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Eiosys is a top SEO company in Navi Mumbai & Mumbai. Our dedicated team of SEO experts can help you achieve top rankings on Google and other search engines.

Online visibility has become inevitable to make a mark in today’s world. Competitive bloom has already led to brands fiercely fighting recognition.

The internet has forced organizations to question conventional marketing strategies.

Such a scenario urgently demands that traditional wisdom be redefined. Its time to induce organic and successful growth of a business.

With its distinguished SEO services, Eiosys helps companies foster long-lasting friendships with search engines. This adds as a catalyst to their journey towards evolving into a brand.

SEO Services

We understand the customer’s needs to offer them the right SEO service. Our plans are custom-made to meet their goals.

Eiosys offers 3 types of SEO services:

1. Local SEO Service

This service is specially designed for businesses looking to enhance their visibility in their respective city. Their targeted audience is restricted only to the specific geography.

Using this service, we bring their business listing on top of the Google map pack. We manage and optimize their Google My Business listing.

Our SEO experts also perform tweaks on their service landing pages on the website.

2. National SEO Service

This service is for companies that are looking to target wider geography. They either have a multi-city presence or have a business that can service customers remotely.

In this service, we perform both on-page & off-page optimization. Our team regularly sends a report to the customers with the set of activities performed and the results achieved.

3. eCommerce SEO Service

This service is specially designed for eCommerce businesses. Our SEO experts help them in ranking for keywords related to their products.

We work on each of the products & categories individually to ensure that the company receives maximum benefits.

What makes us the top SEO company in Navi Mumbai and Mumbai?

Dedicated SEO Experts

Eiosys is home to some of the greatest experts in the field of SEO. Our SEO professionals have an average experience of 4.2 years. They have successfully helped clients from various industries with different business objectives.

Rich Tech Knowledge

Eiosys is industry leader in custom websites and apps development. We root ourselves in a decade rich tech legacy and thorough knowledge of the digital universe. 

Our in-house coding team can quickly make the modifications required by the SEO team. This avoids delays to make small changes.

Custom SEO Plans

Each client is different. Everyone of them has a different expectation.

We customize SEO plans based on our clients requirements. This is done after analyzing their targeted keywords and geography.

SEO Process

We have defined a clear process to manage the SEO projects of our clients. This process helps us maintain transparency with the clients related to their SEO activities and progress.

The thing with SEO is that it is widely known but barely understood. Modern users get caught in the web of jargon without actually understanding its real merit.

On the surface, it may seem that tweaking website content or getting external links may be sufficient to trick search engines into reflecting your brand in top search results.

1. Website Audit

Most websites that have high rankings are not just optimally designed, technically sound, or rich in content. They position themselves to provide lucrative solutions to common client pain points.

At Eiosys, we start off the SEO process by understanding your brand and business in detail. It helps you mirror the same in your digital presence. 

Through a comprehensive analysis of all aspects that influence user interaction, we analyse areas that are and aren’t working in the brands’ favor. 

2. Analytical Deep-dive
We plan the custom SEO strategy for your website based on inputs from website audit

Once we finish a surface-level health check of your website and tag its merits and demerits, we dwell deeper. We analyze the performance-related aspects of your website.

This involves studying the structure, examining the indexability of content, evaluating the conversion rates, etc. 

The results of this step form a sturdy foundation for the rest of the process. This thorough analysis and planning makes us leading SEO company in Navi Mumbai.

3. Monitoring and Improvement
Our team regularly tracks your rankings and update strategy accordingly

SEO is an on-going process. Even after soaring up in rankings, it is crucial to track the performance of your website.

The search engines modify their algorithms regularly. This requires regular modification in the SEO strategy.

Our excellent support helps to fill in the missing links, as they arise over time. This discipline and consistency has earned us the reputation of the best SEO company in Mumbai.

4. Competition Benchmarking and Keyword Mapping

In the next step, we survey competitors in each service offering that a client has. We list out all relevant keywords.

Keyword plotting helps us understand the search queries of a user more effectively. We also track the search volume and search difficulty of these keywords to plan our strategy.

We start by targeting the low hanging fruits. These are the keywords with less search difficulty and high volume.

Furthermore, we compare our targeted keywords with keywords implanted by your peers in their communication. A successful keyword mapping process is a vital part of your on-page optimization process.

5. Suggestive Implementation

After having a clear idea of what is missing in the current website, we help you with the implementation of these changes.

We have a specialized expert to handle each facet of your website. It includes writing content for your new blog or making a modification to your web design. 

Why SEO?

While marketing today has many diverse tributaries, the role of most advertising methods ends at getting eyeballs to your brand.

When users arrive upon a search engine to look for a product or service, they have most likely already decided upon making a purchase.

What matters now is why they should pick you over the zillion other results that pop up alongside you. This is where, Search Engine Optimization, fondly abbreviated as SEO by digital geeks, intervenes.

SEO is rooted fundamentally in content. It is directed towards helping a brand improve its chances of being visible. This results in brand to be chosen when consumers are looking for a service provider in their service line.

Once you understand this, it becomes clear that a gimmick or catch-phrase won’t help. Genuine customers come looking for value, and the only way to retain their interest is to get to a point of their benefit, directly. 


A good SEO agency helps you understand your prospects. It assists you in redefining your value proposition basis for their requirement.

It also facilitates the development of a website that is good enough to hold visitors and turn them into leads. 

Local SEO Packages

18% GST applicable additional on all the above packages


Why outsource SEO?

Hiring a Local SEO company to gauge and improve your website performance can help you save time. It eases bandwidth of your internal team. Specialized SEO experts help you with insights that come from experience. They help you look at your communication in the way that an average user does. If you are still sceptical, we can help you with a free consultation for you to evaluate if outsourcing is the right option for you.

What kind of results can be expected from an SEO Campaign?

An SEO campaign helps increase the visibility of unpaid results of your website. It employs various processes like Keyword Research, Rank Tracking, Content Optimization; Backlink analysis; Video SEO; Link Building, and others while helping keep up with the ever-changing and ever-updating search engines.

How long does it take for the SEO process to show results?

While it roughly takes close to 6-8 months for the SEO process to show considerable results, once we start working on your brand, gradual increase in website traffic and improvement in the quality of visitors is visible. As one of the leading SEO companies in Navi Mumbai, Eiosys can help you use time efficiently and garner the best results out of your investment in the course of optimization.

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