Homely is our concept mobile app project. At Eiosys, we use concept projects to demonstrate our development or designing prowess and to gauge users’ reactions to these ideas.

Homely presents a unique twist to the ever-popular Airbnb model. With Homely, you can book experiences with one of the hosts and enjoy the vast diversity in foods & cultures of the world. It brings an at-home dining experience to users away from their home or on a tour or to those seeking a break from their routine. We have conceptualized a stellar mobile app for both – hosts and users. It is packaged with an easy to use interface and a powerful user experience all across the application.

Homely has a powerful business model and the potential to disrupt the industry. It could create employment opportunities and could be another add-on to now popular peer-to-peer unicorns such as Airbnb, Uber, TaskRabbit, etc.

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artwork for the step involved in the app development