Medicine Delivery App Development

Launch your online medicine delivery app in no time!

This image is the screenshot of our solution i.e. medicine delivery app development

Our solution is an ideal fit to manage the requirements of a single store and multistore medicine delivery models. It helps you:

  • Capture orders with the relevant prescription
  • Manage categories and medicines easily
  • Get key insights of your business in few clicks
This image is the screenshot of our solution i.e. medicine delivery app development

Features of our On-Demand Medicine Delivery App

Our online pharmacy solution includes 4 deliverables Customer app, Admin panel, Store panel, Driver app.
The store panel is required for multi-store businesses

[wdo_advance_tabs_free wdo_tabs_style=”style3″ wdo_tabs_type=”horizantal”][wdo_advance_tab_free wdo_tab_title=”Customer App”]
Users can signup on our pharmacy app using their Google and Facebook account. Alternatively, they can choose to receive SMS on mobile to login

One-click login

Customers can log into the app using Google and Facebook. Also, they can log in through an OTP sent as an SMS

Our medicine delivery app simplifies the hassles of searching medicines while placing order in the system

Search medicines

Customers can search for the medicines suiting their requirements

One of the key features of our medicine delivery app is the ability to capture prescriptions from users on instances when they order medicines which require it

Prescription upload

Customers can upload the necessary prescription for the medicines while placing the order

Push notifications help the admins to communicate order updates and other offers in the system to the users of the app

Push notification

Customers can stay updated with their order status and receive new offers using the push notification option

Customers can easily track the orders they have placed through their mobile apps

Order tracking

Customers can track the status of the orders they placed through their e-pharmacy app

In this illustration, we have shown how our capability to integrate multiple payment gateways with our solution

Multiple payment options

Users can pay for their order using multiple payment methods

Users can submit their reviews on the orders placed on the app. They can share their feedback with the admins


Users can provider their feedback on the products purchased through online pharmacy app

[/wdo_advance_tab_free][wdo_advance_tab_free wdo_tab_title=”Admin panel”]

This is the panel that will be used by the admin to manage the business logic of the online medicine delivery solution.

One of the key features of our pharmacy delivery solution is the ability to define multiple categories in the system

Category management

Admin can define the categories that will be visible to customers in the application

In this illustration, we have highlighted how admin can manage the medicines sold on the platform using the backend panel

Medicines management

Admin can define the medicines that will be sold on the online medicine platform

Admin can manage the shipping charges and relevant logics using the shipping management module

Shipping management

Define the pin codes serviced by the app and the respective shipping charges

In this creative, we have shown one of the features of our online medicine delivery app. Using the backend panel, admin can define custom coupon codes in the system

Coupon code

Admin can create coupon codes that can be used by the customers in the app

In this image, we have emphasised how order management can be handled in few clicks on our solutions

Order management

Manage the orders generated in the system

Admin can get access to KPIs of the business and generate reports using the analytics module


Admin can get better insights about the performance of the business

Admin can send push notifications easily from the back-end panel

Send push notification

Trigger push notifications and update customers about latest offers and deals

[/wdo_advance_tab_free][wdo_advance_tab_free wdo_tab_title=”Driver app”]

One of the fundamental parts of the delivery app development is the Driver app module. This is
used by the drivers to deliver the orders generated in the system.

Users can easily view the past orders placed in the system

View Orders

Drivers can view the orders assigned to them for delivery

Our driver app shows the delivery boy the optimised path that can be taken to fulfil the orders

Order Routing

The optimized orders delivery route is shown to the drivers for the fulfillment


Technologies used in Pharmacy App Development

Our solution is built on next-gen technologies so that it’s future-proof and easily upgradeable.

We have used the Node.js technology to build the backend panel of the solution

Backend Panel

We use Node.js for backend development. It's the same technology used by some of the popular tech companies such as Netflix, PayPal, Walmart, LinkedIn, etc.

We use Flutter technology to develop our medicine delivery mobile app

Mobile Apps

The mobile apps are built on Flutter. This technology was introduced by Google in mid-2017. Google apps which are used by millions of people every day are built on Flutter

Benefits of our Medicine Delivery App Development

Fully customizable – Our solution can be completely customized to meet your

High-end Security – We take advance measures to keep your web panel and
mobile apps secure. We use the same standard of security as we use for our popular app development services

Multi-lingual – You can launch your apps in multiple languages to suit your
target market

Powerful Analytics – Track your KPIs easily and generate reports with the click of
a button. It helps you get better insights into your business

Ready to launch – Our solution can
be released in a matter of a few weeks. Only in case of custom modifications, it would require additional time

Third-party integrations – Our solution can be integrated with other third-party software

In this section, we explain the benefits of our medicine delivery app development


What is the cost of medicine delivery app development?

The cost of the solution is directly proportional to the number of features you require. Also, it is dependant on the level of customization you want in it.

If you are just starting off, we recommend you the basic deliverables which include customer-side mobile apps and a web-based admin panel. As your business grows, you can add more deliverables to streamline your workflow and enhance efficiency.

Do you also provide maintenance services for your solution?

Yes, once your solution is completely delivered, we move to the maintenance and support phase. In this phase, our team ensures that your app is compatible with the latest versions of android and iOS.

In addition to this, we also help you with minor changes, bug fixes, and modifications. If you find
any difficulty in using the app or backend panel, our team is just a call away!

How much time does it take for the implementation of Pharmacy delivery app?

Our solution is typically rolled out within a month. However, in the case of customization or design modification, it may take a longer time. Our sales team gives you a clear projection at the time of project confirmation.

Are there any hidden charges in medicine delivery application?

We believe in complete transparency. Everything is explained to you in our demo session and also in the proposal sent to you.

Still, for reference, the following costs are not covered by us. These charges are directly payable to the respective vendor.

  • Domain registration charges (Applicable to point to your backend admin and store panel)
  • Web hosting charges (We recommend Amazon Web Services)
  • Google Play Store registration charges (One-time fee of $25)
  • Apple App Store registration charges (Yearly fee of $99)
  • SMS gateway charges
  • Payment gateway charges
  • Creatives and content development charges

The amount payable to us is purely for the development and maintenance of the online pharmacy app.

What is the revenue model of Online Medicine Delivery Application?

You earn a % margin on the overall sale of the medicines on the platform. Often the medicines are purchased regularly by the users. So you end up building a predicted sales channel.

Also, you can upsell medical equipment or cross-sell other FMCG products to the customers. These products can have a 5%-20% margin.

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    Are you ready to develop your Medicine Delivery App?

    Take the first step by filling in our contact form. Our team will simplify medicine delivery app development for you.

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