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Food Delivery App

Starting a Food Delivery Business was never this easy!

Food delivery business has taken the world by storm. Over the last few years, many successful unicorns (such as Swiggy, Zomato)have been built based on this concept. 

Our food delivery solution is built on latest technologies and helps to:

  • Reduce the cost of implementation
  • Reduce the efforts required for development
  • Reduce time required for delivery

What’s included?

The customer app is an app which your customer downloads from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store on their mobile device and uses to place order. 

Our customer app is intuitive and can be used easily by people of all age groups. In addition, its light and can work perfectly on low speed internet connection.

Our app is power packed with no. of features. Some of them are listed below:


  • One click social media login
  • Simple user interface
  • Intuitive user experience
  • GPS location based search 
  • Bookmark a dish or restaurant
  • Order tracking
  • Ratings and reviews
  • Alerts and notifications
  • Multiple payment gateway

Driver app is an app which will be used by your delivery boy to deliver food to customers. We’ve kept the user interface simple so that it can be easily used by the delivery boy. Some of its features are listed below:


  • Easy to operate
  • Push notification on new order
  • Order summary
  • Delivery route generation
  • Analytics

A customer app with sound UI design and quality features that render a seamless user experience. It covers all the below aspects of the service.


  • View customer database
  • Restaurant addition
  • Analytics 
  • Smart Reports
  • Send push notifications
  • Order summary
  • Coupon code generation

Restaurant panel is the interface which will be used by restaurant owners to manager their menu and orders generated in the system. It comes in web and mobile app format.

We provide restaurant owners with relevant KPIs to help them get deeper insights of their business. The user experience is simple and can be easily operated by a person with limited technical knowledge as well.

Some of the features of the restaurant panel are:


  • Dashboard
  • Push notification on new order
  • Import menu items in bulk
  • View order summary
  • Define offers in the system
  • Analytics
  • Smart reports

So, how do we proceed ahead?

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3, 4

Demo and Agreement

We share the demo of the food delivery app with you. You select the modules and deliverables you wish to include in your project. We enter into an agreement and begin the development of your app


We customize the app with your official branding (Logo and text) and use your colors at different places. We also tweak the functionalities a little to suit your requirements

Launch & Training

We send your app to you for approval. Once confirmed, we publish the mobile apps on the app stores. We also release the admin web app. Furthermore, we train your team to use the system effectively

Support and Maintenance

After final delivery, the project is moved to the support and maintenance phase. We ensure that your app works smoothly on the latest versions of iOS and Android. We also offer your team with technical assistance in day to day operations


Is it mandatory to purchase all the modules in the food delivery solution?

Absolutely NOT! 

You get the option to choose what you would like in your solution. You can purchase only the modules extremely relevant to just start your business and purchase the rest as your business evolves.

What are the extra charges apart from the app development cost?

We like keeping things transparent with our clients. We clearly mention in our contract the charges which are not covered by us. They are:

      • Domain registration charges
      • Web hosting charges
      • Google Play Store registration charges (One time fee of $25)
      • Apple App Store registration charges (Yearly fee of $99)
      • SMS gateway charges
      • Payment gateway charges

Although the above charges are not covered by us, our team helps you with their selection, purchase and set up.

How much time will it take to complete the delivery of the apps?

The turnaround time for the project depends on the kind of solution you opt for and the complexity of integrating your company’s branding in the app. A simple starter solution can be delivered as fast as 15 working days whereas a custom solution may end up consuming 40 working days

How long will I receive support for the apps?

All our food delivery solutions come with 3 months free support and maintenance. After the expiry of the free support period, an annual maintenance charge equivalent to 20% of the project cost will be applicable. The AMC bill will be raised semi-annually

Will the app and the solution be my Intellectual Property?

No. We created Food Delivery Solution with an aim to democratize the food delivery business and give opportunity to young enthusiastic minds to start their business quickly and at a cheaper price. We charge each of our customers a fraction of the total cost of development and hence we keep the intellectual Property(IP) with us.

Can the process flow be customized to my needs?

Sure. You can share the process that you would like to implement in the solution. We will analyze it and give you an estimated turnaround time and quotation required for its implementation.

Do you provide updates for your solution?

Updates need to be purchased separately. Our team will get in touch with you each time we release a new update of the solution. If the update is relevant to you, you can purchase it and we’ll integrate it with your system. If not, you may choose to ignore it completely

Ready to start your Food Delivery Business?

Take the first step by filling in our contact form. We’ll hand hold you in your journey from project conceptualization to its launch

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Ready to start your Food Delivery Business?

Take the first step by filling in our contact form. We’ll hand hold you in your journey from project conceptualization to its launch

Full Name
Mobile Number