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Windows Mobile Apps Development

Windows Phone OS has so far remained in the shadows of iOS and Android. But lately,  we are seeing a strong surge in this platform especially after Microsoft has acquired the mobile giant Nokia. Thanks to the bevy of Windows OS-based smartphones and smart business decisions taken by Microsoft. In 24 countries, including Britain, Germany and France Windows phones are outselling iOS devices. If you haven’t ventured into Windows Mobile App Development – this is the time to do so!

Microsoft in the recent years has positioned this OS as the golden mean between the openness of Android and closeness of iOS. Windows Phone is a highly extensible platform that offers you a host of opportunities to develop apps that are engaging and help you connect with your end users. The Live Tiles feature allows you to create distinct recognizable apps to market your brand.

Advantages of Windows Phone apps:

  • User-oriented. Windows Phone has a functional yet elegant UI adopted from Windows, the world-winning OS;
  • Supported by leading manufacturers of smartphones and tablets. Today Windows Phone devices include HTC, Samsung, Nokia, Acer, and LG.
  • 100% popular services integration. Windows Phone 8 provides 100% integration with such popular Microsoft services, as Xbox Live, OneDrive and Zune.
  • Brings you return on sales. Anyone can sell Windows Phone applications in Windows Phone Store, and get a good payback if they are lucky enough.

In our work we use Agile Methodology and state-of-art technologies, such as mobile app integration with a website, ERP or CRM systems. Your app will be published in Windows Phone Store. When you decide to develop Windows Phone apps, you get an effective vehicle to take your business into your customers’ gadgets.

You can get in touch with us and share your Windows app idea with us even if its not fine tuned. We’ll help you in grooming your project’s requirements and provide our technical expertise wherever necessary. We ensure to protect your projects’ integrity by entering into Non Disclosure Agreement. This helps to safeguard your interests and restrict your idea from spreading out. Our Windows expertise and your business motivation can be combined into a great product. Once you take a decision to develop your Windows app or hire Windows app developer with us, our team will jump into action and send you thoughtful feedback to address your request.

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