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Face Recognition

Face recognition has taken the world by storm. It became intensely popular with its incorporation in contemporary mobile devices to authenticate the identity of the user. However, it has several use cases in different industries e.g. It can be used to provide a personalized experience to a shopper in the retail industry, it can be used to register the attendance of an employee remotely, etc.
We have mastered the art of incorporating face detection in our bespoke solutions. Moreover, we work on the metadata of the captured faces to build custom functionalities. The metadata of the faces includes the age of the person, gender, emotion, mood, object detection, etc. We've conceptualized several disruptive solutions around the detected metadata of the face. Some of them include giving custom coupons of brands to a respective user based on age, notifying a salesman on arrival of frequent shopper, recommending dishes to a person based on their mood, custom content showcase to a person based on emotion, age, and gender, etc.
We have proficiency in working with cloud service providers such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform to implement next-gen face detection solutions. You can check out our face detection capabilities in examples shown below.

See it in action

In this example, we analyze the uploaded image and try to identify the celebrity in that image. To try this tool, enter the url of the image which you wish to analyze from the web or simply upload the image from your device. NOTE: This tool only identifies famous celebrities from across the world.


Uploaded Image

Detected Faces

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