-holding even after our software delivery is complete.


Over the past decade, India has grown in the IT sector. The country now has a number of highly skilled software developers who are available at very affordable prices. Additionally, the friendly political environment of India for IT outsourcing attracts global clients.


To hire an offshore software company, you should keep in mind the service you require. Check their references and industry experience before hiring them. You should further ensure safety via NDAs, and demand regular communication.


When you offshore software development, you open up a whole world of possibilities. You have access to a larger pool of talent, and you can easily find experts in specific technologies and applications. Plus, it’s more cost-effective. Offshore developers are usually in locales with lower costs of living. This helps in reducing your software development and support cost significantly.


Ready to boost your google rankings

Ready to boost your google rankings